Administrative Assistant (GMG/AM 2) [Contract]


Under the general direction of the Director, Information Systems for Health Branch, the Administrative Assistant is responsible for providing administrative support in order to achieve the objectives of the Health Informatics Unit.



  • Annual budget for the Branch prepared.
  • Monthly expenditure monitored and variance reports prepared.
  • Stationery, office supplies and equipment procured, secured and controlled.
  • Monthly and quarterly reports compiled.
  • Commitments prepared.



  • Prepares the annual budget for the Information Systems for Health Branch.
  • Prepares the quarterly cash flow requirements and expenditure statement for the quarterly performance review.
  • Monitors the Branch’s expenditure by:
    • ensuring that the bills incurred by the Branch are committed in accordance with budget allocations
    • maintaining a record of commitments through expenditure and allocations
    • preparing monthly expenditure and variance reports
  • Compiles monthly and quarterly reports on the activities of the Branch for submission to the Director, Information Systems for Health Branch.
  • Liaises with the Procurement Manager in order to obtain equipment, furniture, stationery and any other items required for the efficient functioning of the Branch by:
    • Submitting a pro-forma to the Procurement Unit for the preparation of invoice orders
    • Preparing commitments
    • Submitting relevant data to the Accounts Departments
    • Follow-up to ensure that payments are made to the suppliers
    • Implements an inventory management system to ensure the safety and security of the Branch’s supplies and equipment
  • Coordinates and facilitates the flow and distribution of information between the Branch and other Units, Branches and Divisions within the Ministry of Health and Wellness and Regional Health Authorities
  • Follow-up decisions taken by the Director, Information Systems for Health Branch, at his/her request, to ensure implementation and follow-through.
  • Arranges all activities related to meetings, workshops, local and overseas travel and other equipment in the Branch.
  • Liaises with the Director, General Administration to ensure the maintenance of furniture and equipment in the Branch.
  • Assists the Director, Information Systems for Health Branch with personnel matters.
  • Maintains a record of annual vacation and other leave applications made by staff in the Branch and compile annual vacation leave roster
  • Performs any other related duties, as assigned by the Director, Information Systems for Health Branch.



  • The Branch’s budget and reports are accurate and delivered in a timely fashion.
  • The Director, Information Systems for Health Branch is promptly advised of negative variances in the budget and issues with procurement procedures
  • An efficient and effective inventory management system is implemented.
  • Confidentiality of information on the job is preserved at all times.
  • A high level of performance is demonstrated.
  • Quarterly cash flow and expenditure statements are prepared within the established timeframe.


Required Competencies

Core Competencies Level
Interpersonal skill  
Written communication skills  
Oral communication skill  
Teamwork and cooperation  
Goal/results oriented  


Functional/Technical Competencies Level
Knowledge of Ministry’s policies and procedures  
Knowledge of general administrative practices  
Knowledge of public sector procurement policies and procedures  
Working knowledge of budget preparation  
Knowledge of modern office equipment, practices and procedures  



  • Certificate/Diploma in Public Administration, Management Studies or equivalent
  • Training in basic government accounting and,
  • A minimum of three (3) years working experience in an administrative capacity or,
  • Any equivalent combination of education and experience



Typical working environment, no adverse working conditions.


Interested persons may apply by submitting a cover letter and resume via email no later than Wednesday, July 1, 2020 to:

Human Resource Management & Development
Ministry of Health & Wellness
10A Chelsea Avenue
Kingston 10

Please note that responses will be sent to short- listed applicants only.