Terms of Reference Coordinator – Component 1, Diagnostic Imaging Services Enhancing Health Care Delivery Project

1.0 BACKGROUND Timely access to quality and affordable Health Services is critical for achieving Universal Access to Health and the health-related Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  It is also an important benchmark for a sustainable and robust health system As the premier health care provider in Jamaica, the Ministry of Health… Read More

Behaviour Change Officer (HPC/HPE 2) [Not Vacant]

Job Purpose The incumbent has specific responsibility to manage the behaviour change communication effort, develop policy guidelines for health promotion activities and implement health promotion programmes.   KEY OUTPUTS Behaviour Change programmes Behaviour modified Evaluation tool developed Advice provided Counselling services Policies and guidelines developed   KEY RESPONSIBILITY AREAS Collaborates… Read More

Communication Officer/Research Writer (MCG/IE 3) [Not Vacant]

JOB PURPOSE Under the general direction of the Director, Health Promotion and Education, the incumbent has specific responsibility for preparation, research and distribution of health promotion/education materials.   KEY OUTPUT Posters, leaflets prepared Research conducted Articles prepared Exhibits mounted Agency personnel trained   KEY RESPONSIBILITY AREAS Prepares health promotion/education materials… Read More

Assistant Project Accountant

Support for the Health Systems Strengthening for the Prevention and Care Management of Non-Communicable Diseases Programme BACKGROUND The Government of Jamaica has received two loans from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) to support the Health Systems Strengthening for the Prevention & Care Management of Non- Communicable Diseases (NCD) Programme. The… Read More

Key Population Quality of Care Officer (GMG/SEG 2) HIV/STI/Tb Unit

Career Opportunity Applications are invited from suitably qualified persons to fill the following position in the Ministry of Health & Wellness. JOB PURPOSE                                                                                                             To effective response to the HIV epidemic, the Key Populations Quality of Care Officer is critical in the process of developing a national HIV/AIDS response. The… Read More