COVID-19 Resources and Protocols




Interim COVID-19 Vaccine Plan  
Interim Vaccination Logistics March 2, 2021
COVID-19 Vaccination Policy for Institutionalized Mentally Ill Persons – Guide Sept 29,2021 March 2, 2021



Clinical Management of Severe Acute Respiratory Infection when Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Infection is Suspected March 2020 – Version 2
Use of Therapy in the Management of SARI Associated with Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) April 9, 2020
MOHW COVID-19 Isolation Flow Sheet  
Isolation Process Flow for COVID-19  
Guideline for the Management of Pregnancy during the COVID-19 Pandemic March 25, 2020
Keeping Seniors Healthy during the COVID-19 Outbreak  March 2020
Psychosocial Support in Response to COVID-19: Interim Guidance   April 2020
Clinical Management of Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 Infection May 2020
Guidance for Basic and Advanced Life Support in Adults, Children and Neonates with Suspected or Confirmed COVID-19         April 2020
COVID-19 New Discharge Protocol from Isolation Facilities V3.4 – September 4, 2020



Know Your Risk During COVID-19  
Guidelines for the Handling of Dead Bodies in Health Care Settings and Residential Institutions March 23, 2020 – Version 3
Guidelines for the Handling of Dead Bodies for Owners / Operators of Funeral Home Establishments March 24, 2020 – Version 3.1
Interim Guide for COVID-19: Recommendations for Infection Prevention and Control for Employers March 28, 2020
Important Things to Know About Wearing a Mask January 2020
COVID-19 SEZ BPO Daily Self-Assessment and Compliance Report April 28, 2020; updated May 2020
Public Health Inspection Checklist for Business Process Operations in light of COVID-19 April 28, 2020; updated May 2020
Environmental Health Guidelines and Procedures for Global Services Sector (GSS) / Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Revised Guidance for COVID-19 April 28, 2020; updated May 2020
Environmental Health Guidelines for the Cleaning and Disinfection of Public Places (COVID-19) March 24, 2020
Environmental Health Requirements for Quarantine Facilities in the Context of COVID-19 February 2020
Public Health Inspection Checklist for Healthcare Institutions/ Nursing Homes/Infirmaries in light of COVID-19 May 2020
Environmental Cleaning and Sanitation Guidelines for Health Care Institutions /Nursing Homes / Infirmaries  (COVID-19 and other infectious diseases) May 2020
COVID-19 Health Care Institutions/ Nursing Homes/ Infirmaries Daily Self-Assessment and Compliance Report May 2020
Standard Operating Procedures for the Inspection of Healthcare Facilities and Nursing Homes/Infirmaries May 2020
Environmental Health Interim Guidelines and Procedures for the Reopening of Public Facilities /Spaces for COVID-19 May 2020
Public Health Inspection Checklist for Workplaces, Public Facilities /Spaces – COVID-19 May 2020
Self-assessment Checklist for Workplaces, Public Facilities /Spaces – COVID-19 May 2020
Procedure and Guidelines for the Operation of Food Handlers Certification Programme: COVID-19 May 2020
Environmental Health Interim Guidelines for the Hospitality Industry: COVID-19 March 2020
Interim Guidance for COVID-19 – Recommendations for Infection, Prevention And Control for Employers September 2020



Discharge Protocol from COVID Isolation Facilities Version 8.3 January 11, 2022
Management of COVID-19 Exposure in a Health Setting Version 2, January 12, 2022
Evaluation Checklist for Home Quarantine   Version 1
Interim Guidance about Novel Coronavirus for Travelers January 30, 2020
Infection Control Measures for Persons Quarantined at Home for Novel Coronavirus Exposure    
Client Activity Log Home Quarantine   February 2020
Risk Assessment to determine Quarantine Level or Exposure to Novel Coronavirus (2019 nCoV)   February 6, 2020
Quarantine Order ­- Facility    
Home Quarantine Verification Form  
Staffing for the Quarantine Facility  
Duties of Staff Working in Quarantine Facilities  
Novel  Coronavirus (2019nCoV) Signs & Symptoms Detection Log February 2020
Interim Requirements and Recommendations for Vessels Requesting Landing Privileges in Jamaica_1 February 28, 2020
Transition Care Facility for COVID-19: Activation  and  Operation  Interim  Guidance   April  12,  2020 –  Version  1  
Processing of Flights at Points of Entry COVID-19  
Guidelines for Home Isolation of Persons with COVID-19 April 2, 2020 – Version 1
COVID-19 Guidelines for Flight Crew  



COVID-19 Surveillance Protocol V19 – Sept 15, 2020
Reporting Form For Events Supposedly Attributed To Vaccination Or Immunization (ESAVI)  



Infection Prevention and Control Guidelines 2019-Novel Coronavirus (nCoV) Infection in the Healthcare setting: Interim Guidance January 24, 2020
Guideline for COVID-19 Sample Collection by Mobile Unit Operations and Infection Control April 2020
COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) Guidance for Public Establishments May 2020
COVID-19 Workplace Protocols May 29, 2020



Coronxiety the Big Thing? Guidance to the Dental Team March 10, 2020



Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic  



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