Terms of Reference Project Manager – Enhancing Health Services Delivery Project

Timely access to quality and affordable health services is critical for achieving Universal Access to Health and the health-related Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  It is also an important benchmark for a sustainable and robust health system.

As the premier health care provider in Jamaica, the Ministry of Health and Wellness has embarked on a project designed to improve access to some critical services provided at public health facilities. This initiative builds on previous efforts to reduce wait time for services and is envisioned will result in shorter wait time for admissions as well as shorter hospital stays. The initiative is also set to reaffirm government’s commitment to the Abolition of User Fees in public health facilities.

Entitled “Enhancing Health Care Delivery Project”, the project will focus primarily on three (3) key areas negatively impacting the health sector’s ability to respond timely to the health care needs of the population. The areas of focus are: (i) diagnostic radiology services (ii) elective surgeries and (iii) removal of social cases from hospitals.  

In recognition of its resource constraints and inability to meet the growing demand for diagnostic services, the Ministry will outsource the following imaging services in the short term: CT scan, MRI, ultrasound, Angiography, Endoscopy and Hispathology. Patients will be referred to an approved list of private imaging service providers and all costs for outsourced services will be borne by the Government of Jamaica.

Through formal arrangements with private health facilities, the Ministry will under the project seek to increase the number of elective surgeries conducted by making use of underutilized private operating theatres. This intervention is expected to reduce the long waiting list for these procedures and contribute to the overall improved health status of many Jamaicans.

Also under the project, the Ministry will enter into formal arrangements with select nursing homes and infirmaries for the transfer of patients who have overstayed their time in public hospitals as a result of having no known family or place of residence.  These public-private ventures are in alignment with the Government of Jamaica’s Public-Private Partnership Policy and are also in synergy with the Ten Year Strategic Plan of the Health Sector and Vision 2030 National Development Plan.


2.0 Objectives

The services of a Project Manager will be required to provide technical support to the Ministry of Health & Wellness in the coordination of this project to ensure timely and effective implementation. Responsibilities will involve working closely with Programme Technical Advisor, the Regional Health Authorities (RHAs), private service providers and international development partners to determine and implement appropriate arrangements for the outsourcing and subsequent reintegration of those services that are the primary focus of the project.


The specific objectives of the consultancy will be:

  1. To establish, for a period of two years, formal arrangements with approved private service providers for:
    • the outsourcing of diagnostic imaging services
    • the transfer of social cases to long term care institutions, and
    • the use of private operating theatre for elective surgeries.
  2. To formulate a detailed plan for the upgrade of diagnostic services in the public health sector using a phased approach that takes into consideration provisions for radiology under other national projects. 
  3. To oversee the successful implementation of phase I of diagnostic services upgrade plan, establishing practical arrangements for the continued roll out of activities post project. 
  4. To revise and develop, in collaboration with RHAs and other stakeholders, standard operating protocols/procedures, to support the successful implementation of project and the reintegration of services at the end of the project period.
  5. To provide detailed monthly reports that accurately monitor project activities and budget; analyze issues and forecast trends in service delivery/use.


3.0 Scope of Services

The specific services of the Project Manager shall include, but not limited to the following:

  1. Prepare a detailed work plan to guide project implementation
  2. Develop contracts and Memorandum of Understandings for the engagement of private services providers/partners.
  3. Plan, organize and participate in the transparent tender bidding or request for proposal processes for the selection of private partners and ensure the preparation of the relevant reports.
  4. Participate in transparent and competitive selection of service providers.
  5. Establish and maintain proper professional relationships with relevant partner agencies in the public and private sectors, documenting for MOH’s attention concerns/issues with services contracts/arrangements.
  6. Prepare a detailed plan for the phase upgrade of diagnostic services in the public health sector
  7. Identify and arrange training, as is necessary, for the management of Project during and post-project activities.
  8. Manage and coordinate, in collaboration with the Regional Health Authorities, day-to-day project activities.
  9. Supervise designated project personnel in the RHAs, and ensure effective communication and coordination between the Technical Programme Advisor, the Ministry of Health & Wellness/RHAs and other stakeholders.
  10. Assist in revising and formulating, in collaboration with RHAs and other stakeholders, standard operating protocols/procedures, to support the successful implementation of project and the re-integration of services at the end of the project period
  11. Organize and conduct at least one sensitization session per region for key administrative, technical and managerial health professionals critical to the project implementation.
  12. Track and report on the progress of project implementation as per the work plan, identifying potential risks and making recommendations.
  13. Ensure projects are properly closed out and project documentation completed and stored.


4.0 Methodology

The consultancy should be executed in a spirit of cooperation and inclusiveness. The Project Manager is expected to work in tandem with MOH&W technical team and the Office of the Permanent Secretary throughout all stages of the project. This individual is also expected to.

  • Liaise with Technical Programme Advisor on all matters
  • Work closely with RHAs and private service providers


5.0 Deliverables

# Description
1 Detailed work plan
2 Service contracts for outsourcing of diagnostic services, transfer of social cases to nursing homes/infirmaries and use of private operating theatres.
3 Detailed plan for the upgrade of diagnostic services in the public health sector
4 Revised protocols/procedures for the delivery of diagnostic imaging services
5. Revised protocols/procedures for the management of social cases
6 Revised protocol/procedures for the conducting of elective surgeries
7 Sensitization sessions (one per region) for select administrative, technical and managerial personnel
8 Monthly project reports


6.0. Conditions

  • This consultancy is a full time position with standard hours of work.
  • The Project Manager will be required to occupy a designated office space at MOH&W and make regular field visit as dictated by project activities.
  • Participation and presentation in senior management meetings will be required, for which prior notice will be given.
  • All information obtained during the delivery of this consultancy is the property of the Ministry of Health and requests to use same must be made in writing to the Permanent Secretary.


7.0 Duration

The duration of the contract is twenty-four (24) months. 


8.0 Project Manager’s Profile


The consultant should satisfy the following requirements:

  • Post graduate degree (Masters) in Development Studies, Business Management, Business Administration or other relevant discipline.
  • At least 3 years’ experience working in Public Private Partnerships (PPP) arrangements would be an asset.
  • Certification in Project Management. Preferably PMP Certification would be an asset.
  • At least 3 years’ experience coordinating or managing development projects
  • Working knowledge of Government of Jamaica health regulations and policies
  • Demonstrated experience working with multi-disciplinary teams
  • Excellent communication, facilitation and report writing skills.


9.0 Reporting

The Project Manager will report directly to the Technical Programme Advisor who will be responsible for the review and official approval of the project deliverables. The Technical Programme Advisor will report directly to the Permanent Secretary and the Minister of Health & Wellness regarding all project matters.


10.0 Evaluation Criteria

Applicants will be scored out of a 100 upon the presentation of CV and detailed proposal.  The score will be awarded on the following basis:

Qualification and experience 40%
Technical approach and methodology 30%
Proposal/work plan 30%