Terms of Reference for the Engagement of Private General Practitioners for the Provision of Service to Conduct Medical Examination of Persons to be Appointed in the Public Service


The Health Services Planning and Integration Branch reviews the medical examinations of approximately 600 persons employed to Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) who are to be appointed to the public sector. The MOHW also provides the medical examinations of approximately 90% of these persons who are from the MDAs located in the corporate area. There is now the need to recruit medical practitioners to carry out this activity.

The MOHW is therefore inviting interested Private General Practitioners:

·       to conduct medical examinations of these workers according to the attached process map

·       to participate in for a fixed fee to be paid by the MOHW;

·       to be engaged in the project for a period of two (2) years.


Eligibility Requirements
The Private General Practitioner must satisfy the following requirements:

·       Full and up-to-date registration with the Medical Council of Jamaica (MCJ);

·       Possess a valid Tax Registration Number (TRN);

·       A valid Tax Compliance Certificate (TCC) or valid Tax Compliance Letter (TCL);

·       Possess the requisite medical malpractice insurance or other relevant insurance coverage;

·       Provide registration particulars for the support personnel/staff members within their practice, from a Regulatory body under the Ministry of Health and Wellness.






·       Experience: The General Practitioner(s) must have a minimum of at least three (3) years’ experience in providing the services being proposed and the support personnel/staff members should have a minimum of at least two (2) years’ experience in providing care to patients;

·       Education: Additional Certification in Family Medicine, Cardiology or Endocrinology would be an asset;

In the case of General Practitioners operating as part of Medical Centres, they must meet the abovementioned requirements and qualifications individually.


Payments shall be made according to the following:

·       General Practitioner will be paid J$4,000.00 per patient visit and no additional cost to patients;

·       The General Practitioner will receive payments weekly via electronic bank transfers from the MOHW;

·       Submission of Invoice with the name of each patient to be made on a monthly basis for payment to be processed.


The General Practitioner shall maintain medical records, test results, and other documents that may be required by the MOHW as evidence of the Services provided. The MOHW may delay payments to the Service Provider if such documentation is not maintained and provided on request in order to validate payments.




Please note, if selected the following requirements shall be met:

·       Must be willing to accept a Service Fee of J$4,000.00 per patient visit;

·       Must have access to internet services;

·       Must be willing to receive payment weekly by electronic bank transfer;

·       Must have a comfortable waiting area compliant with the MOHW’s Infection Prevention and Control Recommendations for Employers: Interim Guidance for COVID-19 and for additional resources, visit:





Expression of interest in the form of a letter inclusive of proposed location(s) for services and supporting documentation for each medical practitioner and the practice (annual Medical Council of Jamaica practicing certificate, TRN and TCC, medical malpractice insurance certificate and other certificate of relevant insurance coverage, evidence of registration of support staff) may be submitted electronically to Melonie McPherson (mcphersonm@moh.gov.jm) and shall be addressed to and labeled as follows


The Director Health Services Planning and integration

Ministry of Health and Wellness

RKA Building

10-16 Grenada Way, Kingston