No Confirmed Case of Cholera in Jamaica – We continue to investigate a single isolated patient

The Ministry of Health is informing the public that currently there has been no confirmed case of cholera in Jamaica. The last known case of cholera in Jamaica occurred 150 years ago. Additionally, there is no increased reporting of gastroenteritis (GE) at our facilities. The reported cases of GE at this time are thirty percent (30%) less than recorded for the corresponding period last year.

On June 9, 2017, the Ministry was notified of a patient presenting with abdominal pain and fever. Routine investigations identified a bacteria in the patient’s blood. Based on the patient’s presentation, this bacteria is not consistent with the Vibrio cholerae specie associated with severe diarrhoeal illness, commonly known as ‘cholera’. The patient does not have diarrhoea and contacts of that patient report no symptoms suggestive of cholera. A sample for confirmation has been sent for testing to CARPHA in Trinidad.

No other patient is being investigated for cholera in our facilities.

Since the reintroduction of cholera in the region in 2010, the Ministry of Health has heightened its surveillance of the disease. The Ministry also continues to bolster its health services to identify suspected cases of cholera and mitigate any potential effects on the population.