Ministry of Health Committed to Improving Health Care Infrastructure Across the Island

Minister of Health, Dr. Fenton Ferguson says the Ministry is on a move to improve the health care infrastructure right across the island. Dr. Ferguson was speaking during the official opening of the Nannyville health centre in Nannyvile Gardens on Wednesday, February 11, 2015.

“We have spent $131 million on primary health care facilities in the South East Regional Health Authority alone and we so far spent a total of $688.2 million on health centres under the Primary Health Care Infrastructure Renewal Programme. We have completed 128 health centres with nine pending,” Dr. Ferguson said.

He added that Cabinet recently approved the Primary Health Care policy “which will mean a paradigm shift for primary care. Our manifesto gave a commitment to primary health care and so we have continued the work to not just improve infrastructure but also the human resource. As part of this we have put in place four Centres of Excellence at the primary care level. The idea is to have institutions which are like mini hospitals that can provide holistic care for the Community.”

He says care at the primary level is much cheaper and persons are encouraged to use community health centres for matters that can be dealt with at that level to avoid overcrowding hospitals.

This he said formed part of the thrust to construct and equip the Nannyville health centre which cost a total of $51.4 million – $26.8 million ($26,886,854.00) for renovation while another $24.6 million ($24,601,951.00) was set aside to furnish and equip the Health Centre.

The scope of work for the project included the installation of a chain- link perimeter fence, paving of the drive way, landscaping, installation of a new roof and ceiling, electrical upgrade, grill work, installation of plumbing fixtures and air conditioning units.

Funding was provided by the National Health Fund.