Kingston School of Nursing

Vision Statement

Centre of excellence in education, practice and research that prepares professional midwives to shape a dynamic maternal and child health care environment and serve a diverse community.


Mission Statement

Kingston School of Nursing-Midwifery is committed to equip Midwifery students with the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to practice as a Midwife in a multi-faceted maternal and child health system in the promotion, maintenance and restoration of health, while administering care to individuals, families and the communities in Jamaica facilitated by a competent, highly motivated staff.



General Nurse Training Programme

  • 1894 –    Nurse training began in Jamaica commencing in rural hospitals and were completed at the Kingston Public Hospital
  • 1920 –    Nurse training programme became more organized
  • 1949 –    A three-month preliminary training school was established at Mona. This was a joint effort between Kingston Public Hospital and University Hospital Nursing Schools. This continued until.
  • 1961 –    Kingston Public Hospital Teaching Department School of Nursing (located at Drummond Street), commenced its own preliminary training programme at Warden Court (South Camp Road).
  • 1969 –    The Kingston Public Hospital Nursing School became autonomous and the name was changed to Kingston School of Nursing.
  • 1973 –    The school was relocated to 50 Half Way Tree Road, Kingston 5 (formerly the Hotel Kingston). The building housed both the classrooms and the residence for General Nursing and Basic Midwifery Students.
  • 2007 –    The General Nurse training programme was transferred to the University of Technology (UTech)
  • 2009 –    The final batch of Registered Nurses completed training.


Training Programmes

Apprenticeship:     This was the first programme used with an English bias. After the first three months preliminary training, the students spent most of the time in the clinical area and were trained on the job, i.e. taken into classroom at specific periods, e.g. study and block days.

The Nursing Council’s Qualifying Examination was done at the end of the third year.

2 + 1: In 1973 the 2 + 1 programme was established. This programme consisted of two years theory, with structured clinical practice, supervised by tutors. The Nursing Council’s Qualifying Examination was taken at the end of the second year of training.

During the third year, the students were assigned to the clinical area (supervised by the nursing service staff). This period was monitored by a Senior Tutor of the school. This programme has an American bias.

Newly Designed Curriculum – In 1989 the newly designed curriculum was implemented.  This is the National Curriculum formulated by Nursing Educators from all Schools of Nursing. The Curriculum was first implemented by the Kingston School of Nursing on October 09, 1989 with 71 students. The Curriculum is a modification of the pervious Curriculum. It is a three-year programme with a strong focus on the introduction of pathology.

The students spend all three years under the direct supervision of the faculty members. During this period, theoretical knowledge is gained with demonstrations in the laboratory and practical experience is gained in the relevant clinical agencies.

The Nursing Council’s Qualifying Exam is then taken at the end of the third year, the first Wednesday and Thursday of either October or April as is appropriate.


Regional Nursing Council Examination

The first Wednesday and Thursday of October i.e. October 06 and 07, 1993 marked yet another milestone in Nursing Education as the Regional Nursing Examination became a reality, with students from Kingston School of Nursing, Northern Caribbean University, and EXED Department of Nursing being the first participants.


Midwifery Training Programme

  • 1892 – Midwifery training began in Jamaica at the Victoria Jubilee Hospital.
  • 1919 – Midwifery Law made graduates legally accepted as Registered Midwives.
  • 1932 – Syllabus of training was formulated
  • 1970 – School of Midwifery became autonomous and was placed under the auspices of the Director of the Kingston School of Nursing.
  • 1973 – A temporary Midwifery Training School was established at Spanish Town Hospital and a permanent one at Cornwall Regional Hospital.
  • 1980 – The School at Spanish Town was closed
  • 2005 – The School at Spanish Town was re-opened
  • 2009 – Direct Entry Midwifery training commenced at 50 Half Way Tree Road campus


The Kingston School of Nursing – Midwifery has administrative responsibility for four campuses. These are located at 50 Half Way Tree Road, Victoria Jubilee Hospital, Spanish Town Hospital and the Cornwall Regional Hospital.  The two years Direct Entry Midwifery programme is offered at 50 Half Way Tree Road, Victoria Jubilee Hospital, Spanish Town Hospital and Cornwall School of Nursing. The one year Post Basic Midwifery programme is administered at Victoria Jubilee Hospital and Cornwall School of Nursing.

In July 2018, the Victoria Jubilee Hospital (V.J.H.) campus was relocated to the main campus at 50 Half Way Tree Road at the urgent request of the South East Regional Health Authority under which the V.J.H. operates.