Terms of Reference – Project Officer Cornwall Regional Hospital Rehabilitation Project

1.0 Project Background

The Cornwall Regional Hospital (CRH), built in 1974, is located two miles from the centre of Montego Bay, on a hill in Mt. Salem. It is a 10 storey, 400-bed capacity multi-disciplinary institution. The Cornwall Regional Hospital is a Type ‘A’ hospital providing specialist services, and is the only hospital outside of Kingston providing most of the specialist services.

There have also been reports of indoor air quality (IAQ) concerns from the 1st – 4th  floor since 2009 affecting the first floor – Radiotherapy; second floor – Western Regional Health Authority (WRHA), Laboratory and Accounting Department; third floor – Radiology; and the fourth floor — offices of the Senior Medical Officer.



Under the direction of the Project Manager, monitor all stages of the project from planning, implementation, monitoring and control and closure. To ensure compliance and the necessary corrective actions are taken.

  • Play a support role to the Project Manager and Project Administrator
  • Plan and coordinate project objectives including, scheduling, reporting and document control
  •  Ensures works are executed in accordance with all applicable codes, regulations and specifications.
  • Assist the Project manager in the review of bills of quantities
  • Interprets working drawings and technical documentation for accuracy and makes recommendations as necessary
  • Supervision of contractors
  • Observes work in progress to validate procedure being followed and materials being used and maintains information in site diary.
  • Verifies accuracy of dimensions, elevation of instalment, levels and alignments of work in progress
  • Witnesses and records the commissioning and testing of materials and     equipment being used
  • Ensures records of all accidents and incidents in the prescribed format and submission of report to relevant parties
  • Computes monthly estimates of work completed by contractors and ensure that work has been done to the required standard before payments are approved.
  • Ensures sketches of construction installations that deviate from contract drawings are produced and reports such changes for incorporation on as built drawings.
  • Liaises and meets with clients to exchange information pertinent to the optimum execution of the contract
  • Maintains database of all Contractors, Sub-Contractors and Suppliers including the names of their representatives on assigned projects
  • Prepares Progress Reports, including photographic records, to inform management and stakeholders of the current status of each project
  • Maintains records of certificates, variations, claims, meetings and transactions with clients, contractors, suppliers, consultants and any other involved party
  • Carries out other functional responsibilities as are incidental to the foregoing as is delegated from time to time.
  • Complies with all administrative requirements of the Ministry of Health and Wellness
  • Enter assigned construction site to monitor activities
  • Issue site instructions by the Project Manager



This job is satisfactorily performed when:

  • Accurate and comprehensive project scope and bills of Quantities are prepared
  • Drawings / sketches/ constructions details are prepared where necessary to amplify descriptions in Bill of Quantity
  • Reports and documentation are accurate maintained and timely
  • Delays and errors on site due to late information or poor supervision are minimized
  • Works comply with specification
  • Variations are approved before instructions are given
  • All team project members are kept current with relevant information
  • Confidentiality and integrity are maintained



  • All sections must be filled in i.e. date, day, weather, time lost, workforce and category of worker, number, materials and description, etc.
  • Work in progress should state quantitative work accomplished e.g. area, number, volume, etc.
  • Significant weather should be recorded such as rain, duration, and the impact on the work. E.g. disrupt work, ponding of water leaks, etc.,
  • Carbon paper should be used to ensure copy is made in the diary
  • All work including weekend work activities must be recorded; obtain information from site observation of progress since last visit, site staff/supervisor and or contractors time book



  • Knowledge of Jamaican Building and Electrical Codes and or codes of practice for building construction and infrastructure works
  • Knowledge of FIDIC, JCC or (CIC) standard form of contract
  • Knowledge base in structural engineering principles
  • Knowledge of Quantity Surveying Principles
  • Knowledge of GOJ procurement guidelines
  • Project management principles



Bachelor’s Degree in Construction, Civil Engineering or equivalent


Minimum of five (5) years’ experience in the building construction industry

Training in project management would be an asset



  • Ability to interpret construction working drawings and provide sketches where required to guide contractors
  • Ability to undertake building surveys, formulate solutions and produce bills of quantities for remedial works
  • Use of excel software
  • Use of AutoCAD software
  • Ability to supervise contractors
  • Ability to communicate effectively to various levels of project personnel in both oral and written format
  • Good interpersonal skills and ability to work with a team
  • Excellent time management skills



  • Required to work beyond normal working hours where critical construction activities necessitate
  • Exposed to various site conditions
  • Frequent travelling to project sites
  • Frequent deadlines. 


Applications must include the resume of the applicant and must be submitted on or before Monday, March 29, 2021 at 2:00 p.m. Kindly send your application via email to wallaceg@moh.gov.jm and whitekim@moh.gov.jm