Career Opportunity – Director of Health Promotion & Protection (HPC/MO 7)


To promote and advance the health of the nation by advocating for and implementing effective disease prevention and health promotion policies and programmes.



Management and Administrative

  • Provides leadership and management oversight to programmes relating to Health Promotion, Disease Prevention/Surveillance, Environmental Health, Nutrition, Veterinary Public Health and Epidemiological Research and Analysis
  • Provides technical advice to the Chief Medical Officer and other members of the Senior Management team and Regional Authorities
  • Leads the development and implementation of the operational plan and budget for Health Promotion and Protection Branch. Reviews and makes adjustments as necessary to achieve stated objectives
  • Participates in the quarterly and annual performance review, to assess the achievements of the Technical Services Division/Ministry of Health
  • Represents the Ministry at local, regional and international health conferences. Prepares and presents position papers, as required
  • Participates in technical reviews and expert panels of WHO and other international health organizations
  • Establishes and maintains beneficial relationships with local, regional and international health organizations, NGOs and the private sector
  • Develops proposals and secures extra-budgetary financing for programmes and research from international organizations and the private sector
  • Prepares and submits performance and other reports within agreed timeframes.


Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

  • Formulates policies for the promotion of healthy lifestyles in order to impact morbidity and morality of chronic and communicable diseases and injuries and to protect the health of the environment
  • Directs the planning, development implementation and evaluation of national health promotion and risk reduction programmes
  • Devises strategies to increase the level of awareness about key public health risks and to mobilize communities to ensure that they take action to promote better health practices
  • Ensures the development and maintenance of an efficient system for the surveillance of chronic and communicable diseases and injuries
  • Directs the health promotion team in identifying innovative ways of promoting healthy behaviour practices that are culturally appropriate.
  • Develops and ensures the implementation of systems for monitoring and evaluating the impact of health promotion programmes at the community level
  • Coordinates and provides management for the National HIV/STI Prevention and Control Programme
  • Epidemiological Research and Analysis
  • Stimulates research aimed at the protection of health and coordinates and reviews research protocols determines the ethics technical quality and relevance of research proposals
  • Utilizes epidemiological data to inform/guide policies and programmes relevant to the prevention of chronic and communicable diseases


Human Resource Management

  • Monitors and evaluates the performance of direct reports, prepares performance appraisals and recommends and/or initiates corrective action where necessary to improve performance
  • Participates in the recruitment of staff for the Branch and recommends transfer, promotion, termination and leave in accordance with established human resource policies and procedures
  • Provides opportunities to develop personal and professional skills that are required for health promotion/disease prevention
  • In collaboration with the Human Resource Division, develops and implements a succession planning programme for the Division to facilitate continuity and the availability of required skills and competencies to meet the needs of the Division
  • Provides leadership and guidance to direct reports through effective planning, delegation, communication, training, mentoring and coaching.



Functional/Technical Competencies Levels
Sound Technical knowledge  
Sound knowledge of management principles and practices  
Underling of the principles of behaviour change and management  
Excellent planning and organizing skills  
Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously  
Excellent decision making skills  
Indepth knowledge of Public Health Laws and Regulations  
Knowledge of the social, geographical and economic factors impacting on health  
Functional/Technical Competencies Levels



  • A qualified Medical Doctor
  • Master Degree in Public Health or Epidemiology
  • Training in Management


At least ten (10) years experience in Epidemiology or Public Health


Interested persons may apply in writing accompanied by resumes. Applications must be submitted no later than Monday, November 5, 2018 to:

Human Resource Management & Development
Ministry of Health
10A Chelsea Avenue
Kingston 10

Please note that responses will be sent to short- listed applicants only.