Payroll Officer (FMG/AT 2) Vacant


Reporting to the Senior Payroll Officer, the Payroll Officer prepares salary for monthly paid employees and properly maintain salary records.



  • Monthly salary prepared
  • Salary records maintained



A.) Technical/Professional Responsibilities

  • Notes information from salary advice on salary record;
  • Ensures that all payroll information on the computerized payroll system is maintained accurately;
  • Calculates salaries and effect the necessary changes relating to the new salary rates, arrears of salary, acting appointments, resignation, new employment and deductions;
  • Enters changes on salaries record and on the salaries control at the time;
  • Checks payroll register against entries on the salary records for errors or omissions and return cards for necessary corrections;
  • Balances salary control and ensures that payroll register and salaries control is in agreement;
  • Prepares late payments for employees not listed on payroll register;
  • Files earning records, salary records, signing sheets and payroll register;
  • Prepares Journal vouchers in respect of over payments of salary to employees;
  • Prepares P45 and salary particulars for officers who have resigned or have been transferred;
  • Provide advice to managers as required.




  • Good time management, planning and organisational skills;
  • Good presentation, oral and written communication skills;Good interpersonal skills
  • Good skills in teamwork and cooperation;
  • Ability to cope well under pressure and meet tight deadlines;
  • Maintains a high level of productivity and self-direction.



  • Knowledge of the laws, regulations, principles and practices relating to government accounting;
  • Knowledge of the Financial Administration and Audit Act (FAA ACT) and other Government Financial Regulations;
  • Knowledge in operating GoJ Computerized Accounting System.
  • Specific competence in the administration of payroll;
  • Use of Technology



  • Certificate or Diploma in Accounting, Management or Business Administration from a recognised institution;


CAT or AAT level A and 1 respectively;              

  • Plus successful completion of the relevant government accounting and computing courses and at least two (2) years experience;
  • Satisfaction of the Proficiency criteria;
  • Any equivalent combination of education and experience.



Interested persons may apply in writing, accompanied by resumes. Applications must be submitted no later than Tuesday, March 12, 2019 to:

Human Resource Management & Development
Ministry of Health
10A Chelsea Avenue
Kingston 10

Please note that responses will be sent to short- listed applicants only.