Consultant Project Engineer


The Ministry of Health is responsible for ensuring that health services are adequate and that they are delivered effectively and efficiently in accordance with prescribed standards and regulations.

The Ministry envisages a health system that is client-centred, guaranteeing access to quality health care for every person in the population including the vulnerable and disabled, at reasonable delivery costs.  Efforts are made to provide information and to educate the populace; to facilitate individuals taking responsibility for their own health and to enable these individuals to make informed decisions and adopt healthy lifestyle and habits.

The Ministry’s strategies include identifying and giving special attention to health programmes that are of high level priority such as those reflected in the National Development Plan (Vision 2030) and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as well as international obligations such as the Port of Spain Declaration, Health Agenda of the Americas and the International Health Regulations.

The Ministry is currently in the process of developing a comprehensive 10 year Strategic Development Plan for the health sector as part of the integrated health service delivery framework.  The objective of the Strategic Development Plan is to provide an overarching strategic direction to the Ministry which is aligned with Jamaica’s commitment to universal access to health and universal healthcare coverage.

The Ministry of Health’s strategic objectives are to:

  1. Provide the Jamaican population with healthcare services that are accessible and of the highest attainable standard;
  2. Maintain and develop a qualified and professional workforce for the delivery of health and allied services;
  3. Improve the quality of health information systems for planning and management of the health services;
  4. Develop and monitor the implementation of viable health financing options; and
  5. Strengthen governance mechanisms in the areas of compliance, accountability, policy, legislative, and regulatory systems.



The Ministry of Health seeks to engage a Consultant to provide engineering support for all capital projects being undertaken by the Ministry of Health and Regional Health Authorities.


Management and Administrative

  1. Participates as a member of the multi-disciplinary team involved in evaluating project ideas and developing and documenting project profiles for submission to funding agencies.
  2. Advises the Permanent Secretary, Regional Health Authorities and the Director, Projects on all technical matters relating to engineering
  3. Attends meetings, workshops etc. on behalf of the Ministry



  1. Participates in the preparation of Pre-qualification and Tender documents for civil works and equipment supply for capital projects being undertaken by the Ministry of Health and Regional Health Authorities.
  2. Prepares civil engineering drawings for capital projects as assigned. Prepares engineer’s estimate, as required.
  3. Reviews all engineering plans, drawings and submissions from external agencies to ensure that they meet specifications.
  4. Liaises with Quantity Surveyors (if required) to ensure preparation of Bill of Quantities and preliminary costs for the Ministry’s capital projects.
  5. Monitors Contractors, Architects and Quantity Surveyors and makes site visits to ensure that work is performed in accordance with specifications and project agreement. Carries out on the spot inspections in collaboration with Director, Projects and Project Architect.
  6. Monitors Implementation Plan to ensure that civil works are carried out within agreed time frame to avoid cost over-runs. Prepares status reports as required and submits same to the Permanent Secretary.
  7. Carries out critical path analyses, identifies problems or bottlenecks and advise the Permanent Secretary of problems identified and formulate solutions to deal with them.
  8. Monitors all contracts as they relate to liquidated damages, bonus payments and all other relevant clauses including welfare of workers and the statutory deductions.
  9. Advises the Permanent Secretary on recommendations submitted by Engineers and Contractors.
  10. Performs other engineering functions necessary to execute various capital projects within the Ministry of Health.



The following are the major performance criteria of the Consultancy:

  1. Meet expected performance standards established.
  2. Provision of all reports, work plans and schedules.
  3. Provision of Engineering drawings, estimates for capital projects, and components of Project Profiles.
  4. Implementation of projects within agreed time and cost.
  5. Proper alignment of Consultancy work efforts to the Ministry of Health Strategic directions.
  6. Maintain the highest confidentiality and professionalism.
  7. Project preparation and implementation are completed based on targets.
  8. Procure all goods and services as required.
  9. Proper alignment of the technology and business strategy of the Ministry of Health.



The period of this Consultancy is two (2) years commencing June 2017



  • BSc. In Civil Engineering
  • Training in Project Management would be an asset
  • Eight (8) years progressive working experience in construction management.
  • Any equivalent combination of education and experience



Expertise in the application of Civil Engineering principles and practices
Ability to perform complex engineering calculations using prescribed procedures and formulae
Ability to prepare engineering documents, specifications and cost estimates for projects
Ability to conduct field inspections, surveys and measurements for civil engineering projects
Sound knowledge of Jamaican Building and Electrical Code
Expertise in the application of project management techniques and tools.
In-depth Knowledge of Government tendering requirements and procedures.

Ability to write reports containing technical information


Interested persons may apply in writing accompanied by resumes. Applications must be submitted no later than June 16, 2017 to:


Human Resource Management & Development

Ministry of Health

10A Chelsea Avenue

Kingston 10


Please note that responses will be sent to short- listed applicants only