Programme Development Officer (GMG/SEG 1) (Vacant)


To assist in the development, implementation and monitoring of plans programs for developing and improving the health care services provided by the Ministry of Health.



  • Workplan Developed
  • Monitoring Reports completed
  • Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Reports prepared and submitted
  • Data Analysis Conducted
  • Norms and standards developed
  • Technical advice provided
  • Intersectoral Collaboration
  • Inservice training conducted
  • Patients complaints processed
  • Audits conducted



  • Assists with the development, implementation and review of national strategies, programmes and guidelines for clinical health service delivery within primary, secondary and tertiary care (all levels) in order to meet the objectives of the Ministry of Health.
  • Participates in the planning and scheduling of the curative and some preventive programme being pursued by the Ministry of Health.
  • Monitors and evaluates the efficiency and effectiveness of these programmes to ensure quality service delivery systems e.g. Quality Improvement, Infection Control, Quality Audit, Model Ward and give technical guidance.
  • Monitors the Emergency Trolleys in the Hospital and the Health Centres and ensures that the drugs are of the correct type and quantity and are not expired, and the emergency equipment on the trolleys is functional.
  • Monitors for Disaster Preparedness and ensures the drugs are of an adequate quantity appropriate for Disaster Preparedness and not expired.
  • Assists guides and directs investigation of patient’s/client’s complaints.
  • Participates in research activities under-taken in order to influence the formulation of policies, programmes and benchmarks.
  • Provide Nursing and other technical input with respect to Primary, Secondary, Tertiary and Paramedical Services on the National Health Disaster Committee.
  • Participates in the development of the annual work programme and operating budget for the Health Services Support and Monitoring Unit
  • Assists with the development of norms and standards to guide the delivery of curative health services
  • Participates in the development and review of monitoring mechanisms to be instituted at regional level
  • Collects, reviews, analyses and prepares feedback reports for assigned programmes on a monthly and quarterly basis to be submitted to the Director of Health Services Support and Monitoring.
  • Implements technical internal audits in the public sector and assists in the private sector audits.
  • Assists in the technical and professional development of staff and assists in the implementation of such training programmes
  • Analyses and assesses the gaps and training needs in order to guide the delivery of services.
  • Liaises with NGO’s, private sector and other entities in developing new programmes.
  • Monitors the collection and disposal of sharps in order to minimize infection from contaminated needles.
  • Provide technical advice to the Regional Health Authorities in matters pertaining to services delivery
  • Assists with the initiation, design and implementation of research projects to guide policy
  • Prepares and submits monitoring and non-conformance reports within the stipulated timeframe
  • Communicates with parish and regional administration concerning issues afficity the health services
  • Participates in inter-sectoral and inter-agency relations and follows up on activities
  • Represents the Ministry of Health at conferences, seminars etc, locally and internationally
  • Performs duties in the Emergency Operation Centre of the Ministry of Health in emergency situations
  • Performs any other related duties as assigned by Director, Health Services Support and Monitoring and Director Health Services Support and Monitoring



Functional/Technical Competencies Levels
Ability to set and maintain professional standards and maintain satisfactory working relationships  
Sound Knowledge of the National Health Policies  
Sound knowledge of management principles and practices   
Sound Knowledge of Public Health Laws and Regulations  


Core Competencies Levels
Knowledge of research methodology  
Computer literacy  
Knowledge of cultural norms and how they impact on health service delivery  
Ability to establish and maintain harmonious working relationships with wide range of professional groups and organizations, locally and internationally.  
Good inter-agency and community relationships  


Minimum Required Education and Experience 

  • Registered Nurse
  • Registered Midwife
  • Experience in Hospital Service delivery is necessary
  • Certificate/Degree in Health Service Management or equivalent (M.P.H. would be an asset); Plus
  • At least nine (9) years progressive work experience in post registration


Interested persons may apply in writing accompanied by resumes. Applications must be submitted no later than Thursday, February 27, 2020 to:

Human Resource Management & Development
Ministry of Health & Wellness
10A Chelsea Avenue
Kingston 10

Please note that responses will be sent to short- listed applicants only.