Career Opportunity – Director, Health Services Support & Monitoring (MDG/MO 6)


Planning for care delivery programme at all levels thereby ensuring that strong systems and linkages are established and maintained. Managing performance and assuring quality for each of the specialized areas of medical care. Providing advice to a wide cross section of government and other agencies on medical technical issues.



Management/Administrative Responsibilities

1.         Participates in the development, monitoring and purchasing of the medical equipment requirement of the Ministry of Health

2.         Implementation of the Unit’s Operational Plan

3.         Plans, organizes and coordinates the work and activities of the Health Services Support and Monitoring Unit.

4.         Represents the Ministry of Health at local and international meetings conferences and other for as required.

5.         Prepares and submits performance and other reports as required and ensures the timely submission of all documents requested from the unit.


Technical/Professional Responsibilities

1.       Plans, organizes, directs, controls and coordinates the activities and staff of the Health Services Support and Monitoring section by:

–        Assigning areas of responsibility and providing guidance on policy interpretation.

–        Giving directions, instructions and establishing work priority from time to time.

–        Establishing standards for the unit and continually evaluating staff performance and advising on work progress.

–        Identifying training and development needs for staff and recommend to the director of the Branch.


2.         Formulates policies to support and monitor the integrated health care system (Public and Private) in collaboration with the director, Health Services Planning and Integration.

3.         Coordinate the Clinical Effectiveness Programme and liaises with the Director of Health Systems on the Development and review of the Service Level Agreements.

4.         Stimulates research on new strategies for inter-sectoral coordination and community participation to facilitate strengthening of the health system.

5.         Establishes policies to determine the necessary mix of Human Resources for the delivery of technical services by the Ministry of Health and monitors the implementation of these policies at the regional level.

6.        Monitors training and educational programmes for technical health personnel in order for health workers to be updated on technical matters.

7.        Collaborates with the Investigation and Enforcement Unit in the review and resolution of complaints as required.

8.        Establishes criteria and guidelines for the classification and conduct of Medical Examination and Medical Reports. Reviews Medical Examination Reports.

9.        Formulates policies, clinical protocols, norms and standards to govern the provision of diagnostic, public health, therapeutic and rehabilitative services in the Ministry of Health in collaboration with the Director, Health Services Planning and Integration.

10.     Devises strategies to evaluate technologies and modalities of care being utilized in the Health System and support the introduction of new ones on the determination of their efficiency and cost of effectiveness.

11.     Ensures that minimum standards of service delivery are maintained through macro and micro-economic analysis.

12.     Develops and amends polices to minimize or control targeted conditions/disorders, diseases in collaboration with the Director, Health Services Planning and Integration.

13.     Assists in the provision of technical expertise and support for the Development of national standards and to achieve optimum standards to sustain accreditation component in collaboration with the Director of Standards and Regulations Unit.

14.     Ensures that Project Proposal for research within the Public Health Services adhere to the Ministry of Health’s guidelines.

15.     Advises on the introduction and training of new health personnel in the sector.

16.     Develop strategies for the evaluation of therapeutic interventions for conditions such as cardiac, chronic, respiratory and rental disorders with a view to developing and testing service options aimed at decreasing morbidity, length of stay in hospitals and health care costs (inclusive of home care, rehabilitation, counselling, resettlement and other types of social support)

17.     Liaises with non-governmental organisations to develop service delivery strategies that will improve access to tertiary care services, improve/supplement public sector resources to gain greater levels of efficiency and effectiveness.

18.     Prepares and disseminates periodical/annual reports on the status of health support and monitoring services.

19.     Advises on the format of a management information system to assist in managing the work of the Health Support and Monitoring Unit.

20.     Participates in inter-divisional, inter-sectional inter-agency, national and international relations and follows-up on activity.

21.     Performs other related duties assigned by the Director, Health Services Planning and Integration.

22.    Liaises with: Internally – Heads of Section (Technical Directorate); Regional Directors; Regional Technical Directors; Director, Human Resource Planning and Development; Director, Project Planning and Implementation. Externally – International Health Agencies/Diplomats; Consultants; Non-Governmental Organizations; Planning Institute of Jamaica; Private Sector; Medical and other Professional Associations; Professional Councils; National Family Planning Board; Other Government Agencies/Departments; Jamaica Family Planning Association.


Human Resource Responsibilities

1.         Provides leadership to staff in the Unit through effective objective setting delegation and communication

2.         Collaborates with the Human Resource Management Division and advises on industrial relation issues affecting technical health personnel.

3.         Liaises with the Director, Human Resource Planning and Development to develop programmes for training and development in order to attract and retain Technical Health personnel in the Ministry of Health and the Regional Health Authorities.

4.         Participates in the recruitment of staff for the Unit.

5.         Provides technical input at Promotions Committee and Management Committee meetings.



Functional/Technical Competencies
Knowledge of management principles and practices
Sound knowledge of Government National Health Policy
Sound knowledge of health care practices at the Primary, Secondary and Tertiary levels
Knowledge of public health practices
Knowledge of new trends and development in the field of Medicine
Knowledge of research methodology and its application
Knowledge of geographic, political and socio-economic environment.


·           A qualified Medical Doctor registered to practice in Jamaica.

·           Post graduate qualification in Public Health and or Community Health with exposure to one or more of the following: maternal and Child Health, Family Planning, Nutrition, Psychiatry and management of chronic diseases.

·           Training in Health service Management/Administration.

·           A minimum of ten (10) years post graduate with at least four (4) years experience at a Senior Health Management level.


Interested persons may apply in writing accompanied by resumes. Applications must be submitted no later than September 11, 2017 to:


Human Resource Management & Development

Ministry of Health

10A Chelsea Avenue

Kingston 10