COVID-19 Resources and Protocols

COVID-19 Advice for Journalists

Interim Guidance for COVID-19

Interim Guidance for COVID-19 Recommendations for Employers

Inspection Tool for BPO (April 28, 2020 V5)

Guidelines on the Handling of Bodies (March 19, 2020)

Guidelines for the Handling of Dead Bodies for Health Care Workers

Guideline for the Management of Pregnancy During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Guideline for COVID-19 Sample Collection by Mobile Unit

Environmental Health Guidelines and Procedures for GSS_BPO (April 28, 2020)

Disinfection of Public Places Guidelines V1

COVID-19 Surveillance Protocol (March 26, 2020 V16)

COVID-19 Discharge Protocol from Isolation Facilities V2

COVID-19 Antiviral Treatment Protocol V1.5

BPO Self Assessment Tool (April 28, 2020 V5)

2019nCoV Transition Care Facility for COVID-19 Activation and Operation (Draft 1)

2019nCoV Signs & Symptoms Detection Log

2019nCoV Risk Assessment Form

2019nCoV Quarantine Order – Home

2019nCoV Patient Activity Log

2019nCoV Infection Control Measures for Persons on Home Isolation for Novel Coronavirus Exposure

2019nCoV Home Quarantine Evaluation Checklist

2019nCoV Guidelines for Home Isolation

2019nCoV COVID-19 Clinical Management Guidelines V2

Wearing Masks Amended Version

Processing of Flights at Points of Entry

Oral Health Document – What Members of the Dental Team Need to Know About COVID-19

MOHW Interim Guidance for Travelers

MOHW Cruise Ship Requirements (Feb 28 2020)

Keeping Seniors Healthy (March 2020)

Isolation Quarantine Release Letter

Isolation Process Flow

Isolation Decision Process Flow

IPC Guidelines for COVID 19