Finance Officer – HIV/STI/Tb Unit


To support the Finance Component and build the capacity of the financial management officers at the field level while ensuring the effective and efficient management of resources in the implementation of the HIV Programme.

The individual will also be tasked with ensuring that sound internal control mechanisms are established and functional, which supports the normalization and transparency of transaction processing across the Component.



  • Ensure that activities being supported are aligned and within budget of the approved workplans.
  • Support the quality and timeliness of preparation of monthly financial management reports.
  • Support the monitoring of all accounting functions to include payables, bank reconciliation, general ledger accounting postings and reporting to ensure accuracy, timeliness and completeness.
  • Ensure that supporting documents are adequate and relevant.
  • Support timely and accurate reimbursement claims to the field implementers.
  • Support the accounting entries for bringing the transactions reported to PCU books of accounts.
  • Take monitoring action to mitigate against audit findings and where necessary facilitate the timely corrective action of site reviews and audit queries.
  • The Officer will play an integral role in ensuring that the accounting functions and internal control mechanisms established for the Programme are working effectively at the field level.
  • Accounting functions and controls considered weak or less then optimum will be enhanced by the Officer through a collaborative exercise with the Fiduciary Officers and Management Team of the Programme.
  • The Officer will be required to support all the operational matters related to the deliverables of the Programmes and grants.
  • The Officer will provide assurance through project reviews, paying special attention to the systems in place and controls established.
  • Conduct independent reviews of the governance and controls of the projects within the Programme on an ongoing basis e.g. the compliance with procedures defined in the Operations Manuals and Implementation Agreements as well as Agreements signed with the donor organizations.
  • Review and validation of the financial management outputs reported by Implementing Stakeholders, and take active steps to strengthen any weaknesses identified to ensure that quality and timelines is enhanced.
  • Conduct internal project reviews to assess the adequacy, effectiveness and efficiency of the established internal controls and procedures and take corrective action to strengthen these where there are gaps.
  • Review and discuss management actions from donors as well as audit findings and recommendations with line managers at Principal Recipient (PR) and Sub-Recipient (SR) levels and report significant issues to management. Work with PR and SRs to implement the agreed corrective actions.
  • Identify key areas of financial management risks within the Programme, propose appropriate controls to mitigate the risks and work to implement the agreed controls.
  • Use professional knowledge to provide advice to the Programme on matters external and internal to its operations, such as changes in economic policies, laws or donor guidelines that may impact the implementation of the Programme.
  • Be directly involved in the monitoring of the execution of the projects within the Programme (e.g. the Officer will provide advice on efficiency of the project execution, and act as subject matter expert, sounding board or coach to implementing stakeholders that require support to perform efficiently at start up and on an ongoing basis.
  • Be a proactive partner in the implementation of Projects, thus will be required to be aware of the Financial Management issue/concerns of the Implementation Stakeholders, bringing them forward for resolution to and with Management, implementation of the solutions and providing updates on results.
  • Provide coordination support to the Managers of the Programme. The officer will be responsible for supporting and enforcing an adherence to internal controls culture within the Programme, including training of officers.
  • The Officer will support the monitoring of the quality control functions associated with the management of financial resources earmarked to the Programme. As a part of the monitoring role the candidate will monitor and review on an ongoing basis:
  • Documents of implementers to validate compliance with procurement guidelines
  • The accounting entries of the implementing stakeholders with bank accounts to ensure that entries are correctly coded, recorded and accounted for as well as reported against budget line items.
  • The monitoring will include ensuring that procedures, guidelines and policies are adhered to on a consistent basis, that there are no budget over-runs at all levels and that reports that are of the highest quality to include completeness and accuracy.
  • An effective commitment tracking process exists and is operational at the PR level as well as in all implementing stakeholders and that this safeguard against budget over-runs
  • Reports from implementing stakeholders are completed accurately and submitted on time to the PR/PCU.
  • Validation of the entries done at the PR/PCU, reviewing the accuracy, relevance and timeliness of information provided to management and also to donors. The Officer is also expected to conduct ad hoc investigations and reviews as requested by management.
  • The timely implementation of the management actions recommended by the auditors and the donors. The Officer will also monitor the implementation of any recommendation to stakeholders.



  • Good knowledge of the Public Bodies monitoring and accountability Act, Financial Administration and Audit (FAA) Act and associated regulations, GoJ Procurement Guidelines, Staff Orders and other goJ regulations
  • Sound knowledge of donor funded project operating environment
  • Good understanding of accounting principles and donor agencies reporting requirements
  • Good understanding of risk and control concepts
  • Well developed technical skills in computer applications, including Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Microsoft Access is considered an asset
  • Thorough knowledge of business processes, accounting procedures and sound judgement.
  • Good Analytical skills and judgement
  • Good interpersonal skills with a proven ability to communicate effectively (both written and verbal) with all levels within the organization.
  • Unquestioned personal integrity with strong ethics and values
  • Ability to stand firm on difficult issues when required
  • Capable of working independently with minimum supervision.
  • Demonstrated management experience with clear appreciation for the dynamics of government operations and good understanding of the multi sectoral approach to the HIV/AIDS response.



  • First degree in Business Administration, Accounting or a related discipline from a recognized University.
  • A recognized professional designation in Accounting or Internal Audit.
  • At least five (5) years relevant work experience in Programme Management, Accounting or Internal Auditing, including two (2) at a middle management level.



Interested persons may apply in writing accompanied by resumes. Applications must be submitted no later than April 23, 2018 to:
Human Resource Management & Development
Ministry of Health
10A Chelsea Avenue
Kingston 10

Please note that responses will be sent to short- listed applicants only