Technical Specialist for the Ministry of Health’s PPP & Privatization Portfolio of Projects

Loan No.:8408-JM – Component: 2A Assignment

Title: Technical Specialist for the Ministry of Health’s PPP & Privatization Portfolio of Projects

Reference No. (As per Procurement Plan): FCG/CON/060

Terms of Reference


The implementation of Public Private Partnerships (PPP) in the public health sector is a key strategic objective of the Ministry of Health aimed at increasing efficiency, access and quality in the delivery of the public health care services. The Ministry envisions that the Technical Specialist, in addition to providing general project management and contract monitoring support to the Centre of Excellence Consultancy will inter alia, assist with the development and implementation of a PPP strategy for the health sector within the framework of the Government of Jamaica PPP and Privatisation Policy. The Technical Specialist will assist with identifying a PPP pipeline of health sector projects as well as assist with the preparation of prefeasibility and feasibility studies assessment framework.

The Ministry of Health’s project for the establishment of Centre of Excellence in Nephrology and Oncology under a Public Private Partnership at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Kingston and at Cornwall Regional Hospital in St. James, is the first of many projects which the MoH is looking to implement through the Public Private Partnership (PPP) arrangements.
These are large consultancy projects which will be carried out by external consultant teams and will in some instances, run approximately twelve (12) to eighteen (18) months. MoH’s direct supervision is required, however, the human and technical resources available at the MoH are insufficient to perform current operational functions and monitor and coordinate the work of the various consultant teams at the same time. Dedicated MoH’s resources are also required to facilitate the transactions and eventually contract management stages.

Based on this anticipated increased work load, the MoH is seeking to recruit an external Technical Specialist to coordinate and provide support to the implementation of these projects.
The Government of Jamaica has secured a US $50 million loan from the World Bank to finance a project entitled Foundations for Competitiveness and Growth (FCG). The overall objective of the project is to strengthen the business environment in Jamaica for private sector investment.
The Project Execution Agency is the Planning Institute of Jamaica with key Project Components to be implemented by Jamaica Promotions Corporation (JAMPRO) and the Development Bank of Jamaica (DBJ). The Ministry of Health has requested assistance under Component 2 of the FCG Project to procure the services of a Technical Specialist to coordinate the implementation of projects using Public Private Partnership (PPP) arrangements. This request is consistent with the FCG Project Appraisal Document (PAD) where provisions are made for a Project Preparation Facility that finances technical assistance to facilitate strategic transactions such as infrastructure and social sector Public Private Partnerships (PPPs), divestments and other strategic investments.



The FCG Project Development Objective of which this contract will form a part is, “To strengthen the business environment in Jamaica for private investment”.
The purpose of the contract is to procure the services of a consultant to provide technical support to the Ministry of Health in the coordination of PPP projects to ensure efficient and effective implementation and delivery of target results. This will involve coordinating MoH responses to consultants or project team requests; following up for responses from relevant stakeholders and ensuring that consultants milestones are achieved to the MoH’s satisfaction.

Results to be achieved by the Consultant:
a. Contract monitoring plan with GANTT Chart showing all milestones and deliverables for each project

b. Summary Reports of Contract Review and Stakeholder Meetings

c. Monthly Monitoring and Progress Reports

d. Technical review reports of all deliverables produced by consultants on the various projects to the MoH management and/or to the Enterprise Team, as appropriate.

e. Final Report on the implementation of the PPP projects including issues, challenges and lessons learned 



The specific services of the Consultant shall include, but not limited to the following:a. Participate on the tender evaluation committees established for the respective projects.

b. Provide logistical support to the designated Consultancy Firm/Consultancy Team Leader for each of the assigned projects during field missions and stakeholder engagement sessions.

c. Establish professional relations with relevant public and private sector stakeholders for each of the projects.

d. Act as the point of contact and communicate status of projects to the management of the MoH, PIOJ and DBJ.

e. Collate all relevant background material and baseline project documents and make available to all relevant parties.

f. Ensure that all data required and requested by the respective project teams are provided in a timely manner.

g. Track and report on the progress of project implementation as per the work plan for each project

h. Monitor and control financial status of the projects.

i. Ensure standards and requirements for deliverables from each of the assigned projects are met.

j. Circulate deliverables from the respective Consultant Teams to all relevant stakeholders for review and comment.

k. Restore or facilitate resolution of issues including project development.

l. Coordinate the receipt of responses/comments on a timely basis.

m. Provide independent feedback and coordinate MOH’s feedback on deliverables from the respective Consultant Teams

n. Submit feedback received on deliverables to the respective Consultant Teams

o. Monitor the performance of contracts.

p. Establish Change Control Procedures to be used during the execution of the projects

q. Report financial, resource and technical issues of the assigned projects to management.

r. Identify potential risks related to assigned projects and recommend solutions.

s. Ensure projects are properly closed out and project documentation completed and stored.

t. Given the timeline remaining for the completion of the FCG Project. The consultant must complete a PPP management Framework and facilitate capacity building and knowledge transfer within 6 months after contract start date.



The consultant should satisfy the following requirements:
 Post graduate degree (Masters) in Development Studies, Business Management, Biological Science or any other relevant discipline. [20 points]

 At least 3 years’ experience working in Public Private Partnerships (PPP) arrangements would be an asset. [15 points]

 Certification in Project Management. Preferably PMP Certification would be an asset. [20 points]

 At least 3 years’ experience coordinating or managing development projects. [30 points]

 Experience with the Ministry of Health’s regulations and policies relating the health care sector. [5 points]

 Demonstrated experience working with multi-disciplinary teams. [5 points]

 Excellent communication and facilitation skills. [5 points]



The duration of the contract is eighteen (18) months.



The Consultant Team must provide the following reports:

Name of report Minimum Content Time of submission Review Period
Projects Monitoring Plan GANTT Chart showing all milestones and deliverables for each project 2 weeks after contract signing 1 week after receipt
Summary Reports of Stakeholder Meetings List of participants, issues raised, synopsis of presentations made (where applicable), follow-up actions 2 days after each meeting 3 days after receipt
Monthly Monitoring and Progress Reports Status of implementation of each project versus plan; with relevant explanation for variance / variations  Risks identification and recommended risk management strategie 1 week after the end of each month 5 days after receipt
Final Report on PPP Projects Implementation Summary of overall implementation of the PPP projects including issues, challenges and lessons learned 1 month before end of contract 2 weeks after receipt

The reports must be written in English. The Supervising Entity is the Ministry of Health. The Director at the Technical Coordination & Program Management Office of the Permanent Secretary at MoH will be the designated representative of the Supervising Entity and is responsible for approving contractual reports and making recommendations for payment. All reports should be copied to the Manager at DBJ PPP and Privatization Department.

The Planning Institute of Jamaica is the Contracting Authority and is responsible for final approval of any contractual amendments and payment requests.


All day to day operations and communication regarding the implementation of activities under the contract will be handled by the Supervising Entity – the Ministry of Health.

Office accommodation The Consultant will be accommodated at the Ministry of Health’s head office in Kingston.

(a) Services, facilities and property to be made available to the Consultant by the MoH: office space, internet, telephone, fax, ground transportation to carry out the assignment.

(b) Professional and support counterpart personnel to be assigned by the MoH to the Consultant’s team: local administrative support to assist with scheduling meetings and other logistics locally.


Interested persons may apply in writing, accompanied by resumes. Applications must be submitted no later than Tuesday, January 15, 2019 to:

Human Resource Management & Development
Ministry of Health
10A Chelsea Avenue
Kingston 10

Please note that responses will be sent to short- listed applicants only.