National Emergency Operations Center Remains Activated to Coordinate Health Sector Activities Island wide

The Ministry of Health’s National Emergency Operations Centre (MOH NEOC) remains activated and continues to direct and coordinate the activities of the health sector island wide. This twenty four hour coordination is as a result of the passage of Hurricane Matthew. Reports are being received every 8 hours from the four (4) Regional Health Authorities, thirteen (13) Parish Health Departments and twenty four (24) hospitals.

All twenty four (24) public hospitals and the University Hospital of the West Indies are operational. All Health Centers remain closed. Out-patient clinics and elective surgeries have been cancelled, until further notice. Noncritical patients have been discharged from hospitals and emergency departments are dealing with emergencies only.

The Ministry of Health’s Head Office is closed today but senior technical and administrative staff members are operating from their MOH NEOC at their RKA offices in New Kingston.

A few reports of injuries related to motor vehicle accidents have come in. One pregnant woman has been taken by ambulance to hospital.

Individuals who wish to obtain more information may call the Ministry of Health’s
NEOC numbers (Landlines: 633-8116/8267/8156/8125, Toll Free: 1-888-663-5683 (One Love) and Cell numbers: 537-1709, 536-9125) or the nearest hospital.