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🕔Tuesday November 26, 2019

MOHW & KSAMC in Fast Track Kingston Partnership

The Ministry of Health and Wellness, on Monday, November 25, signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Kingston and St. Andrew Municipal Corporation (KSAMC) solidifying the Fast Track City Plus Programme. The Fast Track Cities initiative is a global partnership between cities and municipalities around the world and four core partners –… Read More

🕔Tuesday November 26, 2019

Treat the Flu as a serious health matter – MOHW

The Ministry of Health & Wellness is advising members of the public that we are in the Influenza ‘flu’ Season and is reiterating that the flu is to be taken seriously, as it can lead to pneumonia and blood infections, and can cause severe symptoms including diarrhoea and seizures in… Read More

🕔Friday November 22, 2019

National Health Research Conference celebrates 10th Anniversary

The National Health Research Conference this year celebrated 10 years and is the main forum organized by the Ministry of Health & Wellness, Jamaica, to highlight research of public sector workers. The Conference provides the opportunity to highlight operational research to provide data which can guide improvements in programme planning… Read More

Emergency/Disaster Tips

🕔Tuesday May 16, 2017

Safety Tips After Flood Rains

Do not go outside unnecessarily. Wear water boots or closed shoes when going outdoors. Wear gloves when clearing debris or handling of dirty water. If you get a puncture wound, a nail stick or a cut, seek medical attention immediately. Do not allow children to play in the floodwater or… Read More

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