Career Opportunity – Budget Officer (FMG/PA II)


To coordinate, analyse and assist in the management of the Annual Recurrent Budget of the Ministry of Health along with other revenue proposal in accordance with: the approved Corporate Plan; the guidelines prescribed by the Ministry of Finance and Planning; the priorities and policies of government to achieve the objectives of the Ministry.



  1. Co-ordinates and analyses the annual budget of the four Regional Health Authorities, University Hospital of the West Indies (UHWI) and twenty-eight activities in the Central administration of the Ministry of Health
  1. Reviews with Regional Directors, Chief Executive Officer. UHWI and Programme Managers, in Central Administration, budget requirements for their respective programmes and activities
  1. Analyses staff list against Establishment Act to ensure only persons justified are included in the costings for Personal Emoluments.
  1. Makes adjustments to the budget after review by the Ministry of Finance and Planning (MOFP) and Senior Managers of the Ministry of Health
  1. Ensures the timely distribution of Estimate of expenditure to Regional Directors, Chief Executive Officer, UHWI and all other Programme managers within the Ministry of Health
  1. Reviews annual and monthly cash flows and compare with approved Estimated of Expenditure before submission to the MOFP
  1. Examines monthly expenditure statements against warrant allocations to determine variance, if any, with warrants and approved budget and advises Director, Programme Budgeting and Financial Management and Principal Finance Officer of any potential or necessary adjustments in future allocations.
  1. Liaises with Budget Analyst in the MOFP on matters concerning the approved Budget, Warrant Releases and Cash Flows.
  1. Participates in monthly meetings with Cash Management staff at the MOFP, Principal Finance Officer and Director, Programme Budgeting and Financial Management of the Ministry of Health to discuss warrant releases against actual requirements
  1. Co-ordinates Quarterly Budget and Performance Review meeting with Permanent Secretary and Seniors Managers to examine Expenditure against performance with a view to preventing budget overrun.
  1. Calculates and collates costing for the revision of salaries and allowances for twenty-eight categories of Health workers and UHWI staff and advise MOFP of the necessary adjustment. Advises Regional Directors, Chief Executive Officer, UHWI and Programme Managers of payment schedules.
  1. Examines and certifies monthly warrant allocations for Regional Health Authorities, UHWI and all other activities in the Ministry of Health before submitting to Director, Programme Budgeting and Financial Management and Principal Finance Officer for approval
  1. Provides advice on matters relating to the monitoring of Budget and the calculations of emoluments to Accounting Clerks and Directors
  1. In collaboration with MOFP’s Budget Analyst, investigates and recommends the level of assistance to be given to beneficiaries for Specialist Medical Treatment abroad. Where applicable, provides information for Cabinet Submissions to the Health Policy Co-ordinator.
  1. Performs any other related duties assigned by Director, Programme Budgeting and Financial Management and Principal Finance Officer.



Functional/Technical Competencies Level
Knowledge of the polices, rules and regulations of the ministry of Health and the wider Public Service 2
Sound knowledge of the Financial Administration and Audit Act and other Government Financial Regulation 2
Knowledge of Management Accounting, Financial Accounting and Cost Accounting 2


Sound understanding of computerized accounting systems including government’s Automated Financial Accounting system 2




  • Bachelor degree in Accounting or Management studies with Accounting – or
  • Association of Chartered Certified Accounts (ACCA) Level 2
  • Successful completion of relevant Government accounting and computing courses – and
  • Minimum of three (3) years experience at the professional accounting level – or
  • Any equivalent combination of education and experience


Interested persons may apply in writing accompanied by resumes. Applications must be submitted no later than February 24, 2017 to:
Human Resource Management & Development
Ministry of Health
10A Chelsea Avenue
Kingston 10

Please note that responses will be sent to short- listed applicants only