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Manager, Strategic Health ICT Infrastructure Implementation (GMG/SEG 3) (Band 9) (Vacant)

 (Salary: $4,594,306.00 per annum)


Under the direction and leadership of the Director, of Strategic Health ICT, the Manager, Strategic Health ICT Infrastructure Implementation manages the strategic delivery of system-wide ICT-enabled projects and applies appropriate levels of governance, relating to reporting, planning, resource allocation, risk and issue management, change and financial control to sustain Health Informatics and digital solutions within the Jamaican healthcare system.



  • ICT Project Management Framework and Strategy researched, created/adapted, and implemented;
  • ICT Project Management Plans and Activities developed, implemented and monitored;
  • ICT Project Resources managed;
  • ICT Project Milestones monitored and evaluated; 
  • Project risk identified and analyzed; 
  • Health Informatics/e-Health/ICT and associated stakeholders engaged;
  • Annual/Quarterly/Monthly performance Reports prepared;
  • Individual work plans developed.



Technical/Professional Responsibilities

  • Researches, creates/adapts, and implements the Project Management Framework and strategy which will enable Information Systems for Health Branch to adopt ICT/digital solutions;
  • Manages and delivers ICT health projects applying appropriate levels of governance;
  • Develops and control projects schedules and planning, using appropriate tools ensuring that all design, build, testing, change control, risk management and implementation activities are appropriately planned and undertaken in accordance with the relevant project management framework;
  • Manages interdependencies between Health Informatics/e-Health projects, ensuring changes are approved through appropriate governance arrangements and that solutions implemented adhere to the approved architectures, security policies, risk appetite and ICT operating model;
  • Manages project scope, risks and issues and ensure delivery methodology, compliance requirements, stage-gate approvals and benefits realization are understood and actively decided upon for all approved Health Informatics/e-Health projects;
  • Estimates project resource levels and oversee resource planning for business cases and approved projects incorporating (but not limited to) internal and contracted business analysts, project managers, developers and testers;
  • Ensures that project sponsors and stakeholders are identified for all projects and management plans applied accordingly that incorporate business engagement, business process change, training, post-implementation feedback and benefits baselining and measurement;
  • Collaborates with the Directors, ICT (Central Corporate Services, MOHW and Regional Health Authorities) in the management of enhancements to existing information and technology assets that support Health Informatics/e-Health solutions;
  • Manages commissioning of new infrastructure as part of Health Informatics/e-Health project deliverables;
  • Assists in transition of Health Informatics/e-Health projects to support including preparing handover documentation and coordinating handover sessions with operations/support;
  • Develops public procurement documentation which clearly set out the business requirements for activities related to Health Informatics/e-Health project deliverables;
  • Expands an awareness to procurement and contract management risks, and devises appropriate actions to mitigate these;
  • Collaborates with Director – ICT (Central Corporate Services, MOHW) in relation to the engagement of vendors and the procurement of services and solutions in accordance with approved strategies, architectures and procurement guidelines and act as the escalation point for vendor related issues;
  • Manages and controls expenditure and activities against budgets in accordance with organisational policies and procedures;
  • Monitors budgets, resource allocation, procurement and capital expenditure across allocated Health Informatics/e-Health projects and budgets;
  • Deploys and manages resources to achieve predetermined project milestones and financial targets;
  • Manages cross-team relationships, information sharing and collaboration by encouraging and creating positive working relationships to facilitate a constructive and productive workplace;
  • Maintains awareness of and ensure application of legislative and standards compliance policies concerning auditing, information access and privacy;
  • Monitors, reviews and analyses external trends, developments and legislation relative to Health Informatics and e-Health projects and adopting appropriate improvement opportunities;
  • Reviews project deliverables for quality and ensures that issues or opportunities for improvement are identified and actioned;
  • Participates in strategic planning activities related to Health Informatics and e-Health policy and strategy development;
  • Manages stakeholder relationships through consultative processes that contribute to effective strategic, corporate and business plans;
  • Works collaboratively with the ICT Change Analyst to integrate change management activities into project plans;
  • Keeps abreast of project management initiatives to ensure adherence to international standards and competitiveness.



  • Master’s Degree in Project Management, Management Information Systems/ICT, Public Sector Management, Business Administration, Management Studies, or related field of Social Science;
  • Certification in Project Management, such as PMP or related credentials;
  • Three (3) years’ experience in Project Management or equivalent environment.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Project Management; Management Information Systems/ICT, Public Sector Management, Business Administration, Management Studies, or related field of Social Science;
  • Certification in Project Management, such as PMP or related credentials;
  • Five (5) years’ experience in Project Management or equivalent environment. 


Applications with résumés are to be submitted no later than Friday, March 8, 2024, to:


Senior Director

Human Resource Management & Development

Ministry of Health & Wellness

10a Chelsea Avenue

Kingston 10

Email: jobs@moh.gov.jm


The Ministry of Health & Wellness thanks all applicants for their interest, but only those shortlisted will be contacted.