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🕔Wednesday May 22, 2019

Health Ministry to spend $1 billion on social cases, reduced waiting time for hospital services

The Ministry of Health and Wellness is to invest a billion dollars into efforts designed to yield a reduction on the waiting time for diagnostic services and specific surgeries in public health facilities. “I am happy to announce that this year, the Government will respond to the long waits for… Read More

🕔Wednesday May 22, 2019

Health Ministry gets new name

The Ministry of Health has a new name – the Ministry of Health and Wellness. The name change reflects the new strategic direction for public health in Jamaica and is in line with the World Health Organisation (WHO) definition of health as “a state of complete physical, mental, and social… Read More

🕔Friday May 10, 2019

May Pen Hospital to Save Millions Annually From New AC System

The project was financed and implemented by the Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica (PCJ) through its Energy Efficiency and Conservation Programme, which finances investments in energy efficiency and energy conservation measures in the public sector.  The multifaceted intervention involved the installation of a modern, energy efficient cooling system which utilises a… Read More

Emergency/Disaster Tips

🕔Tuesday May 16, 2017

Safety Tips After Flood Rains

Do not go outside unnecessarily. Wear water boots or closed shoes when going outdoors. Wear gloves when clearing debris or handling of dirty water. If you get a puncture wound, a nail stick or a cut, seek medical attention immediately. Do not allow children to play in the floodwater or… Read More

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