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TERMS OF REFERENCE – Project Administrative Officer (Implementation & Monitoring)

Project Location Jamaica
Title: Project Administrative Assistance
Place of Work Project Management Unit within the Executive Management Office, MOHW
Project Name Project Code Care
Funding Source Government of Jamaica/Ministry of Health and Wellness
Project Duration 15 Months



Since 2020, Jamaica’s Public Health system has utilised many interventions to manage and curtail the impact of COVID-19. A key element of the Pandemic Response Plan is the review and enhancement of the Infection Prevention and Control Measures for health facilities. These enhanced measures included the suspension of elective surgeries which resulted in the reduction of surgeries by 70%.

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020, increased the backlog of elective surgeries. In 2019, there were 77,846 surgical procedures conducted in Jamaica, of this, 11,896 were day-surgeries and 25,871 were considered minor surgical procedures. Since the pandemic, it is estimated that in Jamaica surgeries were being cancelled at a rate approaching 1000 per day (COVIDSurg Collaborative, 2020). Delays in elective surgeries may cause increased infections and adverse patient outcomes.

A preliminary survey of hospital waiting times and the number of patients waiting for surgeries in Jamaica was conducted in March 2022. This, although not comprehensive, found that in excess of 7,000 Jamaicans are currently waiting for operative care. The most common surgeries are for hernia repair and cataracts. 

Although a variety of reasons for the backlog have been identified through survey in addition to the complications from COVID19; it is the limitation of staff (general/specialist/registered nurses) that have posed the greatest risk. This is largely due to migration of healthcare workers (HCWs).



The impact of surgical backlog and prolonged waiting times on patient health outcomes include:

  • Adverse health outcomes;
  • Prolonged pain and discomfort for patients;
  • Impact on patients’ mental wellbeing;
  • Loss of productivity;
  • Overcrowding in preoperative outpatient clinics;
  • Reduction in staff morale;
  • Increase in number of emergency cases as conditions deteriorate;
  • Increase cost for healthcare as emergency cases cost more than elective surgeries.

Although some researchers have found no difference in the waiting time for surgeries among different socio-economic groups in public health systems, persons in the higher income bracket have more options to access healthcare which include treatment through the private sector and medical tourism. (Sutherland JM, 2019). These options are not available to a significant portion of the Jamaican population who falls within the lower income bracket and are reliant on the public health system for health care

To reduce the waiting list for elective surgeries, the Ministry of Health and Wellness has developed a suite of initiatives aimed at reducing the backlog and waiting time for surgical procedures. Project CODE CARE is one of several projects that intends to reduce the backlog of surgeries through the engagement of specialist nurses and support staff from the diaspora in the form of nursing missions to support the nursing cadre on short-term periods of 7 to 14 days.


Project Surgical Targets:

The aim of the project is to complete a minimum of 1000 surgeries in 6 months. Specifically:

600 hernia surgeries

§  200 at KPH

§  200 at STH

§  100 at BCH

§  100 at SPGH

200 Fibroids

§  100 at VJH

§  100 at STH

Abbreviation Key

Kingston Public Hospital (KPH)

Spanish Town Hospital (STH)

Bustamante Children’s Hospital (BCH)

Savanna-La-Mar Public General Hospital (SPGH)

Victoria Jubilee Hospital (VJH)

100 Plastic Surgeries

§  100 at KPH/BCH

100 ENT Surgeries

§  100 at KPH



The overall objective of the project is:

  • To reduce the backlog of surgical cases by 2000 surgeries during the project period

On achieving the project objectives, there will be:

  • Reduced wait time for elective surgeries in hospitals through the increase of service staff
  • Increased number of surgeries conducted over the project period


2.0.      JOB PURPOSE

 The Project Administrative Assistant shall assist in effectively implementing and managing administrative activities. This ensures the timely delivery of PMU Services to the MOHW and implementing agencies. This administrative officer will support the development and maintenance of an effective administrative and reporting environment that facilitates the achievement of the Project’s goals and objectives.


3.0.      SCOPE OF WORKS:

 Administrative Responsibilities

  1. Undertakes administrative duties such as preparing and ensuring receipt and issuance of correspondences for internal and external stakeholders; maintain an efficient filing system; prepare monthly and other periodic reports; draft responses to correspondence as directed; prepare letters, minutes, memoranda, agendas, facsimiles etc.
  2. Attends and assists with coordinating meetings for designated activities to be completed under each component
  3. Assist in administering activities and coordinating administratively the deliverables of consultants
  4. Attends inter-ministry meetings related to issues that affect the implementation of the Project.
  5. Assist in the coordination of Project activities
  6. Support local consultants undertaking assignments related to the respective Component.
  7. Monitor office supplies and replenish stocks as required.
  8. Prepare and log requisition forms for activities, follow through with obtaining approvals and file accordingly.
  9. Assist in coordinating and monitoring other operational activities on the Project.


Other Responsibilities

 Performs other related functions assigned from time to time by the PMU team.


Performance Standards:

  • A high level of professionalism, integrity, diplomacy and initiative is consistently demonstrated
  • Key deliverables are produced within agreed timeframes to required standards.
  • Reports, Correspondences and Progress reports are prepared and submitted in the required format and timeframe.
  • Meeting Minutes are prepared within the standard and the guidelines of the GOJ.



The Officer will be required to deliver:

 Maintain the Administrative Systems of the PMU

  1. Support the Project Manager and Project Administrator in the administrative management of the PMU.
  2. Supports the generation of weekly and ad-hoc administrative reports
  3. Meeting minutes, meeting notes and action items
  4. Secure and maintain hard copy and digital records/files
  5. Monthly Reports


4.1 Monthly Reporting Requirements

  1. Produce a record of number of meetings held with meeting title/objective
  2. Record indicating the number of summaries produced for meetings held/attended (include reference to evidence of work done).
  3. Updated project issues log.
  4. List of monthly submissions of expenditure for products and services along with outstanding balances for payment.
  5. Record indicating the reports due and submitted by project stakeholders
  6. List of important and prioritized activities for the upcoming month as indicated from meetings held and/or by Project Manager.
  7. High level updates to project databases as indicated by Project Administrator
  8. Report on the update of physical files, digitization of files and changes to records management (reported quarterly).
  9. Include tasks completed as a result of additional support as indicated by the Project Manager or Project Administrator.
  10. Report should be produced using template indicated by Project Administrator.



 The Administrative Assistant will work cooperatively and in a spirit of collaboration with the PMU team, and other related stakeholders. The consultant will demonstrate responsibility for the effective execution of job functions and contribute to a positive working relationship and office environment. The Consultant will report directly to the Project Administrator.



Within the MOHW

Contact (Title) Purpose of Communication
All Divisions Collaborate on procurement issues
Finance Unit Collaborate on payment to suppliers


Contacts external to the organisation required for the achievement of the position objectives

Contact (Title) Purpose of Communication
Suppliers Resolve queries
Component Leads Organise meetings, Seek approvals
Implementation Partners Monitor and Update work plan activities


6.1.      Authority to:

  • Request information (status updates etc.) from Project Team Members on behalf of the Project Manager and Project Administrator.


6.2.      Specific Conditions associated with the job:

  • Work is performed in normal office conditions



Selection Method The selection process will be based on the consultants’ qualification (CQS)
Nature Of The Assignment: The assignment is based on an individual services contract arrangement
Level Of Effort: Full-time level of effort, Mondays through Fridays. Some weekend or evening hours may be necessary.
Period Of Contract 15 months
Payment Method Deliverable based contract. Payments will be made in equal monthly instalments based on the delivery of monthly reports and approval by the Project Administrator.
Funding  The Government of Jamaica will provide funding.
Reporting Arrangements The consultant will report to the Project Administrator, Project Code Care
Support The consultant will be required to provide all tools to facilitate the undertaking of the assignment.
Intellectual Property All information obtained during the delivery of this Consultancy is the property of the Ministry of Health and Wellness and requests to use same must be made in writing to the Permanent Secretary
Travel Travel as required under this assignment is authorized and should be included in the bid price.



  • First Degree in Social Sciences or Arts/Humanities, Public Administration, Business Administration or any other related field


Or Training as an Executive Secretary (GOJ Administrative Management Level III or IV). 

  • Two (2) years working experience in general administration


Required Competencies:

The successful candidate will have:

  • Proficiency in Microsoft Applications including Excel, Word and PowerPoint
  • Training in Project Management
  • Excellent ability to communicate, accurately and concisely, both verbally and in writing
  • Strong attention to detail and thoroughness in work product
  • Ability to multitask
  • Ability to work in a team and independently with minimal supervision
  • Ability to establish working relationships
  • Fast learning, resourceful, and excellent computer skills.
  • Ability to work with tight deadlines and deliver exceptional results.
  • Knowledge of the GOJ procurement rules will be an asset.
  • Outstanding organizational/coordination abilities; ability to process and prioritize information and plan effectively.


9.0       Evaluation Methodology


  Must satisfy all requirements YES
Work Experience: Must satisfy all requirements YES
Required Skills and Knowledge: Proficiency in IT (Excel, Word, PowerPoint as a minimum) 20%
Demonstrate an ability to work independently 20%
Training in Project Management 5%
Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships 15%
Demonstrated knowledge of GOJ laws, policies, or procedures 5%
Outstanding organizational/coordination abilities; ability to process and prioritize information and plan effectively 20%
Subtotal 85%
Desired Competencies: Excellent communication skills (verbal/written) 5%
Ability to work with tight deadlines 5%
Strong problem-solving/critical-thinking skills 5%
Subtotal 15%
Candidate must score above 70% to be eligible Overall Total 100%
1.      Candidates must demonstrate that the required experience is clearly stated on the submission of their curriculum vitae  
2.      Candidates must include copies of qualifications and certifications in the submission of their curriculum vitae  
3.      The Ministry of Health and Wellness reserves the right to utilize an interview as part of the evaluation process