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TERMS OF REFERENCE – Grants Management Consultant National HIV/STI/TB Response


The Ministry of Health and Wellness (MOHW) is the preeminent government organization whose mandate is “To ensure the provision of quality health services and to promote healthy lifestyles and environmental practices”.  The MOHW manages health sector donor-funded projects channelled through the GOJ which includes the funds that support the National HIV Response Programme referred to as the Principal Recipient (PR) under the HIV response contracts implementing stakeholders under the GF grant (Implementation Agreement) UNICEF, UCSF and CTECH.

The National HIV/STI/TB Programme since its inception in 1988 has been mandated to assist the Government in the fight against the HIV/AIDS epidemic.  A National HIV/AIDS Strategic Plan (NISP) for the period 2014-2019 was developed to help curb the spread of the epidemic through increased awareness, targeted interventions, preventative Programmes, and by placing an emphasis on a multi-sectoral approach to slowing the spread of HIV/AIDS.  The current NISP for up to 2030 is under development but the strategies of the 2014 – 2019 plan are generally still relevant.

The HIV/STI/TB Unit is responsible for the National HIV Response and is the MOHW arm entrusted with the management, coordination and monitoring of HIV donor-funded Programmes.  The HIV/STI/TB Unit referred to as the Project Coordinating Unit (PCU) supports the MOHW in its capacity as Principal Recipient (PR) of the Global Fund grant resources, responsible for providing technical support and guidance in Treatment, Care and Support, Grant Management, Prevention Financial Management; EEHR, Procurement and Supply Management, M&E and Administration.  The PCU is also responsible for providing technical support for Treatment Care and Support activities for UCSF and CTECH.  The Unit procures and coordinates the supply and distribution of health products and non-health products which includes ART and test kits for the response and submits reports/updates to the MOF&PS, JCCM, GF, UCSF, CTECH and Planning Institute of Jamaica (PIOJ).  The MOHW-HIV/STI/TB Unit seeks to engage the services of a Grants Management Consultant to support the implementation of the donor funded projects.



The Consultant will be responsible for managing project activities and ensuring that the project is implemented in accordance with Project Proposal Documents, Operations Manual and the Procurement Guidelines of the relevant funding agency and the GOJ. He/She will also be responsible for supervising the process of planning, supervising and guiding the implementation of the Project Work Plan and providing technical support to Sub Recipients (SR), Sub-sub recipients (SSR) and implementing partners (IP), in the execution of project activities. 



Provide oversight for:

  • The effective management and implementation of the project.
  • Monitoring the implementation of work plans for the SRs, SSRs and IPs in accordance with government and relevant funding agency policy.



The Grants Management Consultant will perform a wide range of duties, which include but are not limited to the following:

Management/Administrative Responsibilities

  • Coordinate project activities and ensure that the project is implemented in accordance with the Project Proposal Document, and Project Operational Manual.
  • Work with Program staff to develop and maintain all grant agreements and MOUs pertaining to grant awards
  • Develop and maintain a basic grant-making manual and communicate appropriately with staff concerning policies and procedures and updates.
  • Provide for the purpose of the review of the GOJ and the relevant funding agency, the following documents at the times indicated:
  • Quarterly reports to the Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM) and the implementation progress of the work plans of the PR, SRs, SSRs and IP;
  • Facilitate the preparation of the work plans for all Sub Recipients (SRs), SSRs and IPs; and
  • Annual self-evaluation reports on project issues highlighting the achievements and problems being faced in the stage and recommendation for changes in project scope and activities.


Technical/Professional Responsibilities

  • Ensure adequate reporting and effective information sharing to communicate activities, progress reports, data and other relevant information to Donors, the Local Fund Agents and key stakeholders
  • Liaise with the SMO, PCU, providing the necessary updates on Project progress
  • Obtain from the relevant funding agency all the necessary approvals for work plans and sub-projects;
  • Review project proposals and make recommendations for approval
  • Represent the Project Coordinating Unit in an official capacity, when appropriate
  • Ensure that the project is implemented according to the Operational Manual of the Project Coordination Unit and the Operational Manual of the SRs, SSRs and IP.
  • Liaise with Programme Stakeholders including Principal Recipient (PR) officers and SR, SSR and IP officers so as to ensure timely and accurate information flow at all times.
  • Provide technical guidance for the development of SR, SSR and IP work plans reviewing key strategies, activities, and outputs and ensure that there is integration between the various projects and the stated objectives of the national strategic plan.
  • Monitor the progress of implementation towards the achievement of targets, and outputs with particular attention to the relevance and impact of the activities
  • Conduct periodic reviews of the progress of implementation of SR, SSR and IP work plans and outcomes; identify key challenges, lessons learned and future action and revise workplans accordingly
  • Design and execute sub-grantee monitoring processes, including conducting assessments and site visits, collecting and analyzing data, documenting results, and identifying and discussing implications.
  • Coordinate and establish linkages with the NGO/CBO communities working in the field of HIV and AIDS
  • Provide technical assistance to the SRs, SSRs and IP to improve their capacity to develop and conduct technically-sound interventions for target populations using agreed benchmarks, indicators, and data so as to provide a systematic accountable arrangement to assess the coverage, and appropriateness of activities, in relation to the targeted populations
  • Participate in and guide the preparation, procurement, and execution of Studies and Consultant services;
  • Review of the development of IEC/BCC communications materials developed by the various sub recipients or consultants for technical soundness.
  • Any other duties as assigned in ensuring that the project is implemented in accordance with the project proposal document, operations manual and guidelines of the relevant funding agency.
  • Provide hands on training to grantees as it relates to grant administration,
  • Proactively interpret and assess sub-grantee gaps, provide technical assistance as necessary and surface and address issues.
  • Research various grant management systems and work in collaboration with program, IT, development, and finance staff to implement new system
  • Serve as the primary administrator for the new grant management system and provide the necessary training to staff; write new standard operations procedures as required.



Deliverable Timeline
Work Plans

The Work plan is the operational document for the consultancy and is used to determine the required inputs for the development and delivery of the output of the consultancy.

As such the Work plan must detail:

·         Major task – outlining the area of focus for the consultancy

·         Key Activities – specific activities to be undertaken

·         Performance standards – Time line for the achievement of tasks associated with the consultant deliverables

·         Critical Resources – Resources required to effectively carry out all deliverables

Monthly Report

The Consultant will be required to submit Monthly Progress Reports summarizing: – the progress made during the period (planned vs. – actual targets, etc.) – the proposed activities for the ensuing month, – risks, challenges, gaps, and recommendations for addressing them – adjustments to be made to project plans as required

Annual and Special Reports To be determined based on work plan activities   



  • A Master’s Degree in Business Administration, Business Management, Social Sciences or the equivalent
  • Training in Project Management
  • 3-5 years management experience with public health or social programs, preferably in HIV/AIDS



  • Must have Project Management experience
  • Must have a good understanding of the Multi-Sectoral approach to the HIV/AIDS response and have proven skills in operational and strategic planning and management.
  • Prior working experience in programme management systems development and support and training/facilitation are strongly encouraged
  • Experience with Bilateral and Multilateral Projects for at least two (2) years;
  • Must have a good knowledge of Government procurement regulations;
  • Must have a good experience of Project Planning.



  • Duration : 1 year
  • Type of Assignment: Contract



The procuring entity shall evaluate the CV on the basis of their responsiveness to the TOR applying the evaluation criteria and point system specified as follows:

1)  Qualifications  [30%]

2)  Experience       [40%]

3)  Adequacy for the assignment   [30%]

     Total weight:    100%



The Consultant will report to the Senior Medical Officer, HSTU and provide the following for approval:

  • Monthly Reports
  • Quarterly Workplans
  • Any other reports deemed necessary

The Consultant will also liaise with other Units within the MOHW.


Timeline Percentage Payment Deliverable
June 2023 – May 2024 80% (6.6% per month) Monthly Reports and Quarterly Work plans
As agreed 20% (total for deliverables over the life of the contract) As per deliverable as stipulated and agreed 
  • 80% of contract sum will be paid for monthly reports
  • 20% of contract sum will be paid for specific deliverables