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Health facilities resuming normal operations

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Southern Region hospitals still in emergency mode


KINGSTON, Jamaica. Friday, July 5, 2024: Health facilities across the island are now resuming normal operations, following the passage of Hurricane Beryl.

With post-hurricane assessments ongoing, all public hospitals are open to members of the public and most are offering their full suite of services. Across primary care services, health centres are functioning – some at full service, while others have redirected patients to nearby facilities. 

“Fourteen (14) of the island’s hospitals are now in full operation, while the remaining 10 are on track for the resumption of full services by Monday, July 8.   7 hospitals are back on the national grid, while the others are on generators. Some health centres have experienced significant damage, but contingencies are in place, with the hope of full resumption by Monday,” said Minister of Health and Wellness, Dr. the Hon. Christopher Tufton, MP.     

Some facilities still in emergency mode

At the same time, facilities in some parishes, primarily those most affected by Hurricane Beryl, remain in emergency mode. Across the Southern Regional Health Authority, which comprises St. Elizabeth, Clarendon and Manchester, all hospitals are offering emergency services only.          

Meantime, of the eighteen (18) health centres in St. Elizabeth, fifteen (15) are in operation and nineteen (19) of Manchester’s twenty-three (23) health centres are open.   

Given the impact of Hurricane Beryl in that region, up to 3pm this afternoon six (6) of thirty-two (32) health centres in Clarendon are up and running.

In St. Elizabeth, efforts are being made to return facilities to regular functioning.

“In St. Elizabeth, the Black River Hospital is on emergency operation only and is dependent on generator for power. We are also aware that some roads in the parish remain impassable. The team is implementing our contingencies to ensure that the parish receives the needed support,” the Minister explained.       

In the west, Falmouth and Savanna-la-Mar general hospitals are currently offering emergency services only.

Damage Assessment

A total of 84 incidents of major damage including impacts on roofs, doors, ceilings, fencing and electrical systems, have been reported across all health facilities, with most damage done to those in St. Elizabeth.

St. Thomas and Kingston and St. Andrew have also reported notable damage to some facilities in those parishes. Facilities in Trelawny, St. Elizabeth and St. Thomas reported considerable damage to roofs.

The current estimated cost for repairs to all affected health facilities is some J$1.098 billion dollars.