Senior Investigator (GMG/SEG 1)

Applications are invited from suitably qualified persons to fill the following position in the Ministry of Health (Standards & Regulations Division).



To conduct investigations on circumstances pertaining to compromise of professional standards in the delivery of Health Care services.



  1. Facilitate investigations of the breakdown in standards of delivery of health care
  2. Receives directly, through Regional Director or Parish Manager documented complaints from patients or clients of public and private institutions;
  3. Receives and verifies notifications of breaches of delinquency received orally or through the media
  4. Establishes contact with persons affected by substandard service delivery and obtaining full documentation as required to facilitate a thorough investigation;
  5. Establishes and maintains contact with Regional Director, Parish manager and CEO/Director of the institution under review in order to further the conduct of investigation;
  6. Establishes and maintains contact with designated representative of professional associations and councils whose members may be involved or implicated by the complaint;
  7. Conducts enquiries on professional behaviour re the situation which led to the lodging of a complaint;
  8. Collaborates with the Director, Health Services Development and Coordination and Health Promotion and Protection where breach of public policy or departure from standards may be of concern;
  9. Requires from these Divisions professional reports/evaluation on specialized areas of health care delivery to form part of the assessment and in due course background to any legislative process that may be forth coming;
  10. Maintains communication with Legal Services Branch to ensure that support is received for the investigation process and provided to any process of litigation which is being undertaken
  11. Documents formally, charges for minor breaches of standards or regulation
  12. Ensures that files regarding cases of delinquency are maintained with accurate and complete information
  13. Formulates weekly and monthly reports for Director, Investigations & Enforcement.
  14. Conducts analysis of frequency of breaches of standards and regulations to inform strategic changes in systems or standards.



Functional /Technical Competencies Levels
Knowledge of Customer Service and health Services Audit 2
Knowledge of research methods and techniques 2
Knowledge of computer packages e.g. Spreadsheets 2
Knowledge of National health Policy 2



  • A certified health care professional
  • Additional qualification in Health care or Hospital Management
  • A minimum of eight (8) years working experience as a healthcare professional
  • Knowledge of pharmacy related practices will be an asset


Interested persons may apply in writing accompanied by resumes. Applications must be submitted no later than August 28, 2017 to:


Human Resource Management & Development

Ministry of Health

10A Chelsea Avenue

Kingston 10


Please note that responses will be sent to short- listed applicants only