Project Coordination Unit Terms of Reference Accpac Accounting Consultant – HST


The Consultant will support the implementation of accounting activities so as to ensure the effective and efficient management of the Financial Management system of the PCU through the maintenance of appropriate records and reports. He/She will provide accounting support to the Financial Section of the Unit in relation to brining the books of accounts up to date, thus working closely with the Finance Team Members and the Financial Management System ACCPAC to code, enter, check and post transactions.  



The Consultant will contribute to the fulfillment of the tasks required to attain the stated financial management objectives of the programme.  These will include:

  • Support the Quality Control functions associated with Accounting Software implemented by the HST
  • Bring sub-ledgers up to date, Accounts payables, bank entries, bank reconciliation
  • Coding and input of Financial Management Transactions for the Grants and GoJ for the period up to Apr 2016 – Mar 2017.
  • Prepare system monthly Bank Reconciliation to ensure that transactions reconcile to cash book and other source document. Obtain sign off accordingly for checked transactions.
  • Work with the SFO and Finance Officers to have transactions checked and posted in Accounts Payables and General Ledger.
  • Run Trial Balance and ensure that the account balances reconcile to source documents.
  • Reconcile any differences identified, prepared corresponding Journals for SFO approval, enter correcting transactions, ensure they checked and posted.
  • Input financial management transactions (Budgets) in the designed reports.
  • Support Operationalization of ACCPAC Reports as agreed with the SFO for all Projects/source of funding.



The Consultant will contribute to the fulfilment of the tasks required to attain the stated financial management objectives of the programme and will be responsible for the attainment of the stated objectives in accordance with this TOR.  These will include:

  • The effective and efficient management of resources in the implementation of the NHP.
  • Ensuring that financial transactions are inputted in the electronic system, reconciled, checked and posted to bring the system up to date.
  • Strengthening the Financial Management Support of the NHP in its financial and administration matters.
  • The officer will play an integral role in supporting the management of the financial reporting of the projects in accordance with funding agencies and GOJ regulations. In addition, he/she will be responsible for cross cutting general support services aimed at ensuring that books of accounts are brought up to date in the electronic system.



The Consultant will report directly to the Senior Finance Officer of the PCU who has the overall responsibility for the Operational Oversight and monitoring of all Financial Management activities within the Programme. The Officer will work closely with the Strategic Financial Management Consultant; with oversight of the Strategic direction of the Unit to ensure that strategies for enhancing the efficiency of the Unit are implemented and institutionalized. The Officer will also have a supporting relationship with the other Officers working within the Finance Unit of the PCU.



In supporting the financial management functions of the PCU, the Consultant, will play an integral part in the provision of:

  • A workplan to outline the attainment of the specific deliverables below
  • Coded Payment Vouchers, Receipts/Income and bank entry transactions as well as monthly report transactions for USAID.
  • Enter, Posting of all transactions and Reconciliations for the period Apr 2016 – Mar 2017 for USAID Gant, Apr 2016 – Mar 2017 for GoJ Contribution to USAID Grant and Global Fund Grants.
  • Correcting Journals where deemed necessary
  • GoJ ACCPAC Reports reconciled to Excel paper based reports to validate accuracy
  • Input of Workplans/Budget into designed reports as directed by SFO and collaboration  with Finance Officers.
  • Support Operationalization of ACCPAC Reports as agreed with the SFO for all Projects/source of funding.
  • Review of the related files to ensure that they are maintained at an auditable standard



The selected individual must possess:

  • A Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from a recognized University/Institute or ACCA level 11 
  • Relevant working experience in Financial Management of at least 6 years
  • Training in ACCPAC Accounting Software and hands on use of the System is a requirement
  • Ability to use software applications such as Word, Excel, Internet
  • Must have good understanding of Government financial management regulations at all levels
  • Must possess good communication skills
  • Experience  financial procedures of international funding agencies



The Project Coordination Unit is housed in the Ministry of Health, and its offices.  The National HIV/STI Programme is funded by the Global Fund and the United States for International Development (USAID) and will therefore maintain an inventory independent of the executing agency.


Interested persons should submit their application along with resume no later than

Wednesday, April 19, 2017 via email to


Applications must be addressed to:

Senior Director

Human Resource Management & Administration

Ministry of Health

10a Chelsea Avenue, Kingston 5

We thank all candidates for responding, however only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.