Director, Disease Prevention & Control (HPC/MO 6) (Not Vacant)


To provide overall integration and coordination of programmes for the prevention and control of chronic and communicable diseases in Jamaica



  • Technical expertise provided for the formulation and analysis of policies relating to the management and control of diseases
  • Effective disease surveillance system developed and maintained in order to provide an early warning signal for disease outbreaks
  • High risks groups identified in relation to health problems.
  • Epidemiological data analysed and recommendation made to determine the impact of health interventions.
  • Technical advice provided to policy makers and senior programme managers and staff in the Regional Authorities
  • Allocation of resources for disease prevention/control programmes
  • Determined and prioritised



  • Plans, organizes, directs, controls and coordinates the work and staff of Disease Prevention and Control Section.
  • Applies epidemiological methods to the planning and evaluation of programmes for the management and control of chronic and communicable disease and injuries in the island
  • Guides, coordinates and provides leadership in the overall assessment of health trends and the patterns and distribution of diseases and injuries in the island and utilize this data in the development of policies and strategies
  • Provides leadership in negotiating with regional and international lending agencies for financial and technical assistance for disease/injury prevention and control programmes
  • Monitors the implementation of projects and contracts relating to the management and control of chronic and communicable diseases and ensures the preparation and submission of progress reports.
  • Establishes and maintains a system for the surveillance of diseases and the identification of possible sources
  • Supervises the analysis of the causes and risk factors for specific diseases
  • Analyses statistic to determine the impact of health interventions on the incidence of diseases in Jamaica and recommends, if necessary new strategies that must be deployed
  • Provides technical guidance to programme managers for the planning and implementation of programmes for the control of diseases
  • Conducts policy analysis and advises on policy issues relating to the management and control of diseases using epidemiological data
  • Develops and ensures the implementation of National Research Programmes on diseases
  • Keeps abreast of regional and international diseases status and trends and advises the political and administrative directorate of the implications for Jamaica
  • Establishes and maintains contact with regional and international universities, Centres for Disease Control and organizations involved in epidemiological research and analysis
  • Provides technical guidance to programme managers and other professional staff on the application of epidemiological methods to analyse health problems
  • Designs and conducts in-service training programmes for professional staff in the use of epidemiology methods
  • Conducts comparative evaluations of the health status and trends in Jamaica and other countries of the region
  • Provides data for the monitoring and evaluation of Ministry of Health’s priority programmes and health indicators
  • Monitors linkages with data sources from the field, universities, laboratories and health personnel in both public and private sectors.
  • Provides support and technical advice to the Director, Health Promotion and Education for developing and implementing health education programmes relating to diseases and injury prevention and control
  • Provides advice and supports the development and implementation of legislation relating to the control and management of chronic and communicable diseases and injuries
  • Represents the Ministry at regional and international conferences relating to disease prevention and control issues
  • Reviews the schedule of legally notifiable diseases and recommend changes, as required
  • Ensures the maintenance of a database on chronic/communicable disease programmes in Jamaica
  • performs other related duties as assigned by the Director, Health Promotion and Protection



  • National disease prevention and control policies and strategies are formulated which are effective in the management and control of disease in Jamaica
  • An effective disease surveillance system is implemented and maintained
  • There is effective leadership and coordination in the management of programmes for the control of chronic and communicable disease and injuries
  • Advice provided is technically sound and relevant
  • The objectives of the Disease Prevention and Control Section are consistently met
  • A high level of performance is demonstrated consistently


Functional/Technical Competencies Levels
Sound knowledge of National Health Policy  
Sound knowledge of public health laws and regulations  
Sound knowledge of the Management Principles and Practices  
Sound knowledge of trends and developments in public health  
Sound knowledge of the incidence, patterns and trends of diseases, nationally and internationally  


Expertise in programme planning, implementation and evaluation  
Sound knowledge of epidemiology methods  
Familiarity with cultural norms in Jamaica and the region  
Core Competencies Levels  
Ability to communicate effectively in written  format    
Ability to communicate effectively in oral format    
Ability to analyse and interpret statistical data    
Ability to plan, organize and coordinate the work of others    
Ability to provide effective leadership and work as part of a team    
Excellent interpersonal skills and demonstrated ability to establish and maintain satisfactory working relationships with a wide cross section of professionals and organizations    
Excellent forecasting skills    
Computer skills    
Decision making skills    
Excellent time management and human relations skills    



  • A qualified Medical Doctor
  • A Master’s Degree Epidemiology or the equivalent plus
  • Ten (10) years progressive working experience in the field of Epidemiology or related field and
  • Extensive experience in the development and management of programmes for the prevention/control of diseases



  • Expected to demonstrate a high level of integrity and professionalism
  • Privy to highly confidential and sensitive information
  • Numerous critical deadlines
  • Required to travel overseas



  • To formulate national policies for the prevention and control of diseases and injuries
  • To establish and readjust disease control priorities
  • To authorize changes in the surveillance system
  • To recommend changes in the norms and guidelines for disease control programmes
  • To authorize changes in notifiable diseases
  • To represent the Ministry at local, Regional and international meetings and conferences for disease prevention and control



Interested persons may apply in writing accompanied by resumes. Applications must be submitted no later than Thursday, December 5, 2019 to:

Human Resource Management & Development
Ministry of Health & Wellness
10A Chelsea Avenue
Kingston 10

Please note that responses will be sent to short- listed applicants only.