Terms of Reference – Construction Site Superintendent/Site Manager




The Ministry of Health has received a loan from the Inter-American Development Bank to support the Health Systems Strengthening for the Prevention & Care Management of Non- Communicable Diseases (NCD) Programme.

The programme objective is to improve the health of Jamaica’s population by strengthening comprehensive policies for the prevention of Non-Communicable (Chronic) Diseases (NCDs) risk factors and improved access to an upgraded and integrated primary and secondary health network in prioritized areas with an emphasis on chronic disease management, that provide more efficient and higher quality care.

This is a hybrid programme with a policy-based operation – a programmatic policy-based loan series (PBP) and an investment loan that will invest in the physical infrastructure and equipment of Jamaica’s health sector.

The Policy-Based Loan will look at policies that will consolidate regulatory measures to address the preventable causes of NCDs and to reorient health systems to address prevention and control of NCDs through a people-centred primary health chronic care model.

The Investment Loan, in turn, will finance activities to consolidate integrated health networks and improve the management, quality and efficiency of health services.  The Policy Based Loan will benefit the Jamaican population at-large, while the Investment Loan will have approximately 800,000 potential direct beneficiaries who reside in the catchment areas of the health services networks that will receive investments.

The Investment Programme being implemented by the Ministry of Health (MOH) has two (2) major components and an allocation to support programme administration and evaluation:

two (2) components and an allocation to support programme administration and evaluation:


Component 1 – Organization and consolidation of integrated health services networks

This component will finance the purchase of medical equipment and the improvement of infrastructure for primary health care services in the catchment areas of three priority hospitals to increase their capacity in health promotion and disease prevention, especially regarding chronic, non-communicable diseases.

The investments will focus on strengthening the diagnostic and screening capability as well as the clinical and resolute capacity of health clinics.

This Component will further finance the upgrading and or expansion of three (3) hospitals selected on criteria relating to strategic role in the national hospital network, supply-demand gap analyses, and physical needs assessment. The hospitals will benefit from infrastructure upgrading and or expansion as well as modernization. 


Sub-Component 1.1 – Strengthening Primary Care

1.1       The purpose of this subcomponent is to increase the physical capacity for service provision at the primary care level in three (3) priority geographical areas. Approximately ten (10) health centres have been identified to receive investments in medical equipment and infrastructure refurbishment and expansion. The subcomponent will finance: (I) the preparation of building designs for the construction of new infrastructure on the sites of existing facilities (three centres), expansion of existing structures (four centres), and refurbishing (three centres); (ii) the physical works required for infrastructure improvement; (iii) the purchase of medical equipment including essential diagnostic and treatment items for NCDs, such as sphygmomanometers, electrocardiogram machines, pulse oximeters, defibrillators, computerized chemistry machines, etc.); (iv) engineering services for construction supervision; and (v) corrective and preventive maintenance of medical equipment.


Sub-Component 1.2 – Increasing the Capacity and Efficiency of Hospital Services

This subcomponent will address urgent needs to enhance patient safety and services in three (3) hospitals whose catchment areas contain the health centres identified in subcomponent

1.1. financing from this subcomponent will be allocated to:

(i)        the building and engineering designs for the infrastructure improvement and expansion;

(ii)       the construction in three hospitals according to contracted plans and designs;

(iii)      the purchase of medical equipment to raise clinical capacity to partially account for existing demand;

(iv)      the purchase of imaging equipment, including computerized tomography machines;

(v)       purchase of industrial style laundry machines;

(vi)      construction supervision services; and

(viI)     the design and implementation of a corrective and preventive equipment maintenance programme.


Component 2 – Improvement of Management, Quality and Efficiency of Health Services

This component will provide technical assistance to design and implement the Chronic Care Model (CCM) in the participating health services networks; to review and develop care pathways and protocols; and to prepare change management, continuous quality improvement and social media marketing for behaviour change strategies. It will also finance the implementation of the fourth Jamaica Health and Lifestyle Survey. This component will further support:

(i)        the creation of a strong foundation for a digital health ecosystem, including the        adoption of standards for interoperability, system architecture, updated governance        structure, and other key elements;

(ii)       the design and implementation of a sustainable Electronic Health Record (EHR)       platform focusing on digitalization of key processes within the improved CCM; and

(iii)      the strengthening of telehealth/telemedicine/telementoring capacity to include        chronic care management, and the establishment of norms and processes for its institutionalization.

(iii)      the strengthening of telehealth/telemedicine capacity through the expansion of the ECHO model, the inclusion of chronic care in the platform, and the establishment of norms and processes for its institutionalization.


Programme Administration and Evaluation

This allocation will support the MOH in terms of strengthening its institutional capacity for project implementation. It will finance, inter alia, the consultants of the Project Execution Unit (PEU), specialized technical services, independent auditing, as well as surveys and studies regarding the implementation of the programme and evaluation of its impact. The PEU is structured to provide additional capability in the areas of project management, procurement, financial management, infrastructure upgrading, medical equipment specification, and health information technology. Technical and fiduciary staff from the MOH will work closely with the PEU specialists so that the MOH benefits from knowledge transfer and capacity strengthening.



In keeping with Component 1 “Organization and consolidation of integrated health services    networks’’, the Programme aims to improve health services delivery in three (3) hospitals and ten (10) Health centres namely:


1)        Spanish Town Hospital
2)        St. Ann’s Bay Hospital
3)        May Pen Hospital


Health Centres:

4)        St Jago Park
5)        Old Harbour
6)        Greater Portmore
7)        St Ann’s Bay
8)        Ocho Rios
9)        Brown’s Town
10)      Chapelton
11)      May Pen, Main Street
12)      May Pen West
13)      Mocho


The present work area in health centres and/or hospitals is sometimes inadequate to meet   the needs of the population and/or Ministry of health plans especially in regards to NCDs and consequently the project will be upgrading, expanding and renovating the health facilities.

The main objective of the TOR is to engage highly experienced and relevant consultants who will be able to fill the position of Construction Site Superintendent/Site Manager on each of three parishes slated for future upgrade/expansion works by the MOHW PEU under the HSSP project. 



The Consultant selected will be solely responsible for the project site to which assigned and the scope of work will include:


3.1   Operational Management

  • Assist in managing daily activities on site along with MOHW PEU and Contractor and respective sub-contractors and relative consultants
  • Adhere and ensure that works are done in accordance to design specifications with respect to the Government of Jamaica Municipal Corporations regulations, (IBC) International Building Code (2009), (JBS) Jamaica Bureau of Standards and other relative local and international standards.
  • Assist in material staging, handling and storage
  • Assist in managing all the security related concerns to the project and ensure the safety of all (personnel, equipment and material) resources on site
  • Provide assistance with technical management of construction related personnel and serves as liaison to the MOHW, MOHW consultants in the PEU Civil Engineer and Project Manager’s absence.
  • Act as liaison between local interest and projects stakeholders
  • Facilitate and coordinate inspections with (NEPA) National Environmental and Planning Agency and other local municipal authorities.
  • Prepare, coordinate, and facilitate site visits for all internal and external stakeholders such as MOHW PEU, MOHW, IDB, and other Government of Jamaica officials and notable visitors
  • Assist in obtaining any and all applicable permits to allow for smooth project implementation.
  • Confirm receipt of inventory and segregate all materials in accordance with procurement documents (e.g. purchase orders)
  • Assist in the verification of RFI’s, quotations, invoices, receipts, change orders, variations, certificate of payments for contractor and submit to PEU Civil Engineer and Project Manager for processing and approval.
  • Inspect all work and ensure compliance in accordance with quality assurance and quality control plans/procedures as required by design details and specifications
  • Identify and communicate all discrepancies, problems or issues to the PEU Civil Engineer and Project Manager
  • Assist with estimating, scope of work, planning and all activities needed for a timely and cost-efficient project completion
  • Represent the MOHW PEU at meetings as required by PEU Civil Engineer or Project Manager.
  • Assist in leading and coordinating daily and weekly tailgates (site meetings) including safety talks with MOHW PEU Environmental Health and Safety Specialist and contractor team while ensuring operators and certified trades match their assigned construction activities
  • Redline drawings, specifications and other supporting design documents during construction and submit findings, issues
  • Maintain (1) set of complete, up-to-date drawings, including RFIs, etc., on jobsite for MOHW-PEU Project Manager/Civil Engineer to use at architect/client meetings.



3.2    Reporting

  • To perform detailed monthly reports for submission to MOHW PEU as stipulated by the MOHW PEU Civil Engineer and Project Manager.
  • Document and journal all meetings with proper minutes as specified by PEU,
  • Document and journal all construction activities with photos and videos, with detailed documentation of problems or issues
  • Maintain daily log of activities and resources (equipment, personnel, etc.), daily weather conditions
  • Perform other duties as determined by the PEU Civil Engineer or Project Manager.


Key Task and Responsibilities

  • Oversee all daily field operations to ensure proper site safety, construction, progress, quality control, housekeeping, and record daily log of all activities;
  • Provide guidance, leadership and direct supervision of site staff, including site supervisors, security team and other construction related personnel;
  • Updating of schedule, including assisting weekly preparation of 3-4-week look ahead;
  • Ensure assigned MOHW job site operations are in compliance with design/specifications, completion on schedule, within budget and to quality standards;
  • Demonstrate and maintain effective and open dialogue with the project team regarding changes in work, job conditions, contractor/subcontractor relations and any deviation in the direction of the project;
  • Work in partnership with project management team and the project stakeholders to maintain an updated and accurate project schedule that reflects the changes in project status.
  • Assist in conducting and attending weekly meetings, including PEU MOHW and contractor meetings;
  • Collect and assist in verification of RFI’s, and all other projects transmittals submittals, documents for review and approval
  • Continuously promote positive relations by dealing professionally and fairly with all project stakeholders
  • Inspect and oversee the activities of the contractor for safety regulation compliance and completion of their contractual requirements
  • Supervise receipt of supplies and all other onsite labor for safety, quality, accuracy, and workmanship via Site Supervisor/Clerk of Works
  • Prepare and communicate RFIs with PEU Civil Engineer and Project Manager
  • Maintain and review punch list process to ensure all are addressed and executed in a timely manner;
  • Manage close out process and warranty responses with PEU Civil Engineer and Project Manager


  1. Reporting/ Supervision

The Construction Site Superintendent/Site Manager will be supervised by the MOHW PEU Civil Construction Specialist /Engineer and will frequently liaise with:

Internally: All relevant members of staff of the MOHW as indicated by the Project Manager (Permanent Secretary, Administration, Procurement, Financial and Technical Officers)

Externally: IDB team and Funding Agencies representatives, Technical Officers, Contractors, Consultants, Suppliers, External Auditors, Representatives of the various beneficiary ministries and agencies.


  1. Implementation Arrangement s/ Opportunity Summary

6.1       The Consultancy Services will be implemented for a period of (2) two years with the possibility for extension or where otherwise determined under the relevant clause of the contract.

6.2       The MOH and PEU will provide physical space and necessary tools for the development and execution of the consultant’s activities.

6.3       The contract’s amount will be distributed in (24) twenty-four monthly payments that will be dependent on satisfactory implementation of activities and delivery of required products, as agreed between the MOH/PEU and the consultant.

6.4       The Ministry of Health through the PEU will be the executing agency and main recipient  for the Consultancy Services with the Project offices as focal point in implementing the services.      

6.5       Coordination meetings will be conducted between the PEU/Ministry of Health and the Consultant for the duration of the project, as may be needed.

6.6       The PEU Civil Engineer/Construction Specialist and Project Manager will provide the Consultant with the necessary documents/support to enable the performance of the activities.


  1. Cost of Consultancy Services

7.1 The contract for this consultancy is a fixed price contract, inclusive of professional fees; taxes and expenses  

7.3       Incidental expenses – which would include costs for investigations and processing,

support personnel/staff and other out-of-pocket expenses (e.g., supplies and materials, equipment, transportation/fuel, communication and coordination meetings shall be borne by the PEU


  1. Reporting/Deliverables and Payment Schedule


1.0 24 Status reports on the consultant’s above mentioned activities. Monthly No later than 5 calendar days after the end of the reporting month Civil Engineer/Construction Specialist / PM
2.0 Detailed Site Report on all activities conducted as above mentioned on related Health Facilities As required As required   Civil Engineer/Construction Specialist / PM
3.0 Reports as requested by the PEU and the Bank concerning the project’s progress. As required As required  Civil Engineer/Construction Specialist / PM


 8.2       The deliverables shall be submitted by the Consultant in two (2) hard copies and electronic/soft copy in Microsoft Word    Software or PDF to the

PEU/Ministry of Health for review. 


  1. Qualifications of Consultant
  • College Diploma/Certificate in Construction or Project Management
  • 30-Hour OSHA Construction Safety and Health Certification preferred


  1. Experience and Competencies
  • At least five years of relevant experience as a Superintendent, preferably in interior/ ground up, commercial / healthcare related projects
  • Must have a proven record of managing complex projects in occupied spaces
  • Capable of managing/coordinating multiple quick turnaround projects simultaneously
  • Demonstrate proficiency in reading and understanding commercial construction plans and specifications
  • Experience using Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel), Microsoft Project, Estimating and quantity take-off, Autodesk AutoCAD version 2010 and newer
  • Knowledge of public safety and security issues and regulations
  • Strong understanding and expression of written and verbal English
  • Driver’s license in good standing,
  • Own a reliable motor vehicle
  • Knowledge in construction methods, practices, schedules, logistics and budgets
  • Adept knowledge of civil, architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical works



Support for the Health Systems Strengthening for the Prevention and Care Management of Non-Communicable Diseases Programme

Loan No: JA-L1049

The Government of Jamaica has received financing from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) towards the cost of the Support for the Health Systems Strengthening for the Prevention and Care Management of Non- Communicable Diseases Programme and intends to apply part of the proceeds for the selection of three (3) Construction Site Superintendent/Site Managers.



The Consultants selected will be solely responsible for the project site to which assigned in three parishes (St Catherine, St Ann and Clarendon) slated for future upgrade/expansion works by the Ministry of Health and Wellness Project Executing Unit under the Health System Support Project. All contracts duration are for two (2) years.



  • College Diploma/Certificate in Construction or Project Management
  • 30-Hour OSHA Construction Safety and Health Certification preferred

The Ministry of Health and Wellness now invites eligible individuals to indicate their interest in providing the Services.

The attention of interested Consultants is drawn to 1.9 of the IDB`s: Policies for the Selection and Contracting of Consultants financed by the Inter-American Development Bank GN-2350-9, March 2011, setting forth the IDB`s policy on conflict of interest. The Consultant will be selected under the Selection of Individual Consultants method set out in the IDB`s Policies.

Expressions of interest in the form of an application letter and Curriculum Vitae must be delivered to the address below (in person, or by mail, or by fax, or by e-mail) by Wednesday, November 20, 2019.


The detailed Terms of Reference is available on the website of the Ministry of Health and Wellness at www.moh.gov.jm.

The Procurement Management Specialist
Support for the Health Systems Strengthening for the Prevention and Care
Management of Non-Communicable Diseases Programme
Ministry of Health and Wellness
IBM Building 3rd Floor,
229-231 Knutsford Boulevard,
Kingston 5, Jamaica W.I
Tel: (876) 633-7934
Website: moh.gov.jm

We thank all applicants; however, please note only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.