Director, Health Services Support & Monitoring (HPC/MO 6) [Vacant]

JOB PURPOSE Planning for care delivery programme at all levels thereby ensuring that strong systems and linkages are established and maintained. Managing performance and assuring quality for each of the specialized areas of medical care. Providing advice to a wide cross section of government and other agencies on medical technical… Read More

Terms of Reference – Medical Epidemiologist [Contract]

Background: The Ministry of Health and Wellness seeks to strengthen the capacity for analysis of surveillance data at the national level. This is in recognition of the increased availability of data and need for rational use of data to inform interventions. This includes the use of data generated via routine… Read More

Medical Epidemiologist, Communicable Diseases (HPC/MO 4) [Vacant]

JOB PURPOSE Formulates policies, develop and implement plans and programmes for controlling or reducing the incidence of Communicable Diseases in Jamaica.   KEY OUTPUTS Policies formulated, developed and implemented Research Advice Effective surveillance system   KEY RESPONSIBILITY AREAS INCLUDE: Formulates national policies and plans for preventing and controlling the incidence… Read More

Programme Administrator HIV/STI/TB Unit (NOT VACANT)

JOB PURPOSE The Programme Administrator will support the effective implementation of programme activities and contribute to the achievement of the programmes goals and objectives. The Officer will contribute to key operational activities managed by the Unit.    KEY OUTPUTS Monthly/Interim Reports prepared and submitted by the deadline given Treatment Meetings/Workshops… Read More

Bio-Statistician (SOG/ST 6) [Vacant]

JOB PURPOSE Under the general direction of the Director, Monitoring and Evaluation the incumbent shall be responsible to provide statistical information and analysis to support health status monitoring.   KEY OUTPUT Advice on data collection, collations and analysis techniques provided to implementing partners; Statistical reviews Recommendations made for improvement to… Read More