Career Opportunity – Procurement Officer HIV/STI/Tb Unit (GMG/SEG 2)


The Procurement Officer is responsible for all procurement related activities in the implementation of Grant and GoJ-financed projects, including coordinating project activities and ensuring that the projects are implemented in accordance with the Operation Manuals and GOJ Procurement Guidelines; planning, preparing, updating guiding the implementation of the Procurement Plans; and providing training and other technical support to the PCU, regions (4), line Ministries sub-recipients and other implementing stakeholders in the execution of project activities.



  1. Prepare and update as appropriate the respective Project Procurement Plans
  2. Prepare Procurement Notices and Invitations to bid;
  3. Obtain from donors all the necessary approvals for procurement plans;
  4. Maintain communication channels with Global Fund and USAID, as well as the GoJ on project procurement matters;
  5. Liaise with the Senior Medical Officer leading the HST, providing the necessary updates on procurement activities;
  6. Liaise with the MoH legal unit and the Permanent Secretary’s office to ensure agreements and contracts are compliant and approved;
  7. Provide updates on any changes with the GoJ or grant procurement processes;
  8. Liaise with and guide the National Health Fund, National Public Health Laboratory and the National Family Planning Board with regards to the procurement, storage and distribution of pharmaceuticals and other medical supplies;
  9. Represent the Project Coordinating Unit in official capacity, when appropriate;
  10. Prepare and update as appropriate the Project Procurement Plan;
  11. Prepare Terms of Reference, product specifications, and bid documents for goods, equipment and consultant services required for the implementation of project activities under both the USAID and Global Fund, and other donors as well as GoJ aspects of the HST;
  12. Participate in and guide the preparation, procurement and execution of studies and Consultant services;
  13. Prepare the Implementation Agreements and Addendums for the sub-recipients/implementing partners under the USAID and Global Fund grants;
  14. Prepare standard bidding documents for goods, services and works for all methods of procurement to be agreed with the GoJ and issue them to bidders;
  15. Coordinate the bid evaluation processes for goods, services and thereafter prepare the bid evaluation report for submission to the various GoJ Committees;
  16. Coordinate the evaluation of project proposals relating to, goods and equipment so as to arrange for their execution by following all procedures for award of contracts;
  17. Prepare and present proposals for contract awards to the Procurement Committee of the Ministry of Health and represent the PCU where necessary in the contract award approval processes of the Sector Committee, National Contracts Committee and Cabinet;
  18. Maintain proper records of all procurement documents, and develop a procurement monitoring and reporting system in accordance with the requirements of the Government of Jamaica, the Global Fund and USAID, as well as taking a lead in the preparation of quarterly reports on the status of procurement activities in the project;
  19. Provide support through technical assistance and relevant training to the implementing entities and HST components as they prepare and procure their goods and services under their approved work plans;
  20. Review procurement supporting documents, recommend changes and implement approved changes;
  21. Review, discuss and implement approved administrative processes and systems that will improve efficiency and effectiveness of the procurement team;
  22. Facilitate Procurement Review at site level for records of implementing stakeholders and provide the necessary support entities as they implement the recommended corrective measures;
  23. Facilitate the settlement of disputes, if any, under contracts with contractors and follow up on shortages and defective supplies/services /works that are in breach of contract provisions;
  24. Supervise the activities of the Procurement Assistants.
  25. Liaise with various Government Ministries and Departments involved with the Projects’ activities to ensure that the needs of the projects for execution of all works, goods and equipment are provided for as well as ensuring that Government standards and procedures are complied with.



  • Must have procurement experience
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Applications including EXCEL and WORD
  • Ability to communicate clearly, both verbally and in writing
  • Excellent administrative skills, attention to detail and a high degree of accuracy
  • Experience working with projects funded by international funding
  • Ability to work in a team environment and independently with minimal supervision



The selected individual must have Management and Procurement experience with a clear appreciation for the dynamics of government operations and must have a good understanding of the Multi-Sectoral approach to the HIV/AIDS response.   The selected applicant must also have proven skills in operational and strategic planning and management. The selected individual must also show evidence of:

  • First degree in Management Studies, Business Administration or its equivalent;
  • Project Management Training;
  • Training in Procurement;
  • Experience with donor funded Projects for at least two (2) years;
  • Procurement experience in Goods and Services, consultancies of at least three (3) years;
  • Must have a good knowledge of Government procurement regulations;
  • Must have a good experience of Procurement Planning.


Interested persons may apply in writing accompanied by resumes. Applications must be submitted no later than July 16, 2018 to:
Human Resource Management & Development
Ministry of Health
10A Chelsea Avenue
Kingston 10

Please note that responses will be sent to short- listed applicants only