Social Scientist (SOG/ST 6) (Vacant)

JOB PURPOSE Under the general direction of the Director, of Planning and Evaluation, the incumbent is responsible for researching and identifying the correlation between cultural, psychosocial, environmental, economic and political factors and health care delivery nationally.   KEY OUTPUTS Data gathering process guided Health related research conducted Social attitudes and… Read More

Statistician (SOG/ST 5) (Vacant)

JOB PURPOSE  Under the general direction of the Health Information Analyst, is responsible for providing an information and statistical advisory service to the Ministry for use in developing, implementing and monitoring the performance of the public health sector. Ensure that the data/information produced by the Ministry of Health’s Health Information… Read More

Behavior Change Communications Coordinator HIV/STI/TB Unit

Job Purpose The Behavior Change Communications Coordinator will promote and assist in the design, implementation and evaluation of health promotion and behaviour change strategies that impact sexual risk behaviour and cultural norms in order to reduce transmission of HIV and other STIs as well as improve treatment outcomes.  The role… Read More

Terms of Reference – Project Administrator

Project Administrator Ministry of Health and Wellness -Support for the Health Systems Strengthening for the Prevention and Care Management of Non-Communicable Diseases Programme   BACKGROUND The Government of Jamaica has received two loans from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) to support the Health Systems Strengthening for the Prevention & Care… Read More

Enrolled Assistant Nurse (NPG/EAN 1) [Vacant]

JOB PURPOSE Under the direction of the Registered Nurse, the incumbent is responsible to ensure blood donors are appropriately manage to assure successful donation of blood, with no damage to donor health and recipient protection from transmission of diseases or drugs present in blood.   KEY OUTPUTS Blood donated Appropriate… Read More