Hand sanitizers must be appropriately labelled

The Ministry of Health and Wellness wishes to advise members of the public that they have the right to ask and should be informed regarding the product being used to sanitize their hands. Members of the public also have the right to choose whether they should be sanitized and should not be barred from doing business if they refuse. Persons however should have their own sanitizers and must ensure that their hands are clean. Persons may opt to cleanse with soap and water if they do not have hand sanitizers.

The Ministry supports the use of alcohol-containing hand sanitizers with either ethanol 60%-70% or Isopropyl Alcohol 75%.

The public is asked to note that hand sanitizers being offered for use for whatever purpose should be appropriately labelled with the following information:

  • The brand of sanitizer being used
  • The name and strength of the active ingredient. This may be shown as “Alcohol (ethanol  
    • 60 -70% v/v or Isopropyl Alcohol 75%)
  • The name and address of the manufacturer
  • Other ingredients in the product
  • Use(s) e.g. Use as a sanitizer to help reduce pathogens than can cause disease
  • Warnings e.g. Flammable; keep out of reach of children, not to be taken by mouth
  • Directions for use
  • Storage conditions e.g. store in a cool place.

The use of products like bleach, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide alone or when mixed are not encouraged as they can cause harm to human skin and should be avoided.