Terms of Reference – Business Analyst

Consultant Business Analyst to strengthen the management of health information and design the mechanism for integration of all health related data sources in a Central Health Repository


1.1 The Ministry of Health and Wellness (MOHW) has direct responsibility for the Health and Wellness of the Jamaica people. In carrying out this mandate the Ministry utilizes several databases to collect highly confidential patient information which is used to guide policy, programmatic interventions, track performance and decision making. However, these systems are in various formats and locations and do not interface centrally, which does not allow for easy analysis and validation.


1.2 A robust Central Health Repository can enable an effective Monitoring System which

has the potential to improve the quality and efficiency of health service delivery and

eventually reduce healthcare expenditure. With increasing resources being allocated

to the prevention and treatment of high burden diseases, there is a critical need to

determine whether policies and programmes are in fact effective and progress is

being made towards achieving the goals and outcomes that have been set

according to the Ministry of Health & Wellness’s Strategic Plan for 2019-2023,

Vision 2030 Jamaica: National Development Plan and the health-related Sustainable

Development Goals.


The Vision 2030 Plan, together with the Strategic Project Plan of the Public Sector Transformation Unit (PSTU) of the Cabinet Office of Jamaica, highlights the importance of the public sector embracing Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in their strategic operations and services to the public.


1.3 The management of health information includes: identification, collection, organization, storage, protection, access, dissemination, analysis and interpretation of health data regardless of format. Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) can robustly support these processes, which have the potential to improve health information management.


The Health Metrics Network of the World Health Organization had established a framework and standards as part of a roadmap for strengthening country Health Information Systems (HIS). In keeping with this recommended pathway, and supported by the local PAHO Office, the MOHW undertook an Assessment of the NHIS in July 2011.


The findings revealed that major areas of weakness were those involving data management as well as the Health Information System (HIS) resources. The latter refers to the application of ICTs, the policy and legislative frameworks, and the human and financial resources.


Subsequently, the findings of the Assessment were used together with other information to develop a national strategy during 2012-2013. In January 2015, the National Health Information System Strengthening (NHIS) and E-Health Strategic Plan 2014-2018 gained Cabinet approval for implementation and extra-budgetary funding.


1.4 The MOHW therefore seeks to recruit the services of a consultant to review and

recommend mechanisms for strengthening health information management and

develop the high level requirements for the integration of all the health related

databases into a Central Health Data Repository.



The general objective of the consultancy is to recommend mechanisms for

strengthening of health information management and integration of all health

related databases within a Central Health Repository for the Ministry of Health &

Wellness by the fiscal year 2022/2023. Specifically, the consultancy will provide a

comprehensive assessment of the existing data management mechanisms and

provide recommendations for strengthening the data and information cycle. The

plan should be prepared with the relevant annexes that are required for approval of

the said documents.






Type of Consultancy: Local, Individual
Duration: 60 days
Place of work: Jamaica and place of residence
Qualifications: –        University degree (Bachelors and/or Masters) in Management Information Systems, Business Analysis or any other equivalent Business development related qualification.

–        Experience in Business Process Improvement, Elicitation and “Strong analytical skills.

–        Certification/Qualification/Training in developing user requirements will be an asset.

–        In-depth understanding of the organization and management of public and private institutions and NGOs, with a focus on information systems, operations management and data management.

–        Strong motivation, excellent team player and result-oriented.

–        Excellent presentation, communication and IT skills.

        Fluency in the English language (written and verbal) is required.  





  –         Prepare consultancy work plan

–        Meet with stakeholders to elicit the needs and current proceeds and the road map to addressing these needs.

–        Elicit, evaluate and document health indicator data reporting and visualization requirements.

–        Examine Health indicator data tools and the system in which they operate, and outline all requirements for integration and any needed reconfiguration.

–        Gap Analysis Report detailing the MOHW’s health indicator data tools and the current database functionalities against the desired integrated state.

–        Develop before and after (improved) process flow diagrams illustrating the procedures.

–        Develop the required high level Specifications for the implementation of the central data repository (monitoring system) and recommend accompanying human and other resources specifications and structure.

–         Prepare Technical Report detailing requirements specifications for Central Data Repository (Monitoring System) inclusive of human resource and infrastructure plan.





  It is expected that this consultancy will provide a comprehensive document that will

form the basis for integration of all health related databases into a Central Health

Repository and Monitoring System. The final report shall cover requirements for

integration and any needed reconfiguration, including a needs assessment and gap

analysis. A draft report shall be submitted 20 days before the end of the

consultancy for review by MOHW team.







The Consultant will report to the Principal Medical Officer, National Epidemiologist, who will have the overall responsibility for ensuring the quality and timeliness of the output of the contract.  Technical inputs and oversight will also be provided by a specialized Committee (including PAHO) that will oversee the work of the consultant and provide protocol guidance. The team will comprise representatives from the following Units/Department of the MOHW and partners:


–        Permanent Secretary’s Office [1]

–        Chief Medical officer’s Office [1]

–        Systems, Information and Technology Unit (SITU) [1]

–        Policy, Planning and Development (PPD) [1], particularly, Health Records Unit [1] and Planning and Evaluation Branch [1]

–        Principal Medical Officer, National Epidemiologist

–        Medical Epidemiologist, Communicable Diseases

–        Health Informatics [1]

–        Director, Health Status Unit [1]

–        RGD [1]

–        STATIN [1]





Payments by Ministry of Health and Wellness are delivery-based. Any deliverable not meeting the required specifications will have to be reworked and resubmitted at no additional cost to Ministry of Health and Wellness. The proposed payment schedule for this assignment is monthly payment upon submission of progress reports on completed tasks, outlined against planned outputs. Based on the report and satisfactory performance, payments will be certified by the supervisor.
6.1 Payment  Schedule
  ·         20% on submission and acceptance of comprehensive work plan.

·         30% on submission of Gap Analysis Report- MOHW.

·         50 % on submission and acceptance of final technical report detailing requirements specifications for Central Data Repository (Monitoring System)

inclusive of human resource and infrastructure plan.

























7.0 Evaluation Criteria:


Evaluation will be calculated as follows; Cost Score Weighting =

  Proposals will be evaluated on the basis of :
  Evaluation Criteria Points Max. Score Actual Score
  Academic & Professional Qualification   30  
  University degree (Bachelors and/or masters) in Management Information Systems, business analysis or any other equivalent business development related qualification.

Certification /Qualification/Training in developing user requirements will be an asset.





  Specific Experience   20  
  Experience in business process improvement and elicitation.

Evidence of in-depth understanding of the organization and management of public and private institution and NGOs with a focus on information systems, operations management and data management








  Adequacy for the assignment   20  
        Adequacy of the proposed methodology and work

      plan responding to the Terms of Reference



       Implementation Methodology       20  20  
       Cost = LT X C


      10  10  
       Total     100 100  

Candidate must attain a minimum mark of 70 to be considered