Human Resource Management and Administration

The Human Resource Management and Administration Division provides strategic oversight and direction for human resource management and administration in the Ministry of Health. The division is responsible for the development and implementation of human resource policies and the establishment and monitoring of standards and best practices to facilitate the development of staff and the enhancement of leadership effectiveness throughout the health sector; as well as, administering functional areas that are concerned with the efficient and cost effective use of resources across the Ministry.

The Division consist of 5 major units namely, the Human Resource Management, General Administration, Documentation Information and Access Services, Systems Information & Technology Unit and Health Facilities Maintenance Unit.

The Human Resource Management Unit is responsible for the development and implementation of the human resource policy, programmmes and services necessary to support the mission of the Ministry of Health. The unit is comprised of:-

  • Human Resource Management & Development
  • Industrial Relations & Staff Welfare Unit
  • Manpower Planning & Development Unit
  • Personnel Unit
    • Leave & Pension


The General Administration Unit Administration oversees the general operations of the Ministry by providing support services through:-

  • Procurement
  • Transport
  • Security
  • Assets, Office and Special Services
  • Estate/Property Management


The Documentation Information and Access Services Unit have responsibility for the administration of the Access to Information Act, the management of the Ministry’s Records and the Library.

The Systems Information & Technology Unit has responsibility for the administration, implementation and provision of IT support to the Ministry of Health. Its main objective/goal is to ensure that the information of the Ministry is secured and the system performs at optimum level.

The Health Facilities Maintenance Unit gives support to other departments within the ministry by providing biomedical and facilities maintenance services and support to the four health regions.