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Gift/Donation Policy

  • 1.1 The Ministry of Health operates 24 hospitals and over 300 health centres across Jamaica. On an annual basis approximately 3 million patient-visits are made to these public health facilities.
  • 1.2 The main sources of funding to the public health sector are from the Government of Jamaica Consolidated Fund, National Health Fund, private insurance, development partners and to a limited extent, fees for selected services. The public health facilities have also benefitted from generous donations in cash and kind from both local and overseas sources. The Government of Jamaica Public Sector Procurement Procedures (2012) requires that all donations, whether in cash or kind are accounted for in the Ministry’s Estimates of Expenditure.
  • 1.3 The development of the Policy and Procedures Guidelines for Gifts and Donations is in accordance with the following key initiatives and policy directives in the Ministry and the wider Public Sector: –
    • Circular No. 17, dated June 10, 2013: Ministry of Finance and Planning Public Expenditure Policy Co-ordination Division, File No. 107/125 – Guidelines for the Acceptance of and Accounting for Gifts to the Government.
    • Revised Policy and Procedure Guidelines for Gifts and Donations to the – December 28, 2011.
    • The Charitable Organization (Tax Harmonization) (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act, 2013.

Download Ministry of Health Gift Policy Authorization