Finance Officer – HIV/STI/Tb Unit

JOB PURPOSE To support the Finance Component and build the capacity of the financial management officers at the field level while ensuring the effective and efficient management of resources in the implementation of the HIV Programme. The individual will also be tasked with ensuring that sound internal control mechanisms are… Read More

Pharmacist – HIV/STI/Tb Unit

JOB PURPOSE The Pharmacist will provide support services to facility staff to improve the treatment, care and support and improve the continuum of care at the site level. The pharmacist will have the responsibility of identifying unique issues at individual site and developing and implementing a plan of action to… Read More

HIV Database – System Administrator HIV/STI/Tb Unit

JOB PURPOSE The HIV Database: Systems Administrator will be responsible for the upkeep, configuration, and reliable operation of computer systems between the MOH M&E server and the field in the management of Persons Living with HIV.   KEY RESPONSIBILITY AREAS Liaise with relevant programme officers and team members to understand… Read More

EMTCT National Validation Field Coordinator – HIV/STI/Tb Unit

JOB PURPOSE In the effort towards Jamaica achieving Elimination status regarding the Mother to Child Transmission of HIV & Syphilis (EMTCT); the candidate will conduct a gap analysis and develop an action plan in collaboration with each parish. The candidate will be tasked with identifying gaps in the PMTCT programme… Read More

Finance Manager – HIV/STI/Tb Unit

JOB PURPOSE To manage the finance component of the HIV/STI/Tb Unit in ensuring compliance to the relevant financial policies and procedures.   RESPONSIBILITIES (TECHNICAL/ADMINISTRATIVE/PROFESSIONAL) Manages the financial performance of the HST Provide technical support for the activities of the Finance component of the PCU Ensure that effective and efficient mechanisms… Read More