Career Opportunity – Procurement Officer HIV/STI/Tb Unit (GMG/SEG 2)

JOB PURPOSE The Procurement Officer is responsible for all procurement related activities in the implementation of Grant and GoJ-financed projects, including coordinating project activities and ensuring that the projects are implemented in accordance with the Operation Manuals and GOJ Procurement Guidelines; planning, preparing, updating guiding the implementation of the Procurement… Read More

Career Opportunity – Director TCS HIV/STI/Tb Unit (MDG/MO 4)

JOB PURPOSE To ensure the expansion of diagnostic, treatment, counseling and care services for HIV and STI patients. This will involve the training of health workers to provide prevention counseling, creation of referral and linkage mechanisms to provide swift transition from a positive test result to quality health care access…. Read More

Career Opportunity – Environmental Engineer (SOG/ST 6)

JOB PURPOSE The Environmental Engineer in the National Public Health Laboratory (NPHL)/ Environmental Health Laboratory (EHL) provides technical support to the Environmental Health Unit (EHU) of the Ministry of Health (MOH), the Regional Health Authorities and the Parish Health Departments in environmental analysis and incidents investigations. The Environmental Engineer also… Read More

Career Opportunity – Assistant Personnel Officer (GMG/AM 2)

JOB PURPOSE The Assistant Personnel Officer is responsible for calculation, monitoring, management and auditing of the leave administration of officers of the Ministry of the Health and the Regional Health Authorities.   KEY RESPONSIBILITY AREAS Management /Administrative Responsibility Calculate leave for staff in the Ministry and the Regional Health Authorities…. Read More

Terms of Reference – Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) Officer HIV/STI/Tb Unit (GMG/SEG 2)

JOB PURPOSE The Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Officer will assist with the reporting of performance measures as required by the CDC. The candidate will have roles in assessment as well as support; therefore Directors and the Project Manager will rely on the candidate’s findings to evaluate frontline personnel effectiveness and… Read More