Parents & Guardians Urged to take Children’s Immunization Cards and Child Health & Development Passport to Schools

Parents and guardians of children up to six years old are being urged to take their Immunization Card and Child Health and Development Passport (CHDP) to schools so that they can benefit from vaccination under the current Measles Prevention Campaign which runs until May 8, 2015.

Acting Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Marion Bullock DuCasse says the health team will continue to visit Basic, Infant and Primary schools as well as Day Care Centres to provide vaccines to children 1-6 years old who have not been fully immunized for their age.

“Parents and guardians can also visit their community Health Centres with their children to obtain the vaccines. They need to ensure that they take along the Immunization Card and the CHDP because if we cannot verify that the children have received the requisite vaccines for their age, we will have to assume that they have not received them and administer those that are required for their age at that time,” Dr. DuCasse explained.

Approximately 195,000 children age 1-6 years are being targeted for measles vaccination as part of the Ministry of Health’s Measles Prevention Campaign.

The campaign will largely focus on the provision of the MMR vaccine including the 2nd  dose but it will also provide other vaccines available in the public sector which the children are due or may have missed.