Logistics Officer (SOG/ST 2) (Vacant)


Under the direction of the Operations Manager, the incumbent is responsible to provide technical support at the treatment facility, operate the assigned waste collection vehicle, and perform day-to-day operation and routine maintenance of the collection vehicle in an efficient manner and in compliance with the operations, maintenance, and health and safety plans and procedures of the waste treatment facility.



  • Waste containers inspected, monitored, collected, dispatched, loaded and unloaded
  • Waste manifest forms and vehicle daily assignment log books completed
  • Collection vehicles operated
  • Routine maintenance checks completed and reporting forms completed
  • Collection vehicles maintained, cleaned and sanitized
  • Paper and electronic records maintained and updated
  • Stock of consumables, spare parts and personal equipment maintained
  • Safety and emergency response procedures implemented
  • Accidental spills, emergencies and equipment malfunctions reported



  • Ensure that medical waste storage containers are collected from healthcare facilities in accordance to daily established targets, schedules and as per guidelines.
  • Ensure that the correct coded bins are delivered to the respective assigned healthcare facilities.
  • Drive and operate the treatment facility collection vehicles as per operations manuals.
  • Complete waste manifest forms for waste collected from healthcare facilities and ensure accuracy of information reported, and sign/authorize same as received for transportation to the medical waste treatment facility.
  • Complete and maintain paper and electronic file of daily assignment log book for the collection vehicles
  • Assist with on-going assessment/evaluation of the waste collection schedule and routes.
  • Perform inspection of waste storage containers and interim storage areas at healthcare facilities and report conditions observed to Treatment Facility Operations Manager to ensure timely execution of corrective actions.
  • Perform routine preventative maintenance checks and minor repairs to collection vehicles and waste storage containers according to the Maintenance Plan and Procedures Manual and complete requisite forms.
  • Perform other corrective maintenance procedures as directed by Treatment Facility Operations Manager.
  • Monitor the collection vehicle maintenance service schedule and notify the Facility’s Operations Manager to ensure that the collection vehicles receives timely servicing.
  • Monitor and maintain records (paper and electronic) on vehicle daily log book and the fuel consumption charges of the assigned collection vehicle and submit same to the Treatment Facility Operations Manager on a timely basis.
  • Monitor stocks of consumables, emergency response kits and personal protective equipment, and advise Treatment Facility Manager to facilitate timely procurement and ensure continuous availability.
  • Report and document all accidents, spills, emergencies and equipment malfunctions occurring during collection and transportation.
  • Assist with the cleaning of the assigned collection vehicle, and ensure that it is properly cleaned/sanitized prior to dispatch to healthcare facilities.
  • Assist with the loading and unloading of medical waste storage containers at healthcare facilities and the treatment facility respectively, according to Standard Operating Procedures.
  • Administer basic safety and emergency response procedures according to Safety and Emergency Response Plans, when necessary, and in accordance with established guidelines.
  • Advise the Treatment Facility Manager of all equipment malfunctions to ensure timely execution of corrective actions.


Other Responsibilities

  • Perform other job related functions so assigned or as necessary to maintain the performance standards of the facility



  • Medical waste storage containers collected from healthcare facilities according to established schedules.
  • Waste manifest forms accurately completed and submitted on schedule.
  • Collection vehicles receive scheduled maintenance and servicing within established timeframes.
  • Collection vehicles and waste storage containers properly sanitized and available for use within the established timeframes.
  • Adequate stock of consumables, spare parts and personal protective equipment maintained on collection vehicles to ensure the efficient operation and maintenance activities.
  • Safety and emergency response procedures implemented according to Safety and Emergency Response Plans and within established timeframe.
  • High compliance level with vehicle operations and maintenance procedures established and maintained
  • Adherence to the Facility’s Safety and Health Plans.
  • All relevant records maintained and reported within established timeframe (waste manifest, accidental spills, emergencies, and vehicle malfunctions and maintenance activities, records).


·         Valid General Divers License rated OPEN
·         Ability to obtain and maintain requisite Certification from the National Works Agency, HEART NVQ and other certification organizations.
·         Demonstrated ability to obtain general working knowledge of the dynamic operations and maintenance requirements for the collection vehicles and waste storage container.
·         Demonstrated ability to explain, apply and monitor such operations and maintenance requirements.
·         Good oral and written communication skills
·         Team Player
·         Ability to use the computer




  • Three (3) CXC passes including one technical subject, or equivalent qualifications
  • Open General Drivers License (Jamaican) and at least three (3) years driving experience with trucks.
  • At least two (2) years working experience at a reputable company in the capacity related to vehicle and equipment maintenance
  • OR
  • Any equivalent combination of education and experience.



  • The working environment on the collection vehicles and at the treatment facility involves the mechanical handling of hospital infectious waste.
  • Works in bio-hazardous waste environment
  • Requires the use of personal protective equipment
  • Requires worker training to prevent potential worker exposures to bio-hazardous waste
  • Requires proper immunization
  • Requires to work beyond normal working hours from time to time to meet deadlines.


Interested persons may apply in writing accompanied by resumes. Applications must be submitted no later than Friday, May 24, 2019 to:

Human Resource Management & Development
Ministry of Health
10A Chelsea Avenue
Kingston 10

Please note that responses will be sent to short- listed applicants only.