Project Manager – Construction of New Hospital – St. Catherine

Project Name Construction of New Hospital – St. Catherine
Type of Project New Construction
Department Southeast Regional Health Authority
Location: St. Catherine, Jamaica
Job Type Full Time


PROJECT DESCRIPTION The Government of Jamaica will be seeking to construct a new Type A hospital within the parish of St. Catherine. There is an urgent need for a new tertiary hospital within the parish of St. Catherine in order to meet rising population demand, to decrease the high demand for services at the Kingston Public Hospital and provide quality and efficient health care services.  St. Catherine represents 40% of South East Regional Health Authority’s population. According to the 2011 census, St. Catherine has the highest rate of annual population growth of the whole country.  Based on demand projections analysis, there is a shortage of beds in St. Catherine. The current bed capacity in the parish (comprising the Spanish Town Hospital and Linstead Hospital) is 458.  It is projected that by 2021, 599 beds are required, and by 2031, 644 beds will be required.  The problem of a shortage of beds in St. Catherine is compounded by the fact that the infrastructure of the Spanish Town Hospital is very aged and has been recommended for replacement.


PROJECT STATUS The project has been approved as a concept by the Public Investment Management Committee of the Ministry of Finance and the Public Service.


OBJECTIVES OF ASSIGNMENT Under the general direction of the Director of Projects, MOHW, the Manager will provide effective leadership in the development, coordination, promotion and articulation of plans related to the successful implementation of the St. Catherine Hospital. The Manager is responsible for the overall management and direction of the capital construction from the conceptual development stages through to post occupancy and warranty period as well as, special projects under the MOHW in a timely and cost effective manner.


The Manager will have direct oversight for the organization, planning, scheduling bidding processes and implementation of the project. The Manager will also coordinate assignments, manage personnel, materials and equipment while, ensuring that all occupational health and safety standards are upheld throughout the programme phases.



•        Prepare the necessary TORs for firm to develop technical drawings

•        Liaise with the MOHW and SERHA for the identification of suitable land space for the construction of the facility

•        Support the MOHW in negotiations with the NLA or other stakeholders to purchase or transfer lands for the purposes of construction of the new facility

•        Conduct all geotechnical surveys based on the property that has been identified to ensure suitability

•        Coordinate and manage the development of all technical and built drawings

•        Finalize the development of the project case and the submission of the project design to the Public Investment Committee (PIMC) of the Ministry of Finance and the Public Service

•        Support the submission of the project design, once approved at PIMC, to the Cabinet for inclusion into the Public Sector Investment Programme

•        Design and establish a Project Management Office with suitably qualified staff to support project implementation for all project phases and ensure that work done is in accordance to design specifications outlined by the Government of Jamaica, Jamaica Municipal Corporation Regulations, International Building Codes, Jamaica Bureau of Standards and other corporations.

•        Develop detailed project budgets and schedules

•        Establish and manage the appropriate processes and procedures to guide project management

•        Establish and implement the appropriate systems for environment control within a hospital setting

•        Ensure the approval of all environmental and other permits to support project implementation

•        Provide technical advice and leadership on all project phases


•        Manage the administration of the procurement process for the selection of an appropriate construction firm

•        Manage the negotiation processes and finalization of an appropriate contract for the implementation of the construction firm


1.       Manage the Project Management Office

2.       Develops a cost-effective plan and schedule for completion of project ensure efficient utilization of resources.

3.       Minimizes exposure and risk by implementing and auditing safety standards and quality assurance controls.

4.       Oversees performance of all technical consultants and reviews architectural and engineering drawings to make sure that all specifications and regulations are being followed.

5.       Manages the implementation of all environmental control systems to ensure the mitigation of all impacts and project risks.

6.       Ensures proper administration of construction contracts and that all necessary permits and licenses are obtained.

7.       Manages the PMO staff, review their reports, check on any reported difficulties and implement corrective actions for safety violations or reported deficiencies.

8.       Tracks and controls construction schedule and associated costs to achieve completion of projects within stipulated timeframe and budget.

9.       Provides progress reports on the UHWI Redevelopment Programme and reports on any modifications made to original programme plans

10.   Plans, implements, tracks and close out or turnover of construction projects”

11.   Conducts project meetings.

12.   Accurately forecasts revenue, profitability and project costs

13.   Manages to and achieves revenue goals set for projects

14.   Generates and issues regular internal and external project reports to stakeholders.

15.   Proactively identifies changes in project scope and ensures appropriate measures are taken

16.   Administers Submittal Review process between Subcontractors/Suppliers and design team


No Product Means of Verification
1 Project Charter  
2 Design documents to PIMC Submitted Document
3 Annual Work Plan Submitted Document
4 Finalized land documents Lease agreement
5 Detailed Project Management Plan Submitted Document
6 Finalized Construction Contract for all buildings to be constructed Signed Contract Document
8 Construction Supervisor contract awarded Signed Contract Document
9 EIA and other technical assessment reports submitted and approved Permits
10 All required building/statutory  approvals obtained Permits
11 Environmental protocols established and approved Submitted Document
12 23 Project Management progress reports Submitted Document
13 Final Report Submitted Document


REPORTING The Project Manager will report to the Director of Projects in the Ministry of Health and Wellness.  There will be an oversight committee that will have responsibility for providing update to the Ministry of Health and Wellness and the Project Manager will be required to provide updates to the committee on the progress of the project and issues affecting implementation.


SUPERVISION •        Project Team: Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, Project Engineer, Project Assistant, Estimator (if requested to provide costing services)

•        Must be able to perform at all project management levels



Procurement Method Individual Consultant
Contract Period 2 years
Place of work Kingston, Jamaica
Contracting Agent Ministry of Health and Wellness
Type of Contract Lumpsum
Projected Start date February 2021


REQUIRED QUALIFICATION •        BSc. in Construction Management/ Civil Engineering/ Urban & Regional Planning or equivalent

•        Minimum 8 Years’ experience as a Project Manager managing projects of similar size and nature

•        PMP, PRINCE2 or equivalent qualification (at least 5 years)

•        Have completed at least one construction project with a value greater than US$15M

•        Management of public sector construction project would be an asset.


KNOWLEDGE •        Organizational and management practices related to the analysis and evaluation of construction projects, project programs, policies, and operational needs.

•        Thorough knowledge of safety standards as related to property development is essential

•        Project budget preparation and control.

•        Principles and practices of administration and supervision.

•        Applicable laws, codes, regulations, policies, and procedures.

•         Financial and Job Cost Accounting Knowledge

•         High proficiency in the use of project management software and tools

•         Knowledge of GOJ procurement policies would be an asset



ABILITIES •        Manage complex teams of technical experts

•        Reading plans and comprehend scope of projects assigned.

•        Plan, organize and coordinate construction projects and project planning.

•        Analyze problems and offer alternative solutions.

•        Strong written and oral communication skills

•        Strong interpersonal skills

•        Strong negotiating skills

•        Strong computer skills, emphasis on Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project, Viewpoint

•        Dispute Resolution

•        Communicate effectively both orally and in writing.

•        Interpret, apply and explain rules, regulations, policies and procedures.

•        Work independently and meet schedules and timelines.

•        Ability to work under pressure and coordinate numerous activities and groups of people who need to cooperate to achieve maximum efficiency

•        Prepare comprehensive narrative and statistical reports.

•        Direct the maintenance of a variety of reports and files related to assigned activities.

•        Establish and maintain cooperative and effective working relationships with others.


WORK ENVIRONMENT •                    Work in an office and field environment

•                    High stress environment

•                    Overtime may be required to meet project deadlines

•                    Dexterity of hands and fingers to operate a computer keyboard, mouse and other business machines