ADDENDUM – Terms of Reference for Project Manager – Smart Health Care Facilitiesin the Caribbean Project – Jamaica

Reference is made to the captioned subject which was uploaded on the Ministry of Health & Wellness website     Kindly be advised that  only shortlisted candidates will be required to submit a technical and financial. Aslo a Tax Compliance Certificate (TCC) must be submitted as part of the requirements in your… Read More

Programme Officer [GMG/SEG 2] HIV/STI/Tb Unit

JOB PURPOSE     To effective response to the HIV epidemic, the Programme Officer is critical in the process of developing programmes for the treatment, care and support of key and vulnerable populations. The officer will support the care of these populations by strengthening and addressing issues regarding increasing HIV risk and… Read More

Terms of Reference – Business Analyst

Consultant Business Analyst to strengthen the management of health information and design the mechanism for integration of all health related data sources in a Central Health Repository BACKGROUND   1.1 The Ministry of Health and Wellness (MOHW) has direct responsibility for the Health and Wellness of the Jamaica people. In… Read More

Terms of Reference – IT Specialist Echo

BACKGROUND  Project ECHO (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes) is an innovative hub and spoke programme, designed to create knowledge networks bringing together healthcare providers in low-resourced areas and specialty care providers through a tele-mentoring programme using brief lectures and case‐based presentations. These networks have been shown to increase capacity for… Read More

Terms of Reference – Project Manager – Smart Health Care Facilities in the Caribbean Project – Jamaica

BACKGROUND Jamaica is a small island developing state and is particularly vulnerable to natural and man-made disasters. The relationship of the impact of disasters on sustainable development is well-established.  In a country document for Disaster Risk Reduction in Jamaica a probabilistic risk assessment at parish and national levels indicated a… Read More