Epidemiology Week 5, 2016

Influenza Update

Globally, increasing levels of influenza activity continued to be reported in the temperate zones of the northern hemisphere with influenza A(H1N1)pdm09 as the most detected virus.
 In North America, a slight increase of influenza A(H1N1)pdm09 was reported, but overall levels were still low.
 In tropical countries of the Americas, Central America and the Caribbean, influenza and other respiratory virus activity were
overall at low levels in most countries. Puerto Rico and Guadeloupe reported increased influenza and ILI activities in
recent weeks. In Costa Rica, influenza activity continued at high but decreasing levels.
 National Influenza Centres (NICs) and other national influenza laboratories from 87 countries, areas or territories reported
data to FluNet for the time period from 11 January 2016 to 24 January 2016 (data as of 2016-02-05 04:13:45 UTC).The
WHO GISRS laboratories tested more than 112204 specimens during that time period. 20839 were positive for influenza
viruses, of which 17413 (83.6%) were typed as influenza A and 3428 (16.4%) as influenza B. Of the sub-typed influenza
A viruses, 10873 (81.9%) were influenza A(H1N1)pdm09 and 2405 (18.1%) were influenza A(H3N2). Of the characterized
B viruses, 509 (42.1%) belonged to the B-Yamagata lineage and 700 (57.9%) to the B-Victoria lineage.

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