Environmental Health Specialist 2 (Port Health and Quarantine) (HPC/EH 6)

To formulate a National Port Health/Quarantine Policy and to develop and execute related programmes to prevent the importation and spread of diseases with minimum interference to world traffic. The incumbent will also ensuring that satisfactory health standards are attained and maintained at airports and seaports to prevent the dissemination of vectors. 



  1. Develops the National Port Health/Quarantine Policy and related programmes aimed at preventing and controlling the importation and spread of communicable diseases throughout Jamaica.
  1. Interprets laws, regulations, and international conventions and regulations and develops and implements compliance and enforcement policies.
  1. Advises the Director, Environmental Health on Port Health/Quarantine issues
  1. Provides technical advice to the Director, Standards Research and Development in preparation of standards and protocols to guide staff in the delivery of Port Health/Quarantine Services.
  1. Provides leadership in the review/update of legislation for the implementation and support of Port Health/Quarantine Programmes.
  1. Provides linkages, coordination and follow-up service between the Ministry and the Regional Health Authorities on the implementation of port health/quarantine activities.
  1. Develops and implements systems to maintain an integrated vector control programme at the ports of entry.
  1. Monitors and evaluates the implementation of the Port Health/Quarantine Service delivery System in the Health Regions.
  1. Performs other related duties, as assigned by the Director, Environmental Health.
  1. Consults with officials of various public and private sector organizations on matters such the status of vector-borne diseases regionally and internationally and ensure the inspection of imported goods to prevent the possible introduction of foreign vectors.
  1. Prepares advisories for medical practitioners, airlines, travel agencies, hospitals and other relevant institutions on the ever-present risks of the re-introduction of malaria into Jamaica and the strategies to prevent such occurrence.
  1. Monitors and evaluates the facilities at the waterfront for storage of food and grains and advises on the control of rodents and other vermin.
  1. Reviews and evaluates reports submitted by Public Health Personnel and provide technical advice and make recommendations for the improvement of Port Health /Quarantine Services.
  1. Consults/liaises with Regional Health Authorities, Port Authority, Airport Authority, Shipping Association of Jamaica and other government and private agencies, to ensure that there is beneficial use of new information technologies and electronic transmission of data in the field of Maritime and Air Transportation and Trade.
  1. Manages the Port Health Information System and use the information for critical review of the National Programme



In-depth knowledge of Public Health Laws and Regulation
Knowledge of Port Health and Quarantine laws
Sound knowledge of environmental protection and control laws, practices and issues locally and internationally


  • Masters Degree in Public Health/Environmental Health Science or Equivalent; plus five (5) years progressive working experience in Public Health/Port Health
  • Bachelor Degree in Public Health/Environmental Health Science – or

  Diploma in Public Health Inspection plus ten (10) years progressive working experience in Public Health/Port Health

  • Any equivalent combination of education and experience



  • To inspect food storage facilities at the airports and sea ports and make recommendations as required.
  • To represent the Ministry of Health at national and international on port health/quarantine



Interested persons may apply in writing, accompanied by resumes. Applications must be submitted no later than April 11, 2017 to:


Human Resource Management & Development

Ministry of Health

10A Chelsea Avenue

Kingston 10

Please note that responses will be sent to short- listed applicants only