Career Opportunity – Medical Officer (Health), Communicable Disease Surveillance (HPC/MO 3)

JOB PURPOSE Under the direction of the Medical Epidemiologist, Communicable Disease the Officer will review notifications, classify cases and take necessary action to follow-up with the field. The Officer assists the Medical Epidemiologist to ensure the ongoing collection, analysis, reporting and dissemination of information.   KEY RESPONSIBILITY AREAS Review and… Read More

Career Opportunity – Director of Health Promotion & Protection (HPC/MO 7)

JOB PURPOSE To promote and advance the health of the nation by advocating for and implementing effective disease prevention and health promotion policies and programmes.   KEY RESPONSIBILITY AREAS Management and Administrative Provides leadership and management oversight to programmes relating to Health Promotion, Disease Prevention/Surveillance, Environmental Health, Nutrition, Veterinary Public… Read More

Career Opportunity – Help Desk Coordinator (MIS/IT 2) December 17, 2018-February 4, 2019 (Not vacant)

JOB PURPOSE Design, implement and modify computer programs and databases for the Ministry of Health and related agencies. Provide technical support and user training to clients of custom-built applications. Analyse user requirements, procedures and problems to automate or improve existing systems.   KEY OUTPUTS Computer programs delivered. Manuals written and… Read More

Career Opportunity – Accountant (Project) Not Vacant (FMG/PA 1)

JOB PURPOSE Performs accounting duties for the respective activities and accurate accounting for Projects.   KEY OUTPUTS Generation of Commitment reports at stipulated period Preparation of Expenditure Statements at given intervals   KEY RESPONSIBILITY AREAS Maintains Commitment for Activities under Capital A & B accounts Certifies payment vouchers Prepares payment… Read More

Career Opportunity – Senior Investigator (Not Vacant) (GMG/SEG 1)

JOB PURPOSE To conduct investigations on circumstances pertaining to compromise of professional standards in the delivery of Health Care services.   KEY RESPONSIBILITY AREAS Facilitate investigations of the breakdown in standards of delivery of health care Receives directly, through Regional Director or Parish Manager documented complaints from patients or clients… Read More