Health Minister Urges Rural Communities to Make Use of New RGD Mobile Unit

Minister of Health, Dr. Fenton Ferguson is appealing to citizens of St. Thomas and other rural areas which will benefit from the services of the Registrar General’s Department’s mobile unit to make use of this opportunity.

Dr. Ferguson was speaking today at the official launch of the mobile unit held in Port Morant, St. Thomas. The mobile unit was obtained in partnership with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) as part of efforts to meet the Regional goal of registering all children under five years old.

“I am glad that the mobile unit is going to benefit several under-served areas. Having a birth certificate allows every citizen a legal status. Not having one prevents them from exercising their basic rights as citizen and affects access to services such as education, employment and the justice system,” Dr. Ferguson said.

Dr. Ferguson added that there will have to be added focus on the public education aspect of the RGD’s work.

“We have to continue the public education aspect and stress the importance of having a birth certificate and the contribution registration makes to historical data. We are working with the RGD to ensure that they improve technology and storage. I want to recognize the Advisory Body which has also been working with the agency,” Dr. Ferguson said.

The RGD’s main purpose is to support national planning through the production of statistical data and trends analysis relative to vital events.