Training & Education Nutritionist (HPC/ND 4)


The Training and Education Nutritionist, under the general direction of the Director, Nutrition and Dietetics Unit, plans, organizes and conducts training and education programmes in Nutrition and Dietetics for Nutrition & Dietetic staff, Dietetic/Nutrition Interns, Nursing students, other health personnel and agencies.



  1. Surveying training needs of members of the health team and Nutrition and Dietetic staff in order to identify and define deficiencies in knowledge, skills and attitudes which hamper performance.
  2. Design and implement training programmes for all members of the health team.
  3. Evaluate the effectiveness of training programmes.
  4. Provide technical information for all educational materials to be used in Nutrition Education Programmes and arranging for printing in collaboration with HPE Unit.
  5. Direct the National Education Programme by developing educational/social marketing campaigns for the public in collaboration with HPE Unit.
  6. Providing technical support for regional staff.
  7. Developing, implementing and evaluating nutrition education strategy.
  8. Prepare annual training budget and assist in keeping records of expenditure.
  9. Plan and manage Technical Sessions for Nutrition and Dietetics Unit.
  10. Review training programmes, scholarships/fellowships offered by other Ministries/agencies and International Institutions, inviting nomination from Managers/Supervisors and recommending personnel.
  11. Investigate suitable courses of study for Nutrition and Dietetic Staff, and assist in making application for said courses.
  12. Prepare periodic reports on training activities, as required: monthly, quarterly, annually.
  13. Attend seminars, meeting and performs any other related duties assigned.
  14. Establish relationships with international agencies such as PAHO, USAID, UNICEF, with a view to identifying assistance whether as materials or funds for training programmes.
  15. Liaise with Manpower Planning and Development Unit, Ministry of Health, for training needs assessment.
  16. Perform related duties.



Functional/Technical Competences Level
Ability to establish and maintain professional standards and maintain satisfactory working relationships 3
In-depth knowledge of new development and trends in nutrition 3
In-depth knowledge of the impact of local socio-economic factors and their impact on nutrition and health 3
Functional/Technical Competences Level



  • Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics or similar course of study from an accredited University;
  • Certification in Training or an equivalent course from an accredited Institution – Plus
  • Five (5) years field experience as Nutritionist/Dietitian, plus experience as a trainer.


Interested persons may apply in writing accompanied by resumes. Applications must be submitted no later than August 28, 2017 to:


Human Resource Management & Development

Ministry of Health

10A Chelsea Avenue

Kingston 10


Please note that responses will be sent to short- listed applicants only