Pharmacist (HPC/PHS 4) (Vacant) – One (1) Position

(Salary Scale: Min: $1,944,796.00 – Max: $2,311,751.00 per annum) (Travelling allowance: $894,924.00)   JOB PURPOSE To perform duties of a Drug Inspector as designated under Sections 17-21, 23 of the Food and Drug Act 1964 as it relates to the surveillance of Community Pharmacies, wholesalers, Pharmaceutical distributors and other agencies…. Read More

Engineer Assistant (SOG/ST 2)

Salary Scale: $955,740 – $1,136,075 per annum   JOB PURPOSE   Under the immediate supervision of the Environmental Engineer and the general supervision of the Chief Environmental Engineer, the incumbent is responsible for technical support in air, wastewater, and land pollution control programmes.   KEY OUTPUT Results of Analyses Reports… Read More

Treatment Facility Attendant (LMO/TS 3) (Not Vacant)

Salary Scale: Min: $582,504.00 to Max: $659,048.00   JOB PURPOSE Under the direction of the Facility Operator, the incumbent is responsible to provide technical support at the treatment facility and perform day-to-day handling of waste storage containers at the treatment facility and on the assigned waste collection vehicle in an… Read More

Administrative Assistant (GMG/AM 2) Contract (2 years)

Salary range: $1,025,878 – $1,219,446 per annum   JOB PURPOSE Under the general direction of the Director, Information Systems for Health Branch, the Administrative Assistant is responsible for providing administrative support in order to achieve the objectives of the Health Informatics Unit.   KEY OUTPUT • Annual budget for the… Read More

Terms of Reference – Project Officer to Support Project Code Care

1.0. BACKGROUND: Since 2020, the Public Health system in Jamaica has utilised a myriad of interventions to manage and curtail the impact of COVID-19. A key element of the Pandemic Response Plan is the review and enhancement of the Infection Prevention and Control Measures for health facilities. These enhanced measures… Read More