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Health Advisory for Hurricane Preparation

The Ministry of Health & Wellness wishes to advise the public that as you continue to prepare for the impending inclement weather condition/tropical storm/hurricane, the following precautions should be taken regarding food and water safety, persons with chronic illnesses and pregnant women:


Food Safety

  • Do not store food items with chemicals such as kerosene, bleach, detergents and insect sprays
  • Do not purchase/use food from tins which have signs of dents, bulges or other damage
  • Keep food items in a dry and cool place
  • Store packages of sugar, flour, rice and crackers in their original package or in tightly closed containers
  • Keep a bag with emergency food supply in the event that you have to evacuate your home. This should include only canned and dry food items.


Water Safety

  • Store water in a clean covered container. The lid of the container should fit tightly to prevent mosquito breeding.
  • Do not use containers which have previously stored harmful chemicals
  • Use a clean container, with a handle, to “dip up” water from storage


Persons with Chronic Illnesses

  • Persons with chronic illnesses such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and asthma, are reminded to have adequate supply of medication and if have to evacuate their homes must ensure that they take their medications with them to their place of shelter.
  • They should continue to take their medications as prescribed by the doctor, while away from home.


Pregnant Women

  • All pregnant women who are within one month of their delivery date should relocate to family or friends, who are in close proximity to a hospital or delivery centre.
  • Please note that public hospitals will remain open to accept emergency cases.


For further information, please contact the Ministry of Health & Wellness’ Emergency Operations Centre at 888-ONE-LOVE (888-663-5683).