Heavy Rains Impact Health Services Delivery

The island has been experiencing heavy rains since May 13, 2017 due to a trough west of Jamaica.  All parishes have been affected by heavy rains and flooding and land slippage have occurred.



Heavy rains and flooding are affecting all parishes. There has been land slippage in St. Ann, Clarendon, St. Thomas and St. Andrew (Gordon Town). There was severe flooding in St. Catherine. Roads were impassable in several parishes, thereby, affecting staff access to health facilities. There are several reports of flooding in all parishes.



The May Pen and Kingston Public Hospitals (3 North) were affected by major leaks. All other hospitals have reported minor leaks. Flooding has been reported at Spanish Town and Annotto Bay A&E Departments, Noel Holmes Maternity Ward and some sections of Port Antonio Hospital.

Morant Bay , St. Jago Park, Linstead, Ewarton, Bogwalk, Greater Portmore, Sligoville and Syndeham Health Centres have reported major leaks. Most other health centers have reported minor leaks.

Flooding has been reported Ocho Rios, Adelphi, Claremont, St Margarets Bay Health Centres.



There was low turnout of staff at most clinics and hospitals. Most hospitals are at 80-100% capacity and reported 50-75% staff turnout.



Northeast Regional Health Authority – NERHA

  • Ann: Ocho Rios Health Centre was closed – patients were directed to the Exchange Health Centre. All other health centres in St Ann were opened; limited staff; patients were there.
  • Mary: All health centres were opened. Primary care patients from Port Maria Health Centre were seen at the Port Maria Hospital
  • Portland: All clinics were opened except St. Margarets Bay Health Centre which was flooded.


South East Regional Health Authority – SERHA

  • Kingston and St. Andrew: All curative services were operational except Bull Bay Health Centre which was hampered by limited staff. Pharmacy services were disrupted disrupted due to poor staff turnout.
  • Thomas: All health centres were closed except Morant Bay
  • Catherine: 17 of 26 Health Centres opened with full service. Sydenham, Kitson Town, Cumberland Road, Old Harbour, Watermount, Bartons, Conners, Lluidas Vale, Redwood Health Centres were closed.


Southern Regional Health Authority – SRHA

  • Elizabeth: Five health centres were closed: Aberdeen (inaccessible), Springfield, Maggoty, Pepper and Lacovia – staff redirect to other clinics
  • Clarendon: Four of 32 health centres were opened and offered services : May Pen, Chapelton, Raymond, Spalding Health Centres.


Western Regional Health Authority – WRHA

Westmoreland: All health centres were opened

St. James: All clinics were operational except Adelphi Health Centre which is flooded.

Falmouth : All health centres were opened

Trelawny : All health centres were opened



Outpatient Clinics are disrupted and suspended at some hospitals and patients are being discharged from the Kingston Public, May Pen and Linstead Hospitals.



Bustamante Hospital for Children: Normal operations.

National Chest Hospital: Normal operations.

Kingston Public Hospital: Reduced staff in A&E; Only Emergency surgeries.

Princess Margaret: Normal operations; limited staff.

Linstead: 50% of patients discharged; A&E operational.

Spanish Town Hospital: Decreased staff; normal operations.




St. Ann’s Bay Hospital: Staff in support areas reduced. Lab not opened.

Prince Margaret Hospital: Normal operations.

Annotto Bay Hospital: Normal operations.

Port Antonio Hospital: Normal operations.



Black River Hospital: Overcrowded; staff reduced.

Mandeville Regional Hospital: Normal operations.

May Pen Hospital: Very low staff; doctors are now doing double shifts as no relief.

Percy Junor Hospital: Normal operations.

Chapetlon Hopsital: Low staff turnout; Pharmacy services suspended.

Lionel Town Hospital: Low staff turnout; Pharmacy Services suspended.



Sav-La-Mar Hospital: Normal operations except for Orthopedic Clinic which has flooding in corridors.

Falmouth Hospital: Affected by flooding on compound but services continue.

Noel Holmes Hospital: Normal operations.

Cornwall Regional Hospital: Normal operation.


The Ministry of Health continues to monitor and assess the situation and will communicate updates when they become available. Members of the public can also access the Ministry by calling our toll free line: 1-888-CALL -MOH or 1-888-225-5664.



  HOSPITAL CAPACITY OCCUPIED % Medical Staff % Nursing Staff % Incidents relating to EVENT
  UHWI 600 342 57%   95%  
  Bellevue 800 718        
SERHA KPH 479 470 98%   60%  
  VJH 250          
  BCH 283 191 75%   69%  
  STH 431 304 72%   60%  
  SJG 68 37        
  Hope Insitute 40 29        
  Princess Margaret 129 80 62% 69% 50% None
  NCH 90 38     56%%  
NERHA SABH 300 271        
  Port Maria 60 34 57%      
  Annotto Bay 95          
  Port Antonio 95 63        
WRHA CRH   279     88%  
  Falmouth 95 90        
  Noel Holmes 56 44        
  SGPH 230 212        
SHRA Mandeville 230 231 >100%   73%  
  May Pen 170 165 97%      
  Black River 150 122        
  Percy Junor 119 67     28/  
  Lionel Town 47          
  Chapelton 5 5