Director, Epidemiological Research and Training (HPC/MO 3) [Not vacant]

JOB PURPOSE To coordinate the maintenance of an adequate system for the management of surveillance related data at the national level.   KEY OUTPUTS Medical review of incoming disease notifications. Technical guidance and support for the investigation and control of communicable disease outbreaks.   KEY RESPONSIBILITY AREAS INCLUDES: Establish and… Read More

Accountant (FMG/PA 1) (Vacant)

Remuneration Range: $1,341,866 – $1,789,576 per annum   JOB PURPOSE: Under the general direction of the Director, Project Accounting, the Project Accountant is responsible for managing the accounts of the Ministry of Health projects, whether financed by the Government of Jamaica or multilateral lending agencies.   KEY RESPONSIBILITY AREAS Management/Administrative… Read More

Director Nutrition Services (HPC/ND 6) [not vacant]

Salary Scale: $ 2,533,543.00 per annum – $ 3,011,586.00 per annum Travelling Allowance $894,924.00 per annum   JOB PURPOSE To plan direct and coordinate the nutrition programmes of the Ministry of Health in order to achieve and maintain appropriate nutritional levels in the nation.   KEY OUTPUT Operational Plan and… Read More

National Physical Activity Specialist (Contract)

Background The World Health Organization (WHO) defines physical activity as “any bodily movement produced by skeletal muscles that requires energy expenditure”.  This suggests that the term ‘physical activity’ is more than ‘exercise’.  According to the WHO (2013), exercise, is a subcategory of physical activity that is planned, structured, repetitive, and… Read More

Senior Public Procurement Officer (GMG/SEG 1) (Not Vacant)

Salary Range: $1,577,167 – $1,874,755 per annum Travelling Allowance (Full Upkeep): $894,924 per annum (with motor vehicle)                                                                  … Read More