TERMS OF REFERENCE FOR Architect-Led Team of Consultants for Design and Supervision (Pre & Post) Services of a 100 Bed Neuro Psychiatric Hospital (Bellevue Hospital Re-Use Master Plan) at 16 ½ Windward Road, Kingston 2





The Bellevue Hospital has been mandated by the Ministry of Health and Wellness (MOH&W) and its Board of Directors to be downsized into a new modern 100 bed Neuro Psychiatric Facility and Emergency Room with an emphasis on rehabilitative services and teaching at the property located at 16 ½ Windward Road, Kingston 2. As a part of the revised mandate all old structures are to be reviewed and recommendations made for the usefulness of those buildings.


  • PROJECT Background

2.1. The Bellevue Hospital has been in operation for over 100 years, providing different levels of psychiatric inpatient and outpatient care. Over the years it has been evolving from the old archaic style of buildings however there needs to be additional adjustments to meet international best practices and to address other human rights issues. The MOH&W has given a mandate to downsize the current structure into a smaller acute hospital. In so doing, it has been agreed that the current acute wards could be renovated and some improvements made to meet this objective. Changes would need to be done to the roofs, internal structures, and communal areas. Improvements will be required to address the outdated electrical and plumbing systems that currently exists.




The objective of the consultancy is to provide design and supervisory services that will facilitate the completion of a new 100 bed Neuro Psychiatric Facility. The consultants will provide additional expertise to supplement the Resident Technical Team and provide institutional strengthening. The Consultant/Firm will supervise and carry out the overall responsibility for the quality of work and performance of all sub-consultants and contractors and their services; and, define the process and costing to achieve the infrastructural upgrading of the property towards the successful Project completion. The Consultant/Firm shall perform project management duties, provide updates on the current situation for expansion works, and propose a way forward for the construction phases of these facilities.


The Overall objectives to be achieved by the consultants are to:

  • Redevelop Master Plan for the Property to aid in the subdivision of the property;
  • Provide Architectural and Infrastructural design services;
  • Design development to complement the architectural vernacular of a modern building;
  • Provide Engineering and Quantity Surveying services;
  • Obtain all permits and licenses, including environmental permit;
  • Carry out other specialized fields and services, eg. Structured cabling, telecommunication, etc.
  • Provide post Supervision and Project Management services for the construction phase. The Project Management team is to include but not limited to; a Clerk of Works, Civil/Structural Engineer, Quantity Surveyor, MEP.

The designs must be compliant with the relevant national building codes and practices of Jamaica for natural disasters, as well as meet required compliance to other by-laws as well as compliance with other MOH&W, World Health Organisation (WHO) and Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) guidelines. Thereafter, the foregoing would put the Bellevue Hospital in a position to immediately go to market for the Implementation Phase.


Characteristics/REQUIREMENTS of the Contract/CONSULTANCY

Type of Contract: Consulting Services (Pre & Post)

Start-up Date, Length and Duration:

Start-up date: FOUR (4) days, from the date of signing each of the contracts.

Length/Duration: EIGHTEEN (18) months total Pre/Post contract services

  • Pre-Contract: Six (6) months
  • Post-Contract: Twelve (12) months


Place of Work: 16 ½ Windward road, Kingston


4.1. This Consultancy is to provide Bellevue Hospital with a Multi-discipline service of Key Experts that must include ALL the following as the core team members to be eligible:


Core Team Members: 100%

  1. Lead Designer/Architectural (Team Lead)
  2. Civil/Structural Engineer
  3. Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing (MEP) Engineer
  4. Quantity Surveyor

 Consultant/Firm’s Relevant Experience: 100%

    • The Consultant/Firm must submit the company profile and relevant experience to support the criteria below inclusive of a list of projects completed in the last SEVEN (7) years.
  • For each listed project, the consultant/firm needs to state roles and responsibilities, project location, owner and size.
  • The Consultant/Firm must have completed a least One (1) Medical Facility and One (1) projects of similar value within the last fifteen (15) years.


  • Qualification and Experience of CORE TEAM: Eligibility requires score over 70%


The Lead Designer/Architect (Team Leader) shall be qualified in Architectural Design and Design Development with the competence and experience to undertake the assignment. In particular, the Lead Consultant should have:

  • At least a BSc in Architecture; [20%]
  • Current Registration/Membership with ARB in Jamaica; [40%]
  • At least SEVEN (7) years’ cumulative and progressing working Experience, and Construction Monitoring and Project Management; 7 years or more [20%] (5-6 years [15%]), (1-4 years [5%])
  • Completed (design & implemented) Architectural services at least THREE (3) Similar projects within the past 10 years. 3 or more [20%] (2 Similar [15%], (1 Similar [5%])

              Total: 100%


Responsibilities: The Team Leader will be responsible for all deliverables and in particular:

  • Meeting the project objectives
  • Setting Project Priorities
  • Preparing and updating project schedules
  • Revising baselines to meet milestones
  • Preparing accurate progress reports


Civil/Structural Engineer

  • At least a BSc in in the field; [20%]
  • Current Registration/Membership with PERB in Jamaica; [40%]
  • At least SEVEN (7) years’ working experience, and in Construction Monitoring and Project Management; 7 or more [20%] (5-6 years [15%]), (1-4 years [5%])
  • Completed (design & implemented) Civil/Structural services at least THREE (3) Similar projects within the past 10 years. 3 or more [20%] (2 Similar [15%], (1 Similar [5%])

            Total: 100%

 Electrical/Mechanical/Plumbing (MEP) Engineer

  • At least a BSc in the field or Equivalent; [20%]
  • Current Registration/Membership with PERB in Jamaica; [40%]
  • At least SEVEN (7) years’ working experience, and in Construction Monitoring and Project Management; 7 or more [20%] (5-6 years [15%]), (1-4 years [5%])
  • Completed (design & implemented) Electrical/Mechanical/Plumbing Services at least THREE (3) similar projects within the past 10 years. 3 or more [20%] (2 Similar [15%], (1 Similar [5%])

           Total: 100%

 Quantity Surveyor

  • At least a BSc in the field or Equivalent; [20%]
  • Current Registration / Membership with JIQS in Jamaica; [40%]
  • At least SEVEN (7) years’ working experience, and in Construction Monitoring;

7 or more [20%] (5-6 years [15%]), (1-4 years [5%])

  • Completed (design & implemented) Quantity Surveyor services at least THREE (3) Similar projects within the past 7 years. 3 or more [20%] (2 Similar [15%], (1 Similar [5%])

          Total: 100%



Other Professionals support services deem necessary may include, but not limited to a Hydraulics/Hydrology Engineer.


Project Scope for Design & Supervision Services (Pre & Post)


5.1. The Consultant/Firm is required to:


  • Provide professional services to design the infrastructure and building plans for the BVH, located on Windward road, Kingston and to guide the process through Pre and Post Contract Phases;
  • Coordinate and carry out he overall responsibility for the quality of work and performance of all secondary and specialist design sub-consultants for the effective provision of their services and the integration of project towards the successful project completion;
  • Take responsibility of the preparation/modification and review of a complete set of architectural/engineering drawings, consisting of the following:

The scope of Services will generally involve some or all of the following items and activities

listed below but it is not intended to be exhaustive:


  1. Architectural Designs
  2. Structural/Civil Engineering Services to include infrastructural works
  • Quantity Surveying and Cost Management
  1. Mechanical Engineering
  2. Electrical Engineering
  3. Fire Detection and Alarm System
  • Water Harvesting
  • Water Storage Systems and Facilities
  1. Conduct Hydrology, Hydraulic and Soil Investigation studies (if required)
  2. Project Management Services.
  3. Application and obtainment of all permits and Licenses
  • Other specialized fields and services as required. E.g. structured cabling and telecommunications.
  • Design the development of a facility that will complement the architectural vernacular of a modern building.
  • Supervision of the construction activities using the approved designs
  • Demonstrate the methodology preferred in carrying out the said works considering time, cost [both design consultancy and supervision of construction activities] and compliance as two major assessment strategies;
  • Coordinate and have overall responsibility for the quality, work and performance of all secondary and specialist sub-consultants and for the effective integration of all project outputs;
  • Ensure that the operations of the facilities will meet the needs of the prospective clients who will occupy the completed new space;
  • Ensure that all proposed works (sketch design proposals) must be submitted to the MOHW/BVH for approval prior to detail documentation phase. The MOHW/BVH has the right to add scope or reduce scope to meet the requirements and standard of Health Facilities.


5.2. The Consultant/Firm must ensure that the following objectives are also met:

  • All works to meet the respective Local Authority Standards and Guidelines and all facilities [buildings] on site are clearly demarcated and serviced.
  • All works should provide for a low-maintenance, environmentally-friendly and efficient
    design, to allow for reduced operational and maintenance costs.


  • The Consultant will be accountable for the deliverables of items as listed below;

5.3. Pre-Contract Services,                                                                                                          

5.4. Post-Contract Service,

5.5. Supervision of Construction Works and

6.0. Expected Outcomes on pages 7 – 10 of the ToR.


  • Provide leadership and direction, make decisions after consulting all relevant
    stakeholders and within the ambits of Government machinery, to steer the progress
    and delivery of the project;
  • Set priorities, allocate and commit resources to the project appropriately;
  • To ensure the most cost-effective measures are chosen and return-for-dollar-value, with
    transparency observed at all times;
  • Provide monthly reports, progressive detail drawings, cost Plans and
    project financial reports to MOHW/BVH.


5.3 Pre- Contract Services


This preliminary phase includes, but not limited to, most of the following work items and activities:

  1. Establish conceptual design to guide the development of the Master Plan.
  2. Prepare preliminary designs
  3. Develop and confirm the Floor Area, fittings and services based on the client’s requirements and then review with the client.
  4. Prepare Detail Architectural Designs.
  5. Prepare Detail Civil/Structural Designs (Building and Infrastructure).
  6. Prepare detail MEP Designs.
  7. Assist in the preparation of the Tender Document for the Works, to include Specifications, detailed Bills of Quantities, etc., to enable the BVH to go to market.
  8. Act as “The Engineer” defined in the GOJ Standard Bidding Document (SBD) for Works, Part 3 – Conditions of Contract (CC), Section V1 – General Conditions (GC).
  9. Develop detailed working drawings.
  10. Provide Terms of Reference for the Construction tender document.
  11. Obtain all permits and licences pertaining to the project such as Environment Permit/Licenses and for Building approval on behalf of the BVH.


The MOHW/BVH will provide the items listed below in the Pre-Contract stage at the time for submission for all Permits and Licenses:


  • Updated Surveyor’s ID Report
  • Land Title and
  • Land Tax Certificate


The direct fees obtain for all Permits and Licenses will be paid directly to the relevant statutory local authorities by the MOHW/BVH.

Develop Project Schedule, which shall be mutually agreed with the MOHW/BVH.


5.4 Post – Contract Services

  1. The Consultants shall work directly with the MOHW’s Projects Unit and its partners.
  2. Prepare and present Working Drawings.
  3. Inspection report of materials and equipment delivered to work sites and obtain test data as required in confirming the suitability of materials and equipment should be made available to MOHW/BVH on request.
  4. Consultant shall provide Project Management Services and Act as the Project manager for the life of the Project.
  5. Manage and coordinate all engineering activities related to the project.
  6. Produce reports that shall contain information on progress achieved, findings identified, and recommendations.
  7. Ensure that all necessary preparatory work is done to facilitate the Works, including onsite provisions for contractor.
  8. Develop an Environmental Management Plan.
  9. Develop a Communication Management Plan.
  10. Ensure contractor’s workplace Health and Safety Plan and Environmental protection measures and follow instructions if improvement in compliance is necessary.
  11. Monitor actual progress with the Work Programme and advise the client in advance of any development that could delay Project completion.
  12. Maintain a record of the progress of works and the results of inspection and tests and keep the client update. Record daily progress and submit on a monthly basis.
  13. Inspection report of materials and equipment delivered to work sites and obtain test data as required in confirming the suitability of materials and equipment should be made available to MOHW/BVH on request.
  14. Observe and monitor testing of all Services e.g. mechanical, electrical and telecommunication including ensuring the receipt of commissioning Reports for the same.
  15. Ensure Quality Assurance of the Works.
  16. Submit bi-weekly and monthly progress reports.
  17. Conduct Monthly site meetings.
  18. Shop Drawings, if necessary.
  19. The Consultants shall be accountable directly to the MOHW/BVH.
  20. Prepare as built drawings.
  21. Prepare and issue ‘Defects List’.
  22. Review and endorse all Payment certificates.
  23. Assess and approve all aspect of the Works.
  24. Hand over completed project to Client.


5.5 Supervision of Construction Works

  1. Act as “The Engineer” according to the GOJ Standard Bidding Document (SBD) for Works, Part 3 – Conditions of Contract (CC), Section V1 – General Conditions (GC).:
  2. Contracts management and supervision of construction works and advice the Employer on all matters pertaining to the contracts and disputes.
  3. Develop a comprehensive system of inspection checking and recording to ensure compliance of all works with the specifications.
  4. Provide day-to-day supervision and inspection of works on site; to include the maintenance of a site diary, covering all contractors’ activities and site conditions.
  5. Conduct monthly site visit with the MOHW/BVH staff representative.
  6. Monitor the Contractor’s performance in respect to the works schedules.
  7. Manage Contractor’s claims, variation orders, including making recommendations to the Employer on all claims, work or expenses or similar matters.
  8. Assess and certify payment certificates and practical completion all the works.
  9. Ensure that Construction is in accordance with all licenses and permits, in line with NEPA regulations.


6.0 Expected Outputs


The firm shall ensure that the following targets and documents are submitted in a timely manner (including documents not listed but may be reasonably considered important):


  1. Preliminary investigations and design reports including an outline Design Report detailing parameters, proposed layout and inclusive of all engineering and associated works including, soil test report and Fit-Out works (if required).
  2. Submit final design proposal with approximate cost and programme with a PowerPoint presentations and appropriate documentation.
  3. Submit complete sets of detailed working drawings, relevant schedules, specifications for construction and Project Implementation programme reviewed by the MOHW/BVH and shall form part of the contract.
  4. Submit detailed Work Programme with an outline of Professional supervision and project management services until Project completion and commissioning.
  5. Produce monthly Physical and Financial Progress Reports and with the milestones achieved and an assessment of actuals against goals.
  6. Submit Risk management plan forecasting delays with recommended actions and remedial work to mitigate against these delays.
  7. All associated works and services required for a complete and functional   project.
  8. Provide all necessary Licence and Permits.



Pre – Contract Phase

  • Master Plan of the Bellevue Hospital to show the proposed subdivision of land


7.2. Detailed design drawings for the proposed Development at Bellevue Hospital.

  • Detailed design drawings for the building structures.
  • Detailed designs of infrastructural needs, i.e.
  • Storm water drainage;
  • Waste water disposal;
  • Parking, to address container access & parking;
  • Road network
  • Drainage system
  • Water harvesting system
  • Fire suppressions systems
  • Water and Electrical meter distribution housing
  • Electrical pole line designs and layouts including street lighting
  • Communication and data network systems
  • Solid waste disposal system
  • Hydrology, Hydraulic and Soil Test Investigation Reports (if Required)
  • Concept and Detailed Designs of all Entrances and exits.
  • Concept and detailed designs of Perimeter Fencing.
  • Presentation of the 3D images and video animation for the overall development.
  • Obtain all Permits and Licenses including Environmental Permits/Licenses and Building
  • Produce Gantt Charts in Microsoft Projects reflecting the proposed Work Schedule of the Project Deliverables for concurrence and approval from MOHW/BVH.
  • Produce Tender Document to include Specifications, Detailed Bill of Quantities, drawings, etc.


All Designs/Working Drawings MUST meet the minimum requirements of the Regulatory and Stakeholder Agencies and be awarded APPROVALS accordingly – before execution of Project.



  1. All reports and minutes are to be submitted as follows: 3 copies to the Employer (MOHW/BVH).
  2. All reports are also to be submitted electronically, as email attachments in pdf format.
  3. All reports shall be issued in English on or before the 25th of each month.
  1. Inception Report; to be submitted no later than 4 weeks after contract commencement; the report shall include review of the concept design and recommendation for design development, all necessary testing and equipment lists;
  2. The Preliminary Design Report taking into consideration Building Energy Management to reduce the recurrent costs and all the necessary tests results to develop the designs no later than 2 months after the contract commencement;
  3. The Detail Design Report should include technical requirements for works, detailed BoQ and estimated costs, works schedules and disbursement planned should be submitted no later than 2 months after receiving the Preliminary Design approval;
  4. Bidding documents for works of the Bellevue Hospital development including all necessary drawings for the bidding documents, Bills of Quantities (BoQs) with specifications and detailed cost estimates for each facility no later than 3 weeks after the approval of the detail design report;
  5. Pre-bid meetings documentation for works;
  6. Technical and Financial Evaluation methodology for works for the Evaluation Committee;


Supervision reports:

  1. Daily record book of Contractors’ works
  2. Weekly minutes of meetings with the Contractor, and MOHW/BVH
  • Monthly reports, including verification and measurement of works performed, verification of Contractors’ claims (advance payment, interim monthly claims, works completion claim and final payments)
  1. Verification of the Contractor’s Environmental, Safety and other required Management Plans required by MOHW/BVH
  2. Reports on provisional acceptance of works performed and verification of suppliers’ invoices; list of defects that shall be corrected during the defects liability period
  3. Report on works performed, and problems occurred during the defect liability period
  • Verification of as-build drawings and all equipment installation fittings
  • Reports on Final Acceptance of Works and Equipment and related services; Verification of Contractors’ final invoices
  1. Project Completion Report and a Benefit Monitoring and Evaluation Report



   Management Activities – Specific Tasks

Architectural and Engineering Design

  1. Review and update the concept design developed for Bellevue Hospital; adapt the design to the local conditions of the selected site;
  2. Perform all necessary test (soil, water, power supplies, sewages, etc.) to prepare the facilities design;
  3. Develop preliminary design for all facilities that includes the technical requirement, list of equipment, etc and draft of the technical specifications, preliminary estimates;
  4. Develop detailed architectural and engineering design for construction works (detailed architectural and engineering drawings, including Interior elevations and sections, ready for construction taking into account the equipment and furniture installation, the sustainability and the needs for energy supply and savings, water supply, rain water harvesting and sanitations and all associated infrastructure works;
  5. Elaborate Bills of Quantities (BoQ) for civil works with cost estimates and submit for approval the detailed design and BOQ;
  6. Develop the works and disbursement schedules;
  7. Prepare Bidding Documents for the procurement of works;
  8. Support the MOWH/BVH with the pre-bidding meetings, the answers to bidders’ requests of clarifications, bid (technical and financial) evaluations, preparing the required report, the contracts negotiations and contract preparation.


 Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing Engineer – MEP

A reputable and a registered professional MEP engineer will be required to review existing challenges (sub-surface drainage & sewerage systems) and make recommendation to resolve. The MEP engineer will also be required to look at existing business operation, building equipment and services and incorporate energy saving and efficient measures into MEP designs. The MEP engineer will also design building services appropriate to the function of the business and architectural layout. The MEP engineer will prepare detailed designs for the areas outlined above in accordance with project requirements. The MEP engineer will also prepare scope and tender documents and evaluate tenders relating to MEP work.


The Scope of Engagement includes, but not limited to:

  1. Pole Line Design
  2. Design/detail and Stamp the proposed MEP Designs for the overall development and obtain the requisite Regulatory Approvals
  3. Sizing of Transformers, for the proposed development at Bellevue Hospital
  4. Design and detail all electrical layouts for proposed buildings. Including the location and sizing of panels
  5. Design Solar (Photovoltaic system) and or Wind Turbine System
  6. Stand-by Generator(s) Zone wide readiness
  7. Design and detail Fire Suppression Systems – (Size the Pipes and Electrical Pumping Systems to the respective Buildings Zone wide
  8. Design and detail fire template drawings for approvals
  9. Preparation of circuit diagram drawings
  10. Preparation of Electrical Bill of Quantities
  11. Provide Electrical and Lighting
  12. Air Conditioning
  13. Plumbing (Supply and Drainage Disposal)
  14. Access Control
  15. Voice and Data
  16. CCTV
  17. Fire Signal and Alarm
  18. Provide Costing for MEP Proposal
  19. Generator Plinths Design and Schematic diagram
  20. Meter Centre housing
  21. Plumbing Layout designs
  22. Potable Water storage and pumping system
  23. Wastewater and storm water plumbing and disposal system
  24. Rain Water Harvesting system


Post – Contract Services


The Construction Contract phase will include but not limited to the following:

The Architectural, Engineering and Quantity services required are as follows:

  • Administering the contract for Construction and Infrastructure works. The estimated contract period is 6 months Pre-Contract phase and 12 months Post-Contract phase.
  • Preparation of monthly progress reports on or before the 25th date of each month for the current month. Reports should include, but not limited to:
    1. Project updates – (i) overall % complete, % time expired in relation to agreed work schedule and expenditure, site visits made and key observations (ii) Status of work and activities completed for the month;
    2. Cash flow projections for the next six (6) months;
    3. Estimated completion costs (inclusive of variations, re-measurements & fluctuations);
    4. Percentage completion of the main elements of the works (Planned Actual);
    5. Current and anticipated problems and recommended solutions;
    6. Variations and site instructions issued during the reporting period;
    7. Assessment of Liquated Damages due (where applicable);
    8. Assessment of the anticipated final cost of the works;
    9. Assessment of and provide response for Request for Information & Claims submitted by the contractor (inclusive of (i) date of request, (ii) date Information was provided / determination made).


  • To organize, manage and chair fortnightly site meetings and prepare Minutes of the Meeting or as otherwise agreed with the MOHW/BVH.
  • To attend one (1) project meeting with the Client at least once per month (excluding the Site Meetings).
  • To make site visits at least fortnightly or more as required, to:
  • Ensure that the works are executed in accordance with the design specifications and sound engineering
  • Chair technical review meetings with the Contractor, MOHW/BVH’s Resident Engineers, as required.
  • A list of all the engineering test and expected results necessary must be presented to the MOHW/BVH and the contractor, before the start date of the
  • To ensure that the required tests (in accordance with the design specifications) are conducted on the related sections of the Works, to evaluate the results, and to ensure that the related instructions are issued to the contractor and copied to the MOWH/BVH within reasonable time to facilitate the progress of the Copies of all test results and the evaluation must be sent to the MOHW/BVH.
  • To assess,  respond  to  and  make  a  determination  on  the  contractor’s  claims  (including extension of time) within the time specified in the Construction
  • To prepare and submit a set of scaled record (as-built) drawings of the works within one (2) month of practical
  • To issue variations orders as is The Engineer must obtain approval from the MOHW/BVH before issuing variation orders.
  • To carryout inspection (s) to determine the date of practical completion and issue practical completion certificate (s) as required under the construction
  • To monitor the works identified on the defects list issued at Practical Completion and advice the MOWH/BVH when these works have been
  • To issue the relevant notice to the Contractor if they fail to remedy defects in the stipulated time
  • Preparing recommendations for interim payments for the contractor
  • Preparing periodic assessments of the anticipated final cost of works and report
  • Measuring the  works  and  adjusting  for  variations  in  accordance  with  the  terms  of  the
  • See to the keeping of records to assist in the determination of delays and liquidated
  • Maintaining proper accounting during the execution of the
  • Checking and verifying the quantities claimed by the main and/or
  • Ensuring value for money is expended on related
  • Preparing and certifying the final accounts for the Final accounts are to be prepared 3 months after practical completion or otherwise agreed with the MOHW/BVH.
  • To assess Liquidated Damages to be charged for non-completion of the works (where applicable).
  • To prepare the Dispute Resolution Board (DAB) Terms of Reference contract and assist with the selection of an
  • To represent the MOHW/BVH on technical issues at meetings of the DAB as well as provide the requested information and position on matters
  • To take all steps necessary (including meetings / site visits / submission of documents / responding to agency queries) for the handover of the works to the respective Statutory Agencies, in keeping with their required Note that the related Items in the Financial Proposal will be released until the handover takes place unless otherwise stated in the Consultancy Contract or otherwise agreed with the MOHW/BVH.
  • To ensure that all electrical and mechanical materials/equipment that are to be incorporated in the works are tested, commissioned and are acceptable at practical completion and handover to the statutory
  • To deliver to the MOHW/BVH any records or manuals that may be necessary for the operation and maintenance of the areas of the infrastructure for which the Engineer is responsible.
  • To do all such things that are sufficient and necessary to achieve the objective of the Architectural & Engineering designs and to close out the construction
  • The Architect is one of the agents of MOHW/BVH, in the area of infrastructure & building designs and construction supervision, and as such has the authority to stop the works, reject materials, work, workmanship, and labour whenever such stoppage or rejection may be necessary to ensure the proper execution of the construction
  • The following are the Quantity Surveyor’s responsibilities, who is a member of the Architect’s team (procured by the Architect) working under the direction of the Architect:
  1. Checking and  verifying  the  quantities  claimed  by  the  main  and/or  sub- contractor(s).
  2. Review variations and price/cost new works
  3. Preparing interim and final valuations
  4. Preparing certificates recommending payment to the Architect for approval
  5. Preparing monthly cost
  6. Preparing and recommending the final accounts of the works to the Architect for Final Accounts is to be prepared three (3) months after practical completion or otherwise agreed with the MOHW/BVH.
  7. Or any other assigned by the Architect in order to achieve the objective of the



The Architect (Team Lead) is to give notice to the MOHW/BVH (in writing) if their services are being impeded or delayed by the approval of the issuing of a variation order. In giving the notice the Architect shall inform the MOHW/BVH of the probable effects on their services.


8.0 Design Criteria/Standards & Requirements



The Project shall be designed and constructed in accordance with the current relevant standards, the National building codes of Jamaica and good engineering practice.



Drawings and Specifications


The various Consultants of the firm’s team will produce all drawings for reproduction at a minimum 11” x 17” size for Reports and presentation only. All Construction Working Drawings are to be 24” x 36”. For Contract signing, 11” x 17” format is sufficient but ensure that reduction in scale does not renders the drawings illegible.



 If Standard Specifications are used for Contract documentation they should be thoroughly reviewed and amended to suit the specific requirements of the Project and the physical, social, economic and political environment: and



Firm to prepare As-Built Drawings of the completed works through consultation with the MOHW/BVH and all sub-contractors.


On completion of the various phases of the works at the points of submission to the respective Statutory and Regulatory Agencies, the Consultant shall give to the MOHW/BVH HARD and SOFT COPIES of the submitted drawings in AutoCAD Format of ALL the Works to include Architectural Designs, Civil/Structural Engineering, Electro-mechanical Engineering and Quantity Surveying of the Works up to that stage.




The Consultant/Firm is expected to sign a non-disclosure agreement.


In accordance with the requirements of GCC 21.1 and GCC 27.1 of the RFP-tender document, the “Consultant/Firm shall hold the procuring entity’s interests paramount, without any consideration for future work, and strictly avoid conflict with other assignments or their own corporate interests” and  “Unless otherwise indicated in the SCC, all reports and relevant data and information such as maps, diagrams, plans, databases, other documents and software, supporting records or material compiled or prepared by the Consultant/Firm for the procuring entity in the course of the consulting services shall be confidential and become and remain the absolute property of the procuring entity. The Consultant/Firm shall, not later than upon termination or expiration of this contract, deliver all such documents to the procuring entity, together with a detailed inventory thereof. The Consultant/Firm may retain a copy of such documents, data and/or software but shall not use the same for purposes unrelated to this contract without prior written approval of the procuring entity”.


10.0 Professional Indemnity


The firm is to indemnify the MOHW/BVH against all proceedings, claims, demands, liabilities and expenses of any nature brought on or alleged against the Ministry arising directly from the negligence or bad faith of the firm, its employees or / and any of the other sub-consultants.


11.0 Special Conditions and Requirements


The form of contract proposed to be used for the firm selected for the Project will be drafted. The MOHW/BVH will prepare the necessary amendments to the General Conditions of contract to adapt it to suit the Project and Firms’ needs in the context of this project.


The legal agreements with all sub-consultants are to be made between the firm and the particular sub-consultant providing any part of the service.


The firm is notified that all works are subject to reviews.


12.0 Project Procurement Methodology


The BVH through the assistance of the Projects Department MOHW intends to engage the firm to take the lead role in preparing detailed assessment, scoping, documentation, monitoring, project completion and as developing the design, architectural design, construction drawings and construction of the project to a point that it is satisfied that it adequately describes its requirements and up to the construction and expiration of the defects liability period (6 months). Presently it is intended that the documentation is completed in its entirety in a Contract direct with the BVH/MOHW.


13.0 Expenses & Disbursements


The firm is to provide with its submission, a proposed schedule of visits/inspections to the project site as per the appended list. Any required inspections and the like shall also be considered. The firm shall also advise of any periods in which they propose to maintain a full time resource on site.

The proposed schedule of inspections shall be included in the Firms Design & Supervision Agreement and will form the basis for expenses and disbursements.


            All other expenses and disbursements, including but not limited to the cost of phone calls, facsimile messages, printing, photocopying and travel shall be included in the firms’ schedule of quantities and prices. Acquittals for such expenses must be provided to the MOHW/BVH. The costs for reimbursable expenses such as traveling supplies photocopying, subsistence and all other costs incidental to the provision of service shall be included in all prices quoted herein. The individual item cost must include GCT and be included in the Form of Tender, unless otherwise agreed.


N o Types of Reimbursable Expenses  Units  Unit Cost  Quantity  J$
1 Traveling  Per Km      
2 Printing on vellum  Per Sheet      
3 Blue Prints  Per Sheet      
4 Letter/Legal paper  Per Sheet      
5 Ledger paper  Per Sheet      
6 Document Binding  Doc      
7 Courier  Trip      
8 Accommodation Cost  Per Night per Person      
9 laboratory Test, Soil Test, etc.  Per Sample      
   10 3D Images & Video Animation  Provisional Sum      



14.0 JOINT VENTURE Partnership


For any Joint Venture (JV) under an existing agreement or with the intent to enter into such agreement supported by a Letter of Intent.


In the case of the successful firm, further details of the proposed arrangements will be required at the point of entering into the Design & Supervision Contract. This will likely include evidence of “back to back” agreements between the individual entities.


N.B: All prospective bidders are required to read and follow the requirements of a Joint Venture Agreement when submitting under a Joint Venture Partnership found in the tender document “Instructions to Consultant (ITC)”, Section I, ITC 6.2.


15.0 Insurances & Professional Indemnity


The firm shall provide the following;


  • Not Applicable


16.0 Work SCHEDULE

The successful Consultant/Firm shall be required to submit a detailed Work Programme within seven [7] days from the date of the award of the Contract.


The Work Programme must be submitted in Microsoft Project Format showing all tasks and activities and Critical Path and hard copies.


17.0 Project Constraints


Constraints on the Project include but are not limited to:


  • Project Schedule – this shall be challenging and firm must allow for last minute changes and additional requests


  • Project Budget – GoJ funded Project, therefore GoJ regulations applies. All costs, variations etc. should be properly approved by the procuring entity before instructions are acted on.


  • Safe working processes to comply with current regulations within the site for personnel, equipment and practices will be enforced.


18.0 Project Schedule, fees and payments


The following are indicative milestones for each of the listed project Components of review, design, documentation, pre-construction and construction preliminary assessment needs to be filled by the firm. Depending on the number of resources a particular firm has assigned towards this project, the firm can submit an alternative work programme to suit the resources and project on hand.


Item Phase/Activity

to be completed

Approximate   Critical Notes/    
    Duration   Comments    
1.0 Site Assessment, Design         6   By Firm  
  Documentation, Approvals          
2.0 Construction Phase/Project          


  Must commence  
  Management              construction by: TBC  
3.0 Total Duration for Project 24 months        




                Defect Liability





Supervision Services and Deliverables (~ 12 Months + 6 months claims/defects period)


Project Management & Supervision Services will include but not limited to the 

  1. Finalize Architectural / Engineering Designs for the Development
  2. Submit for all permits and approvals
  3. Contract Administration
  • Hosting of site meetings monthly
  • Preparation of progress and evaluation claims.
  1. Daily site inspections
  2. Financial Appraisal with the QS/MOHW Project Team
  3. Commissioning and Handover (schedules, warranty & manuals)
  4. Issuance of practical completion certificate.
  5. Record Drawings (As built drawings)


19.0 SUBMISSION Requirements


Firm Structure & Organisation, Project Appreciation


Provide number of Personnel working in your firm and personnel proposed to work on this project with attached CV. Detail your understanding of the Project and the particular key issues and constraints associated with the Project. Provide particular comments regarding the Project programme and cost constraints.


Proposed Design Rationale and Methodology, Relevant Company Experience

Outline the Design rationale and methodology to address any issues or constraints. Indicate any value adding that your firm will bring to the Project. Given the time constraints for the preparation of submissions, bullet points will be acceptable, together with key examples of cost and time control tools used on similar projects.


Outline your firm’s relevant Project experience, with particular reference to ability to execute multiple projects or similar and in addition heritage listed buildings. Post Construction maintenance and operational cost for facilities reflect future cost savings on periodic maintenance and operational cost and give opportunity for growth in provisions of academic or physical activity provisions, hence ability towards innovative design would be an advantage.



The Consultant shall provide MOHW/BVH with the Original PLUS three (3) hard copies of each report, and in digital format as doc file, Excel and PDF File etc. and drawings as DWG. and PDF file to the MOHW/BVH via emails parhams@moh.gov.jm and mgraham@bellevuehospital.org.jm.  


  1. Reports should be presented in electronic and hard copy format as doc
  2. Drawings should be presented on a compact disc (s) as file.
  3. Hard copy format of drawings submitted must be stamped and signed by the relevant Professionals with their professional Drawing must also include the date and purpose of each issue.
  4. Additional drawings, if required/requested, must be issued at the same time as the variation
  1. The MOHW/BVH will issue a final report on the performance of the consultant, either as excellent, good, satisfactory, weak or inadequate.
  1. All data, maps, photographs used to prepare the report and plans must be submitted in electronic and hardcopy format.




Project Monitoring: Ministry of Health and Wellness will provide oversight of the services, and will in conjunction with the said Consultants evaluate the adequacy and results of the services performed. Notwithstanding the foregoing; the said Firm SHALL be held liable for their respective consultants and works.


Additionally, the Firm will be required to submit the expected deliverables to the MOHW/BVH and will conduct a closeout meeting with same.


Schedule: The Architect lead firm shall provide a schedule of all the activities to be undertaken. The schedule should include a statement on the assumptions for the procurement of any materials or services that are outside the amount of the Architect.

Settlement of Disputes: Any dispute or difference arising out of the Terms of Reference will be referred to mediation of a person to be agreed upon between the MOHW/BVH and the Consultant. If the parties fail to agree on a Mediator one shall be appointed by the Dispute Resolution Foundation of Jamaica. In the event of a failure to arrive at an amicable settlement, either party may refer the dispute or difference to the Courts of Law in Jamaica for settlement.



  1. The consultants must maintain records of all related expenses and Records must be made available to MOHW/BVH at the end of each month.
  2. The Architect is to include in his fees, the cost of attending all meetings with the MOHW/BVH and/or on behalf of the MOHW/BVH Thus there will be no additional cost to attend
  3. The MOHW/BVH shall respond to queries (referred in writing) by the consultant within 5 working days or otherwise agreed upon In the case of preliminary reports, the MOHW/BVH shall give our decisions/ comments in writing so as not to delay the Engineering Services and within responsible time. Any delays caused by the MOHW/BVH are not for the Consultants account.
  4. The MOHW/BVH shall provide information and communicate decisions on matters referred (in writing) by the Consultant within 5 working days or otherwise agreed so as not to delay the





Payment shall be made according with the following schedule:


Deliverables % of Contract Price
PRE-CONTRACT PHASE: 70% of Total Cost.
Design Consultancy Services  
Inception  to include an Understanding of the Assignment and Gantt Chart to reflect Execution  Schedule and Mile Stones etc. 15%
Preliminary Designs / Interim Working Drawings 25%
Final  Designs / Final Working Drawings/ approved drawings and specifications / Schedules, etc. 30%
Supervision Services  
Services includes, but not limited to:

  1. Monitoring of on-going Construction Works
  2. Verification & Certification of Claims submitted by the Contractor
  3. Preparation of Certification of Payments
  4. Assessment & Supervision of Design Alteration/Modification resulting from change in scope (if any)
30% of Total Payment.